Easy E Sunday

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Jan 102010

In the winter, this is my favorite napping spot…
Under the bed…right next to the hot air blowin’ thingey.

 Mom says I’m gonna burn up someday…
But I don’t care.
It’s my own personal heated mancat-cave…

Now, s’cuse me…
I got some napping to do!!

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  1. Hi Ernie that is too cute. Every kitty needs his/her own special spot to be warm and cozy. Madi likes to get into the bathroom cabinet. The heating vent runs under the cabinet. Between all the towels in there and the heat it is like a sauna. Happy Sunday sweet friend.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Sounds like the perfect place to spend a cold Sunday!

  3. We don’t have these heat vents over here, just plain wall-mounted radiators. Seeing you we’re realising just how much we’re missing out on!

  4. That is the best place. We also don´t have these blowing vent heaters here but we have a woodstove. It is hot enough to stay warm!
    Happy relaxing Sunday

  5. We all want to come into the toasty-warm mancat cave! It’s -25C here today with the windchill, we need lots of hot air blowin’ thingeys!

  6. Looks like you have a nice cosy mancat cave. Mum tells Eric he will burn all his whiskers off because he gets so close to the woodburner.

  7. You are so cute hiding under the bad, it’s also a cool spot to take a nap! Anyway I prefer my pink blanket, I must confess! LOL
    hugs, purrs and love

  8. Oh…there are two mancats here that would love heated cave! Ernie, you got a good thing going there!


  9. You have the right idea. I am velcro-radiator kitty.

  10. Oh we love to get under our mom’s bed too, because that is where all the heat goes and it really gets warm under there. Aren’t we just the smartest dudes there are. Have a great Sunday.

  11. Ernie, that looks like a great place to snoozle. Enjoy!

  12. my boy thompson agrees with you… he loves to nap next to the heat vents….

  13. Ooooh!! That looks very toasty, Ernie! Where can I get me one of those?

  14. Looks like the perfect place on these cold days……we will hopefully petition to become Island Cats this week……..please, please, please……we planned to do our island wannabe picture this past week, but other things got in the way…..so hopefully this week. xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. That looks super warm and snuggly! That’s exactly where I’d be, too.

  16. Ernie, there is nothing like a heated mancat cave! At least your Mom knows where to find you when it’s time to eat. Stay warm buddy!

  17. I’ve got a spot just like that! It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

  18. I got news for your mom…you won’t burn up down there. Those hot air blower thingies are quite safe. Trust me…

    Pee Ess…you know I just love your paws!

    xoxo Cory

  19. I love places like that. I love to be warm. You go!

  20. Your own private sauna… awesome! Your paws always make me smile.

  21. You found a great place to relax!

  22. Great place to keep warm and relax. If my old kitty used to lay under a coal stove while it was burning and be fine, I am sure that you will be fine, too, under there.

  23. Oh, dat iz a great place for a nappy! Our hot-air thingy iz in da ceiling, so we has to fight offur who gits da top shelf of our cat tree, which iz rite under da hot air. Usuly, Jigsaw wins! Mewf!

  24. lmao bro did that all the time to the vents when we were kittens, but during the summer when it was cold air! but he’d lay on the vent and hog it up. brat.

  25. What a nice cave! We sit on the vents when hot air blows in…

  26. I think you found a wonderful spot…bun warmer fur sure!!!

  27. What’s your zip code? I’m typing “heated man cat cave” into Google Maps so we can come over!

  28. Thats the cutest spot. Privacy and heat.. I would keep that if I was you.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Ernie,

    You are one very smart kitty. And “The Boys” give you “four paws up!”

  30. You are a smart kitty to find such a warm and snugglly spot to keep your widdle mittens warm!

  31. With all the kitties wanting to share room in your Mancat cave, things may start getting kind of crowded in there!

    Binga sleeps right on top of the office floor heater. My human hates when she does that – she thinks the cat fur will cause a “fire hazard.” That said, Binga is already a walking, meowing hazard, and so far my human has done nothing about that.

  32. Your paws are so cute!

    My bro Rusty used to sleep plastered up against the hot water baseboard heater, right at the spot where is came up from the furnace – superheated! But he loved it – put him into a heat coma!

  33. MOL nice a toasty =^_^=

  34. So very nice of you to make an appearance for our sake. We appreciate it very much. And happy napping in your heated man-cave.

  35. You look like you are busy with your heated man-cave. We have a super heater that looks like a wood stove, and we don’t need to sit very near it to stay warm. Jack has a man-cave under the bed though, for when he wants to get away.

  36. Ernie, you have the same idea as my sisfur Angel and she is going to post about it tomorrow. Hope you stay warm in your mancave!

  37. Hahahahaha!!!!! Ernie, I have one of those under the bed too!! That’s where I spend my time too!!! That nice hot air,blowing up into my furs…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  38. Ernie, maybe your human mom just wishes she could get as warm as you are!

  39. That’s the best mancave we ever saw Ernie! Can Angel and I come join you?


  40. That is an awesome mancave!

  41. Ernie, we think you have the right idea! Meerkat and Padre are also heat-seeking kittehs!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  42. You tells dat momma Ernie! MOL

    Momma says dat her first calico kitty dat was an american shorthair would gets her furs so hot in front of da heater she would be too hot to touch! Its nice to be warm!


  43. Napping in the heat is a black cat’s main job in life.

  44. Staying warm is a good aim in life!

  45. Oh Ernie…that is one good mancave!
    your pal,

  46. A heated cave sounds like the perfect napping place. And the humans and their cameras interrupt the nap. Typical.

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