Jan 192010

Oh, hi there!
Me and Ernie are just hanging out today.

  Y’know, you woke me up!
But nothing wakes Ernie up…right, Ernie??


 See, I told you!!

  40 Responses to “Two on Tuesday!”

  1. It must be nice having some cat company when you are feeling snoozy.

  2. You look pretty comfy there, may I join you?

  3. Hangin’ out is great. I’m coming over, make room! 🙂

  4. I think I might head over and join you when mum has gone to work.. You look so comfy.. Hugs GJ x

  5. You look mighty comfy there. Have a great day.

  6. We love how you get blankets laid out for you. We’re definitely coming over for a snooze visit!

  7. Zoey it is official MEN sleep through anything!!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. Sleepy kitties are happy kitties. Ernie must be one happy fellow. You’re looking quite beautiful Miss Zoey.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. MOL….sound sleeping must be a black cat characteristic. Sammy hears nothing….absolutely NOTHING….when he’s asleep. We are happy that you are keeping an eye on things, Zoey…..xxxxxxx

  10. There are advantages to being a heavy sleeper, but you can also miss out on some good stuff!

  11. Ernie’s gonna get mad at me for saying this…but I’m a little bit tempted to put some peanut butter on his nose…then when he tries to paw it off it’ll smear everywhere! Ha!

    Ok…it was Grete’s idea….she’d help lick it off!

  12. napping is such a great skill to have.

  13. I guess you’re just a light sleeper, Zoey. If you didn’t wake up, your Mommy wouldn’t have had anything to post. Ernie’s been posting a lot lately, so it’s nice you got the spotlight for a change.

  14. Go back to sleep, Zoey! Don’t let us intrude!

  15. You guys are hard at work holding the bed down–good job!

  16. Poor Zoey! And it looks like Ernie’s got the most comfy blankie too.

  17. Oh it is so cute you are together. We are sorry you were woken up though! But that is what happens when you are cute – the flashy box has to come out!

  18. Never mind us, we’ll leave.

  19. Well I don’t think we bothered him. You two do look nice and comfy. Great blanket.

  20. You still look very sleepy, Zoey. Did you go back to sleep after the camera left?

  21. That Ernie is a sound sleeper! Happy napping Zoey!

  22. Hi Zoey! I haven’t seen your pretty face in a while. It’s good to see you! You look very cute when you’re sleepy. Ernie’s like Bucky. Bucky is such a heavy sleeper. Anyway, sorry to disturb you. You go back to sleep now.


  23. We think it’s an important skill to ignore the flashy box. Alas one we’re sorely missing.

  24. Oh what a good way to spend the day!

  25. ZZZZZZZ….
    See you in your dream 🙂

  26. That Ernie is a sound sleeper!

  27. Shhhhhhh…..baby Ernie at Sleep!

  28. Awwww .. he’s a right sleepy head!

  29. My brother Flynn is like that too Zoey.

  30. We think it’s time to take a nap. zzzzz

  31. We think he hears, but doesn’t listen. Ernie is very wise.

  32. You can always try to put a big bitey on his tail, Zoey!

  33. Oooooooh, so sorrrrrryyyyyy! Sweet dreams, my furriends. :tiptoeing out:

  34. Boys can sleep through anything Zoey! Maybe it’s cause us girls know how to always pose for the flashy beast!

  35. Sometimes I wish I could sleep as soundly as Ernie… my neighbors are crazy!

  36. Hi Sweet Zoey!

  37. Ha! Ernie! Where are you?

  38. Ernie is dreaming of me for sure! 🙂
    ADorable moment…go for it dear friends and here I will take a good nap as well!

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