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Jan 032010

Well, this new year has started out crazy…y’know what happened to me yesterday??  I got locked out in the garage for a couple of hours…yep, that’s right…the garage…for a couple of hours!!!  I’ve never been in the garage before so just hadta see what was in there.  So when mom went into the garage to throw out some garbage and left the door open, I snuck by her when she wasn’t looking.  But I forgot about the fact that she’d go back in the house and leave me out there!!  Yikes!!  It was really cold and dark!!!  I scratched at the door but no one came to let me in!!  No one!!

So I decided to explore…there was lots of stuff to check out…boxes and tools and all sorts of stuff and I walked all over the cars which was a lot of fun.  But it was getting colder and I wanted back in the house.  So I scratched and scratched at the door again…it felt like I was scratching for hours…and then FINALLY mom opened the door! She was surprised to see me and she kept saying how sorry she was for not hearing me scratching but she didn’t know I was out there and what the heck was I doing out there anyway??  Then she rubbed me to warm me up!!  I sure was happy to be back inside!!

But then…a little later…y’know what??

I wanted back out into the garage!!
(guess I’ll never learn…)


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  1. Oh dear! It’s cold in garages – I am glad you were OK!
    Have a toasty Sunday!

  2. Sorry but we larfed! Not at yoo being accidentally locked in the garage ~ but at the fact that yoo wanted back in. :snicker: That’s the sort of thing we do.

  3. Sniffie and Tamir went into the garage together once. They were furry glad to get back inside. Yes, they tried to get back out right away too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Glad your toes have warmed up enough that you think it would be fun to explore the garage some more. Closed doors are always for wanting to be on the other side of!

  5. Mom says garages and dudes go hand in hand paw in paw. Glad you didn’t have to stay out there too long!

  6. Ernie that is Mom’s biggest fear too. Our garage door is off the foyer. I’m told once Milky-way got out there but he too survived. Thus far I’ve shown a tad of interest but not much…I hear it is dirty out there and I don’t like dirt.
    Madi and Mom

  7. She should leave the garage open so you can go in and come out whenever you please. But not when it is cold.

  8. Now that you realize there is something behind that door, you won’t be able to stand it being closed.

  9. You can’t go back in the garage! it’s very cold
    if you go back to the garage, don’t get locked again =x

  10. Ah, it’s the intrigue of the closed door. And now Ernie has had a taste of what’s in the garage — and I’ll bet there’s some real interesting stuff in there. Maybe he didn’t like being cold, but he probably discovered lots of new things. How exciting!

    Domino has been locked in our garage before likely for more than a couple of hours. She doesn’t make any noise at all that we can hear — it’s just when I realize I haven’t seen her for awhile, that we check the garage. She’s usually found somewhere comfy to nest — but that’s only happened in the summer.

    Glad you’re back inside and all nice and warm, Ernie!

  11. haha Ernie that is very scary! I has done that befores and I has yelled and yelled and momma has heard me but does not know where it was a commin’ from so was yelling my name all over the house haha
    I is glad that you momma found you befores they started the scary machines! 🙂

  12. Hey, we all need an adventure once in a while, huh????? And we’re sure there is still a lot for you to explore out there. Thank you for dropping by and wishing our mamabug a happy birthday. Now that that’s behind us, we’re concentrating on hopefully becoming Island Cats…….xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I got out in our garage just once and my mom grabbed me fast, she won’t let me out there. I bet you were having fun exploring and finding all kinds of neat things that you wouldn’t find in the house. Maybe your folks could heat the garage and you won’t get too cold next time you sneak out there.

  14. My momma Ellie tries to do that ALL THE TIME. She even got locked out there for hours too cause she sneaks by so well. I had to alert mom that Ellie was out there because momma can’t meow as loudly as I can.

    So Ernie, just don’t get stuck out there again, ok?

  15. Ernie! It’s too cold to be going out into the garage! Although we bet it was interesting to be out there exploring. Please stay in the house because we don’t want you to catch a cold. xoxo

  16. We know how you feel. We love our grandparents garage because they are horders! its packed with STUFF covered in more STUFF and we go out there a lot. Sometimes, we find ourselves out there when we really want to jump on the kitchen counter and help with food preparation! Darcy, Bingley xx

  17. Ooooh, Ernie, did you lay a lot of guilt on your mama about that? We’re glad that your OK, though.

  18. Doood, you’re so lucky! I’ve been trying to get into the garage for YEARS and haven’t managed to do it yet. I’ve seen what’s in there from the door but the Woman was holding me and I couldn’t get down. It looks like there’s tons of stuff to sniff and climb on, and ours has a couple of rumbly bikes I’d like to inspect. But no…I just can’t seem to sneak out there :/

  19. Thank you Sue, Wally, Ernie and Zoey for your kind words to us on the loss of our darling Angel. It means so much to us that you cared. We miss her very much and are still in shock about it all. She was such a special cat to us all.

    All the best for 2010

    Whicky & Jane

  20. MOL, Ernie! You’re so funny. I bet you found lots of neat stuff to explore. You’ll want to be like the doggies: to be able to go in the garage and back in the house and back and forth at your whim. I’m glad your mom warmed you up! I love that top photo of you!


  21. Rut ro…..Ernie has found a new ‘zone’ that must be cat monitored! 🙂

  22. Oh don’t go back in there…it can be pretty scary!

  23. It’s hard to seize opportunity with both paws when it’s cold and dark. Too bad…

  24. Uh oh – I poked my nose out on the porch yesterday TOO COLD – and I think my garage is the exact same way. Glad you did not turn into a catsicle!

  25. Yep, once we discovered all the interesting stuff to explore in our garage, we became obsessed with going out there to play too.

  26. We hope you didn’t get too cold out there. I like going in the garage. It is our holiday home and if the door is open I go right in. I am often getting locked in there but dad leaves the big tractor door open so I get in there and go to sleep on the seat. If I am missing, that is always the first place the Beans look for me.

  27. They should just leave the door open so you can go in and out as you like. Really. Such a simple solution that humans make so difficult

  28. WHAT an adventure. We’re not surprised you wanted to go back. Now that the humans know the score.

  29. We play in the garage all the time. Dad out a cat door in so we could come back inside when we get cold. We have to ask to go out.

  30. Tee hee. We like to do that too. We don’t get to go out in the garage at this house like at our old house. We luffed to go out in the garage at our old house. This garage is too ginormous, and Maw is afraid that she will forget us, and we might get out when Paw comes home.

    Sometimes our blankets stay on the furniture when beans come over too. That’s the way life is at times, huh? Lazy beans…

    Luf, Us

  31. Try it in the summer next time, it’ll be warm and there will be different things to smell and see!

  32. Heh heh heh… we reckon you found a secret treasure out there, you were just throwing the humans off the trail by pretending to not want to be out there…

  33. We know what you mean! Adventures are kinda fun,especially when Mom is there to warm you up and give you lovins’ !!! heehee
    Happy 2010!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  34. Lol. You’re a cat alright. Always wanting to be on the other side of every closed door.

  35. Yep, you’ve got a case of wanderlust, Ernie. Crikey scratches like that at our door because he wants to see what is out in the hall. I’m the only one of us that has been out of the condo since we moved, so I know exactly what’s out there. What’s out there, is the road that takes you to the V-E-T! ~Tristan

  36. Oh man, Ernie, “The Boys” said to tell you they are so sorry you got left in the garage. No matter how many cars you got to walk all over.

    Mikey got left out on our screened-in front porch one time for about a half hour or so…and boy did he give everybody a dirty look when he finally got in. He cried and cried when he was out there but we didn’t him.

    Did you cry? Bet you didn’t ’cause you didn’t mention it.

    No wonder you said you liked our today’s story about the “heated window sill” perch when you came by our place this afternoon. By the way, thanks for coming by. We like to get new visitors!

  37. i think one time in the garage is plenty ernie. there’s probably a lot to see but getting stuck in the cold is never fun.

  38. Uh oh, the world to the garage has been opened! All men like to dink around in garages and we guess that applies to Mancats too! It’s probably best you stay inside though Ernie.

  39. Hi Ernie!

    WOW!!! I’ve always wanted to sneak into the garage! It’s a strict off-limits zone though. I totally understand the attraction. Of course we want to be wherever we aren’t supposed to be. We’re cats.

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  40. The garage is so much fun! I hope you had a great time exploring while you were out there! Happy New Year to you and the other kitties too!

  41. You make us laugh! Sometimes Jack gets into the upstairs (the landlady lives in that part of the house) and gets shut off from his house and food! Then he meows loudly, but he is usually heard right away by one of the beans. I get trapped back by the water heater and ducts, which Mom screens off, but sometimes I sneak in, and I cry alot when I’m stuck there!

  42. You were just being an explorer cat Ernie. Maybe it’s a black cat thing?

  43. must have been real fun!

    Sorry I posted late but the 1st post of Pet Pride for the year 2010 is up now! Hope to see you there!


    Pet Pride

  44. Wow, what an adventure you had already!
    Happy New Year to all of you!

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