Feb 022010

Well, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, saw his shadow today.  They say that means 6 more weeks of winter!!

Why humans rely on a groundhog to predict the weather is beyond me.  Seriously, I think there’d be 6 more weeks of winter anyway…whether some stupid rodent crawled out of a hole and saw his shadow or not!!


I’m gonna hide out in here and when I think it’s treat time, I’ll come out!!  Now that’s a prediction you can count on!!

  41 Responses to “Troubled Tabby Tuesday”

  1. If you see your shadow, we get 6 more weeks of treats!!

  2. I agree…that dumb groundhog doesn’t know what he is talking about. I sure would like to get my paws on him though!

  3. I agree with you Wally who wants to listen to a sneaky rodent’s predictions!!
    Heck all we have to do is look at the window…the ground is white…yep winter is still here.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Wally, your prediction is much more reliable! Here we have Wyarton Willie and I don’t know if he saw his shadow. But living in Ontario, heck, in most places in Canada (except mainly the west coast), we’re going to have at least 6 more weeks of winter, shadow or no shadow.

    We’ll settle for watching the movie Groundhog Day. That, at least, was entertaining!

  5. We like your prediction better, Wally.

  6. Since the first day of spring is really 6 weeks away, er agree with you Wally!

  7. We count on Jonesie for our weather predictions. If it looks ok out and she doesn’t want to go out…or if she decides to come in early…that means icky weather is on it’s way. She’s never wrong.

  8. You’re pretty smart, Wally! And we like The Monkeys’ prediction, too! MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. MOL! Has that silly groundhog ever NOT seen his shadow?! We love your prediction though, Wally!

  10. Excellent prediction, Wally. We’re sure of that one. 🙂

  11. Good idea to hide in that great tent until the treats come out. And we know that you will be there in a flash. That silly groundhog, would have to see his shadow. He just didn’t feel like getting up. He wanted to sleep six more weeks.

  12. Why would a groundhog want to get out of his nice warm hole for some dumb humans, anyway? We sure wouldn’t!

  13. We agree about that stupid rodent……..and we thought along the line of the Monkeys…..if you see your shadow, Wally, we get 6 more weeks of treats!!!!

  14. Wally is a smart kitty=hold out for the treats!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Wally, we think you are a good weathercat. xoxo

  16. We agree – we think that it is silly! But it is kinda funny that they believe in him. I mean, all you have to do is look at a calendar to know that it is 6 more weeks of winter!

  17. Wally, we’re with you! We like your prediction WAY better than the groundhog’s!

  18. I think that is a good prediction. I do not know why humans ask ground hogs about the weather and winter though…

  19. A we saw that with the groundhog day in TV. We thought it was not nice to awake him from his hibernation , poor groundhog!

  20. Hee hee, Wally, I believe your prediction. It sounds like good one to me! Plus, you look super cute peeking out like that.


  21. You must stay in there where it is warm and have you’re food brought to you as befits a cat. Insist on a ltter tray at one of the exits by the way….;-)

    So says Maximus Spittimus.

  22. I agree with you, if the humans are going to trust the groundhog, we should insist on 2 outta 3 followed by a smack-down if we don’t like the answer!

  23. Yeah, Wally, we think your prediction is much more believable!

  24. Happy Groundhog day 🙂
    Just imagine,,,, spring is around the corner!!

  25. We think Phil may be right this year!

  26. I hope Springs comes soon, I’m tired about this winter! 🙂
    Stay warm dear friend

  27. You’re very smart, Wally! I agree with you. One way or another we would still get six more weeks of winter. Just because a groundhog does or doesn’t see a shadow doesn’t change the calendar.

    Hope you get lots and lots of treats after waiting for them for so long.

  28. Wally, you show the others in the household who wait on you and serve your every whim, who is boss.
    The Admiral admires you.

  29. I’ve never understood the whole Groundhog thing. Has it ever been right? LOL. Silly giant mousies.

  30. More winter? We think we don’t like groundhogs very much.

  31. We much prefer your prediction Wally.

  32. We agree with what the Monkeys said!!

  33. Boy I sure have to agree with you Wally, what does a groundhog have to do saying we have six more weeks of winter. Also he sure does have a dumb name.


  34. We don’t know if the rodent’s prediction is right but we’re sure yours is Wally!

  35. Yes, there will b e 6 more weeks of winter no matter what, but isn’t it exciting to be closer to Spring than to Fall? 6 weeks isn’t that long, really and then it will be 7 months before it gets coldish again! Yay! More deck time for me!

  36. Yes, we can just tell there is 6 more weeks of winter to come….it’s snowing right now. You sure have a cool thing to hang out in.

  37. I prefer your prediction Wally.

  38. MOL! We love yoor prediction Wally!

  39. That’s the clever thing to do, Wally.

    But it did get us a little worried… Do you think the groundhog prediction applies to Europe as well? We hope not!

  40. Let’s band together and get him!

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