Feb 012010

So what’s on Cat TV today, Ernie??


Hey look, Wally!  It’s Mr. Evil Squirrel!
He’s eating all the birdies’ food!!

 Aw, change the channel, Ernie!
I don’t wanna watch that squirrel make a pig out of himself…


Okay, that’s better…
It’s the Feather Channel and the Downy Woodpecker Show is on!!

 Hey, Wally!  Tell mom to put another suet cake out…
That one’s almost gone and
Mr. Downy Woodpecker still looks hungry!!

  61 Responses to “ManCats – More Cat TV”

  1. We hope your mom has a little snack for you too. Watching Cat TV makes you hungry.

  2. Those nasty squirrels got into our bird feeder too. Dad had to buy a squirrel guard to keep them away.

    Enjoy your TV!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Nice reception you’ve got there! Happy Mancat Monday:)

  4. Great tv channels you have there.

  5. We wish we had squirrelvision here at our house!

  6. Ooh, you have great TV there! We wish our TV was as good.

    Purrs and kitty kisses from the Fuzzy Tales crew.

  7. We like both channels. We likes to chase those evil squirrels.

  8. Wally and Ernie our birds have been visiting a lot too with all the snow on the ground they need quick good energy and they make excellent entertainment too
    Madi and Mom

  9. We don’t have that channel!! We’ll have to come over to your house to watch the big screen!

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  11. You get excellent reception on your channels…is it HD???????? MOL

    Have a beautiful day……xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. mmm the birdie channel is #1 cat network

  13. Boy, you mancats have wonderful cat TV. Those birds are terrific. Some of us like to chase those squirrels. We are very lucky that we get to go outside but that doesn’t mean that we catch the birds. They are very hard to catch.

  14. We like what’s on your TV!

  15. OUr kitties like BOTH of those channels. 🙂

  16. You have excellent television. I do like watching squirrels though.

  17. That’s pretty much what we did this weekend! We had a Hairy Woodpecker (looks just like a Downy, but LOTS bigger!) being a glutton at our feeder!

  18. Don’t woodpeckers have amazing bills? How lucky you are to have so many interesting birds. We get excited if we get a gold-crowned sparrow here!

  19. Us cats over here STILL haven’t seen the Feather Channel! Unless you count the silly one that talks in our living room! But that one BITES!

  20. We like bird watching from our windows too=they’re really beautiful…and make us wish we could fly!!…xo…Calle, Halle,Sukki

  21. Ooooh, we the Squirrel Channel on right now–Cat TV rocks!

  22. You sure have good TV, there wasn’t a thing to watch this weekend at our house!

  23. That sure is a lot of action!
    Hey, our mom wants to know what brand suet you guys put out. At our old house the birds would devour the suet and here at our house now, they won’t touch it!

  24. I have a TV with the same channels! We must have the same cable provider. Mom outwitted the evil squirrels though with a certain brand bird feeder that spins the squirrels off. I have hurt my furry sides laughing at them as they go flying off the feeder when it spins them!

  25. We always love your TV channels! Our mum around here needs to get some of those channels! We have no squirrels, the dogs chased ’em off, and we really want some of dem!

  26. Wow, you must have satelite TV to get more than one channel!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  27. Oh, man, I wish we had that channel! I’ve never seen a woodpecker before! It looks tasty.


  28. Love it !!!
    (I do bird tv for my purr gang)

  29. It’s a good job you’re there to make sure there’s plenty of food in the feeders!

  30. I’m so jealous… My Cat TV has two doggies running around and no birdies.
    I think, I should come over to watch TV at your place.


  31. Wow that is a great cat tv you have! That woodpecker is very cool – we don’t have any birds like that aroudn here (at least if we do we never see them). WE have lots of those evil squirrels though!

  32. An squirrel!
    Lucky friends! 🙂
    it’s really different.I loved the idea of this post! Well done!
    purrs and love

  33. The same thing happens here. We put out seeds in a birdfeeder and the greedy squirrels eat it all up, even though we give them peanuts every day. Probably suet is a better answer.

    It’s nice to have a choice of channels, right boys? That way mancats don’t get bored.

  34. You two sure do get some great channels! *purrs*

  35. Aww, how nice of you to feed the birdies.

  36. That is our favourite channel too. Mr. Spotted Woodpecker comes to visit us.

  37. WE get that evil squirrel channel too !!!!!
    We like to switch over to the furry channel too 🙂
    We like your woodpecker,he likes your suet!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  38. Lucky you guys! Nature channel on live from your window!!
    Squirre is cool and looks so tasty 🙂

  39. We’ll have to see if our cable service offers those channels! Neato!

  40. Cat TV without popcorn?! Sheesh you two have it rough 😛

  41. Are those premium channels or can we get them too?

  42. Great programming, we jsut get the squirrel channel.

  43. You have great TV stations there. We don’t have those here.

  44. You’re soooo lucky!!! We want the squirrel channel!

  45. I wish I had your cable…

  46. We don’t get too much of the Feather channel here. Looks like you get great reception!

    Hey, I just set up a new Facebook Fan page so come by my blog and click on the badge to join in on the fun!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  47. You mean you don’t fight over the remote?

  48. We like the Bird Channel better than the Evil Squirrel Channel. But you guys have great Cat TV!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  49. Thank goodness that evil squirrel went on its way. Better get that suet refilled soon so the bird channel will stay on.

  50. I think the feather channel is my favourite 🙂

  51. Love your big screen TV!

  52. Cool, what a big TV screen you have. We have a fairly good sized one too to watch the feather’s. Don’t have many squirrels here but we sure did at our other place.


  53. Nice channel you got there. Mewmie took a fun squirrel movie recently, we will post it tomorrow. And she’s off to buy some suet now!

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  55. You’ve got such cool animals in your garden 🙂

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