Jan 202010

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

We gotta get a new mirror…
This one makes my butt look waaaay too big!!


  67 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Just don’t look at it Wally!

  2. Yup, it’s all the mirror 😛

    There is a cat boarding at mum’s work at hte moment who looks just like you. She keeps calling him Wally by mistake!:)

  3. HaHaHaHa! I think you look great in the mirror!

  4. It’s the flashy box…it adds pounds. Just ask Tamir!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. I know what you mean Wally…I have the same problem…best thing is just NOT to look!
    your pal,

  6. Naw–it doesn’t–I think you’re looking handsome in that mirror! don’t let anybody tell you your butt’s too big! 🙂

  7. Nah, you’re perfect, Wally!

  8. It’s a nice shot!We can see you for all angles!
    purrs and love

  9. I’m with Bruce, I have the same problem! And that might be why I don’t have many mirrors around!

    -Kim, can and door opener to Annie, Nicki and Derry

  10. Maybe the new mirror is distorted?

  11. Hey guys! Ollie would love to make a virtual puuurtrait for you. Just make a small donation to Fiona (even if it is only 2 or 3 green papers) then send us the photo you would like her paint. She will take your photo and paint a close up portrait. Send your photo to us at catnapsinitaly(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Opus and Ollie

  12. Wally mirrors and scales are evil!!!
    Madi and Mom

  13. hahahahahaha. nah it doesn’t

  14. Don’t worry, Wally. You look great! The camera adds ten pounds, you know…

  15. Just a word of advice, Wally: it’s never a great idea to sit with your butt facing the mirror…

  16. Just face the other way. Your lovely face is much better than your HUGE butt!

  17. stripes are supposed to make you look thinner.

  18. Hmmm…I was thinking that the mirror was making your butt look smaller. So now mom wants to know where you got the mirror…

  19. Then turn around and admire the beautiful kitty staring back at you!

  20. mirrors ate like Cameras, they add pounds

  21. It is an optical delusion!

  22. MOL! Mirrors are the devils work 😉

  23. The mirror must be warped!

  24. look like your hunting something or are surprised by something

  25. Some mirrors are really cruel, Wally!!!!! xxxxxxx

  26. We have that same mirror here, so I don’t look at it!

  27. We don’t think your butt looks too big, but then again, we only have ourselves to compare it to!

  28. Mirrors should always look slimming and not fattening. I hate those ones.

  29. Wally, you look muscular, not fat!

  30. We think you have to think positive and think your
    butt looks kittilicious when gazing into a mirror! ♥

  31. Wally, don’t worry, you are a very handsome boy…you look great to us!!…purrs…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  32. My human says you should have one of those gym mirrors, that are made to make you look smaller. But I think your butt looks just fine.

  33. I don’t usually trust mirror…. they don’t tell the truth usually!!!

  34. Mirrors are mean …

  35. Dear Island Cats,
    Thank you for donation to Fiona! You are such good kitties that I am going to make a photoshop painting for each of you! Just send me photos of your sweet faces to catnapsinitaly(at)yahoo(dot)com.


  36. Hmm. Your people musts shopped at the carnival. They have mirrors like that.

  37. Wally we dun fink yer butt is big, dat mirror is misleading. Its got to be broken or sumfin, has yer mom take it back right away.

  38. Tell your Mom to get rid of that carnival mirror! It’s distorting your naturally slim and manly rump!

  39. I don’t think the mirror is the problem, but on the other hand I think you butt is perfectly proportioned! You’re just right, Wally!

  40. HaHaMeow…now that’s a rear view mirror!

  41. Yea, Whimpurr’s got da same problem!

  42. There must be something wrong with the mirror!

  43. What? How dare your mommy hang a mirror that makes you look like less than the handsome studly Mancat you are. She needs to replace that right now.

  44. hey wally, where have we heard that before…

  45. Wally,
    There’s nothing that a little Photoshop can’t fix!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  46. Just a little bit, but you are right. It is the mirror.

  47. It’s that bad angle again.

  48. Wally, you just need to turn around and look at that mirror head on.

  49. Wally, that’s not you, it’s that other cat in the mirror. hahaha!

  50. I was looking in my mirror yesterday and it scared me to death. I have feminine kitty curves you know.

  51. It must be one of those mirrors that distort things. The front of you is furry handsome though!

  52. Don’t trust those mirrors. You are quite svelte.

  53. No way dude…you look very mancatly!

  54. Our mummy is saying that you are PERFECT size and made for cuddles….

  55. Too big?? Not a chance, Wally!

  56. Nice ‘tocks!

  57. Nahhhh! It’s just empty floof! Don’t sweat the small stuff (or in this case LARGE stuff Tee hee!)

  58. We don’t think your rear looks too big. It is all that wonderful fluffiness. Aren’t mirrors fun though.

  59. Its one of those fun house mirrors that play tricks on ya!

  60. Mirrors are evil, all they do is hang around all day and cause trouble!=^Y^=

  61. Maybe it is one of those funhouse mirrors?

  62. Mirrors are bad…Nanny hate them very much! At the stores the mirrors are the worst. But your butt looks just fine.

  63. Wally you’re butt is tiny compared to Au’s ass. Honest! But don’t tell Au I said so, OK?

  64. Looky there, there are two Wally’s. Either that or you have a twin. Don’t worry your booty don’t look that big.


  65. Wally!! Mirrors and camera’s always makes you looks too big MOL hehehe


  66. Wally, our momma says the furry same thing☺

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