Jan 262010

Multitasking is important…
So I’m doing a little yoga while I bathe…

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  1. It’s always impawtent to multi-task when you’re a kitty since there is so much do do effury day! Nap…eat…bathe…use litterbox…repeat….

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Ooh, but you’re so talented! So flexible! So clean! So mancatly!

    *Annie bats her eyelashes*

  3. You’re very flexible!

  4. Wally what an excellent new yoga position: leg stretch/lick and remaining upright.
    Did it take long to master the position?
    Madi and Mom

  5. Oh Wally you are so very talented to be able to multitask. Glad you are getting your Yoga in. Great picture.

  6. We just love your pink toesies, Wallie!

  7. We do that too, Wally!!…Yoga is the best and we love the picture!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. You are so talented… And lovely… Hugs GJ x

  9. There are so many things to do for a cat. Multi-tasking is a must – and you do it so well 🙂

  10. That is a super stretch!

  11. a yoga bath. How talented you are!

  12. Excellent form, Wally!

  13. Purrfect technique Wally! Now on to savasana for me….zzzzzzz.

  14. HEE HEE HEE…looks like you’re saying PHFtttttttttt. GRRR-8 multi~tasking skills!

  15. You are just too cool, Wally!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mommy just melted, she’s a sucker for an orange tabby!

  17. Daily yoga is very impawtent it helps us keep our figures

  18. That particular positions is good for the glutes!

  19. Wow! Great balance Wally. We usually have to lean on Mom to pull off that move.

  20. i have a hard enough time staying awake in the shower let alone multi taskin.

  21. That is great that you can multitask like that – yoga + bathing = awesome!

  22. Whoa! Looks like you’ve got some great yoga moves!

  23. Mom wishes she could manage a yoga position like that. What an excellent leg stretch!

  24. Very talented!!!
    You could open up your own yoga + bathing studio.
    ; )

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  25. You are very talent in your yoga positions!
    Cool post!
    purrs and love

  26. you are the YOGA master!!!

  27. Wally, we gingers are very flexible! (=^Y^=) TANG

  28. You are indeed very flexible, Wally! And you seem to be in such good shape. Perhaps it’s because of your daily combined yoga and bath. You should open a spa!

  29. Wally!

    Yoga, your foot! Now that’s some move you’re bustin’ there.

    Do you ever get a crick in your back?

  30. That is some pose alright. You have it mastered, we see. Tabbies are very talented.

  31. ha ha ha great example of multitasking ha ha ha

  32. I love stretching out when I bathe! Sometimes Momma grabs my foot when I do that. I do not like that!

  33. You have purrfect yoga technique

  34. It should be an Olympic event. (You would be the favorite for a gold medal)

  35. You’re taking that bath very seriously!

  36. Your form is most impressive!

  37. Wally, yes, you’re quite the good multi-tasker! Great yoga form!


  38. Great job of multitasking!

  39. Dude, that is some impressive stretching… I think I’d end up on the floor if I tried anything as elegant as what you’re doing!!

  40. Very good! I quit yoga after I rolled off of the couch!

  41. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Tommy loved the tabby love–says reminds her of Perry and Peyton. She says thank you for the photo!


  42. You are so talented!!!

  43. Wow, you are very bendy.

  44. Very nice leg extension you got going on there Wally!

  45. You are furry flexible Wally! Great technique!

  46. Reach for it!

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  48. Your eyes say it all!! Perfect pose, indeed!

  49. If I wasn’t so fat I’d be able to do that too:( ~Crikey

  50. Wally, yoo are an orinje ball of floofy talent! That’s a fact!

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