Jan 042010

Wally, I sure hope you didn’t have anything
with beans in it for dinner…


  45 Responses to “ManCats – Got Beano?”

  1. ROTFL!!!! I hope he didn’t, either. 😀

  2. Tee hee. You might want to move your face!

    Luf, Us

  3. That is too funny! Perfect photo for it, too. I never think of funny things.

  4. for your sake Ernie, I sure hope so too!

  5. I think there is a bottle of beano in our kitchen…I’ll send you some just in case!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! That is too funny Ernie.

    *****Wally and Ernie please ask Mom to drop by our blog sometime after 3 pm today, Monday. We will be posting an award for you on our blog.
    Madi and Mom

  7. I think you should move, just to be sure, Ernie! You never know what Wally ate!

  8. Any particular reason for being so pessimistic?

  9. We thinks you may want to move.

  10. MOL! That could be a dnagerous weapon if loaded with beans!

  11. Oops, armed and ready!

  12. As long as the tail is down, I think you are safe!

  13. Too funny! I love seeing you boys laying together!

  14. Boys! you are so funny!

  15. Talking about trusting your brother! hahaha!

  16. MOL!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Mancat Monday….gasless, we hope!!!!!!!!!

  17. you look so comfy ^^

  18. Uh oh! Be careful back there Ernie!

  19. I hate it when Gemini does that–or the Woman…

  20. You may want to reposition yourself, Ernie!

  21. Yes, I sure hope you didn’t eat your mombean and your dadbean especially! Or did you mean those beans that come in a can?

  22. Phazyme works best for…after the fact. Trust me…I keep both on hand, as we love Mexican food. 🙂
    ~Lisa Co9T

  23. Ernie, you may want to take precautionary measures just in case!

  24. Ernie, you are living dangerously!

  25. HA! Bop him on the head so he’ll shift a bit for you.
    Or get one of those flu masks……

  26. MOL that’s too funny! It must be an orange kitty thing!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. Too close for comfort.. He He .. Hope there was no beans.. Hugs GJ x

  28. Haha! you are looking rather worried Ernie. Gas masks at the ready!

  29. Aww this is a sweet pic. The jokes not too bad either. Hehe!! Can’t wait to see more pics of you guys soon!

    XOXOXO Puddin

  30. MOL! Ernie, you do look a bit concerned there.

  31. Hahahaha! That’s gross, Ernie! Hahahahaha!

  32. MOL. That’s a good one.

  33. MOL! You’re funny!

  34. You made us all laugh very hard!

  35. Oh man, you kits are a hoot!

    “The Boys” are laughin’ and laughin’ and I am, too.

    And thanks for coming by this evening. We’re glad you get to stay inside, too.

    Mikey tries to peek outside when the front door goes open, but that snow scares him off a bit; he’s afraid he’ll get lost in it and we won’t be able to see him. He is after all, very, very white furrred.


  36. Uh oh… That was funny!

  37. That is a little bit too close for comfort!

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