Jan 182010

One thing us mancats love to do is help mom make the bed…
We’re great helpers!!!

Good job on putting on the sheets, mom!!
They’re nice and smooth!!

Yep…even smooth up at the top!!

I gotta get the dirty sheets even dirtier!!

Hey, what’s this lump doing here?
And, Wally…where’d you go??

C’mon!!  Mom has the day off from work today
for Martin Luther King Day!!
Let’s go help her do some more stuff!!

  52 Responses to “ManCats – Little Helpers”

  1. Yay! A fun day with Mom! Hope your Mom does something fun!

  2. I’m sure your mom appreciates all your help!

  3. ohh really good helpers!!

  4. Your both very good helpers!

  5. Pounce on the lump! Now!

  6. Helping put fresh sheets on the bed is, without any doubt, one of the funnest activities round!

  7. How would our moms survive without us helping them???? We’re sure they’d never get anything done.

    YAY for all island cats!!!! xxxxxxxx

  8. Yep, I totally agree…I look forward to it to. Great job y’all!

  9. We helped our mom with the sheets on Saturday! Lots of fun!

  10. You’re a good kitty!

  11. sheets are so much fun! you should try playing with the warm laundry too – the towels are super fun to attack!

  12. It looks like Wally had some very close inspection to do. Undercover work, so to speak! LOL! Isn’t it wonderful to have two mancats helping you with your housework. Ernie looks like he may be three sheets to the wind! At least he’s all wound up in sheets, anyway.

    By the way, Ernie is on the LOLSpot right now.

  13. My momma is off today too and trying to catch up with everyone. I love sheets fresh and warm from the dryer. Enjoy your day off with your momma.

  14. You really are great helpers with the bed making.
    I saw your comment over at the auction. The portraits will be no smaller than 900 pixels, that is why we are asking for nothing smaller than that. I believe Ollie will save somewhere around that or 1000. Hope this helps you out. Also if you would like it larger once you received it if you photo shop it you could make it a little bigger.

  15. hee hee, you guys look like you are having a lot of fun making the bed. We like to do that too.
    Hey, maybe we should put Zoe and Gaia in the same roon to fight it out together? Though mom says Gaia has made great strides this new year, and she is allowed to be out with all of us now all day. One thing that has helped is that Charli (our foster kitty) has come back to live here till she gets adopted, and she whaps Gaia good! Maybe you need to adopt another kitty to help with Zoe? hee hee
    Mom says if you have any success with the kitty shrink to let us know. That will be mom’s last resort too.

  16. I meant same “room” now roon…..my secretary, what am I to do with her?

  17. Well, that looked like fun. Nothing like getting dirty sheets even dirtier! Have a great day off your with Mom!!

  18. Helping make the bed is the best part of the week isn’t it?!

  19. We love to help change the bed, too. Mama says we are the best assistants!

  20. You two are so good to help Mom finish her chores so she has time to play with you.

  21. Great job. We don’t like the dirty sheets, we only play on the clean ones. Good for hairballs.

  22. Ernie, that photo of you with your tail sticking out of the sheets is hilarious!

  23. Ah! Fresh, smooth sheets! Life is good.

  24. Must be something with orange kitties. Owen loves to help me make the bed too.
    Love that tail sticking out from the sheet pile!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  25. What GOOD helpers you two are!!! Wally, Whimpurr wants to kiss your little pink pawpads and nose! She has a “thing” for orangies with pink! :o)
    Ernie, you sure are good at helping with that dirty sheet … looks like the same approach that our Redfurd would take!

  26. Thank you so much for all your purrz & prayers……..Your card was a welcomed sight….brought a smile and tear……Thank you….time to pick ourselves up, dust off & go forward. We have missed everyone and their wonderful Blogs=^Y^=(((HUGGS))) Holly & the Boyz

  27. I LOVE fresh sheets!!
    You guys are really good helper!

  28. Oh, I love to help make the bed! It’s the funnest! You guys look like you’re pretty good at it. I’m sure you mom appreciates it!


  29. I completely agree — helping make the bed is a very important Mancat job. It’s where I am my most kitten-ish. And you guys did a great job helping.

  30. That is great of you to help your mom out! Especially with making the bed – that is always no fun for moms, so adding in cat help always makes it more fun!

  31. Clean sheets are allus great!

    And we would like ta thank you for the lovely sympathy card you sent about LC. It was very comforting…

  32. Well, I need to confess that I’ve never tried it and now I’m envious and curious about.
    You are a good boy, great work!
    purrs and love

  33. Be sure to get your furrs all over those crisp clean sheets, boys! Hahaha!

  34. Helping with the bed making is always fun

  35. Oh boy!!! Bed makin’, that is always fun,heehee
    Have a fun Mom day too !!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  36. Ooh. Maybe you could help with dinner. It doesn’t eat itself, you know.

  37. I think your mum is realy glad she has got helpers like you.. Hugs GJ x

  38. Your Mom is so lucky to have you to help her!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  39. We love dirty sheets too! Chica hogs the bed making tho – won’t let anyone else help!

  40. pssssh mom had to work today. And she says she swears everyone who had off work brought their animal into the vet!

    Thanks so much for coming by and praying for hansel with us. We are going through a lot and have some big decisions to make with him. It means a lot to us.

  41. Your mom is very lucky to have such good helpers.

  42. I know she’s grateful to you both.

  43. we agree helping mom make the bed is a very important Mancat job.A lot of

  44. My mom had the day off and I helped her change the sheets too! Cool!

  45. You two are great helpers! We’re sure your mom enjoys being home with you today!

  46. Those are funny pictures! We say a couple of them at Wendy’s LOLSpot too. It’s hard work making the bed.

  47. At least they smoothed the sheets!

  48. You cats make chores like bedmaking fun!

  49. I was doing that yesterday too!!! What fun!

  50. We like to help make the bed too, but we haven’t thought about playing in the dirty sheets. Thanks for the great idea!

  51. One of our favorite activities too.

  52. I love sleep under the blankets too.

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