Jan 082010

What’s that in the window I see??
Is it some monster???

Oh wait!  It looks like me!!
With too many eyes!!  Heehee!!


  54 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Reflection”

  1. Looks a lot like my neighbours cat. Check my blog tommorrow you can see Thomas.

  2. That’s a fun reflection!

  3. LOL! No, not a monster, just a very gorgeous feline!

  4. We think you can take the monster, Zoey, although be careful of all those eyes!

  5. Window reflections always catch my attention, whereas I never notice my reflection in the mirror. You look pretty there – all of you!

  6. Look at all those eyes! 😮 That is kinda scary…

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. Zoey, That is a great picture even if you have too many eyes.

  8. We’ve never noticed ourselves in a window before…mom keeps the blinds closed at night. But we love to look at the mirror in the bathroom. You’ll find Devon in there staring at himself quite often! You are very pretty Zoey!

  9. We’ve only seen ourselves in mirrors. And Alfie Marshall gets all dramaticals when he see himself in the mirror ~ he arches his back and tries (but fails) to look tuff. It’s really funny. Then he realises it’s his own refection and he looks sheepish. Tee hee!

    Milo xx

    I DON’T! Nuffin scares me! Yoo’re fibbing.

    Alfie Marshall xx

  10. it’s always good to take the time to be reflective.

  11. We wonder what it is you see out there?

    Happy Friday!

  12. That is pretty funny that your reflection has so many eyes! But even with extras you are still a cutie!

  13. Kewl! But, maybe someone slipped something into your drink! Have a happy weekend furriends!

  14. Get her Zoey!!! Uh…well maybe not. I bet she disappears when it gets lighter outside.

  15. Even your reflection is beautiful, Zoey!

  16. Oh Zoey, that is a pretty scary cat in the window. Be careful of that one. You know it is scary since it has so many eyes.

  17. That is a cool reflection!

  18. WOW, the eyes have it, you win fur sure! Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!!

  19. What a fantastic foto!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you’re staying warm, Zoey.

  20. There are a lot of eyes on that cat out there…

  21. That would have scared me!!!

  22. Hey, super cool picture, there of the multi-eyed Zoey! It’s hard to get a clear reflection like that in most pictures. I hope she didn’t really scare herself, though.

  23. I like better the cat on the right…
    purrs and love

  24. Oooo, ooooo, oooo Double Vision!

    ~Lisa Co9T

  25. Does that monster move when you move?

  26. Is it my imagination? I think I see another kitty… Have a nice weekend!

  27. Oh that Zoey! You are so funny!

    You’re kinda cute, too.

  28. If that’s a monster, it sure is a beautiful one!

  29. Can’t get enough of yourself?

  30. We’ve got window monsters too! And mirror cats. I wish my human would stop bringing them home.

  31. Spooky reflection of a beautiful kitty!

  32. Don’t worry, Zoey, I does it all the time!

  33. Hardly a monster, just a sweet kitty.

  34. Wow – how did you get all of those eyes???

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  35. Yikes! look at all those eyes watching you.

  36. Soooo….what are you gonna do about that alien kitty staring back at you? ;D

    XOXOXO Puddin

  37. You wouldn’t miss a thing with all those eyes!

  38. Ah, at least they’re all pretty eyes!!

  39. That’s a funny picture! Hope it didn’t scare you.

  40. Eye see you!

    What a cool picture. 😉

  41. Ok that’s hilarious. The funny thing is that our dog sees her reflection in the window and barks her head off because she thinks it’s another dog. Us cats know the difference.

  42. That is a really cool photo of you! I’m seeing double!

  43. 😀 What a funny photo. We wonder what you were looking at out there.

  44. Ha, ha, ha, now that was funny. How long did it take you to realize that it was you looking back, with too many, at you!

  45. HA! HA! What a GREAT photo!! And NO monster there! 🙂

  46. What a cute picture….I’m sure you were concerned about monsters since it was also very dark outside.
    Madi and Mom

  47. It’s wonderful to see your lovely reflective face, Ms. zoey! *purrs and puppy kisses*

  48. LOL! I love that photo and the blog.


  49. You still lookin’ out that window trying to see what you’re seeing?

    Thanks for coming by our virtual house and for leaving a comment. We always likes to see you.

  50. Zoey, you’re on the right side of that window. Staying inside will keep you from meeting monsters and vishus deers face to face…

  51. Better keep your doors and windows locked, Zoey! Just in case…

  52. That picture makes us dizzy, like too much catnip was inbibed…

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