Dec 282009


I’ve been on guard here watching for introoders for awhile now…
Hey…waydaminut!!  What’s that in our yard??!?


Wally!!  Wake up!!!  There’s introoders in our yard!!!

Arrrgh!!!  Ernie!  Get off of me!!

But Wally!!  There’s vishus deer in our yard!!  Look!!!

 Oh no, Ernie!!  It’s an invasion!!!


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  2. Holy mackerel! Look at those vishus deer invading your yard!!! Our mom thinks they are beautiful creatures, but really she’s just crazy.

  3. OH MY COD!!! Run for your furry little lives! We use to get vishus deer by our house too when next door was 45 acres of woods then our village tore it down and built a big hotel/convention center. We often wondered where those vishus deer moved to.

    Don’t let them see you at the windows!

  4. run for your lives…

  5. Oh no, that’s definitely an invasion! It looks like one of them was eating a pumpkin, too.

  6. That’s amazing! You must back on some woodlands or something. Did you put something out to attract them? One of the deer is certainly interesting in something on the ground.

    Wally and Ernie have a front row seat there, at the window. What a great show!

  7. Oh my! Deer in your backyard!
    go get them!

  8. Holy Guacamole!!!!!!! Mom says her and Sammy can remember several years ago….before me…….the apartment complex they lived in was on the edge of some woods, and the deer used to actually come up on their patio and look in the sliding glass door. Me, I’ve never seen one up close though….was it skeery?????? xxxxxx Andy

  9. No wonder you were running to get out of the window! I hope they didn’t notice you!

  10. We would LOVE to see some deer in our tiny yard. The most exciting thing we get is a raccoon or two.

  11. Watch out for those vicius deers. They might steal your food. And you don’t want that.

    Happy New Year. I hope you have a great 2010.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  12. Ohhhh!!!!!! That’s a whole herd of them!!! I don’t know why, but mom thinks they are cute. She’s lost it.

  13. Wow it really does look like an invasion! Be careful of those vishous deers!

  14. Wally, it looks like you had something of a rude awakening!

  15. This was so cute. That second picture had us laughing. We never have deer, just ants and crows, once in awhile a racoon or possum.

    From all of us at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  16. Oh, wow, fabulous! I’m surprised to see them in a residential area, though. One of my co-workers has a lot of deer (and other wildlife) but she lives about 40kms out of town. You’ll see deer here in our conservation areas and in other wooded areas, but I’ve not seen a deer amid the houses–except when ones wanders too far by mistake.

    I wonder what my furry crew would think if ever they saw deer. 😀

  17. My gosh, I bet they could kick hard with those legs!

  18. Run and hide!

    I just love the picture of Ernie waking up Wally! That’s so funny!

  19. EEEK! That’s skeery!! Good thing Ernie got Wally up!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  20. Those are some big introoders. Your mancats you can scare them away. Give them the evil kitty eyes to scare them away.

  21. Ernie you are very deligent and observant….good thing ’cause it looks like Wally is not going to do a thing well except bite your foot. Too funny.
    Mom and I are amazed at the deer in your very urban area. There must be woods near by. Thanks for you nice comments

    Oh Mom found a great book you two might want to suggest to your Mom.
    Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. It, of course, is about a cat. Mom just started it today and loves it!!! Madi and Mom

  22. Oh my cats!! Quick, find your can of Vishus Deer Repellent! Wait…you DO have a can, right?

  23. Mama was LOL on that 2nd pic. WTG, Ernie. You were very vigilant in your watching for introoders.

  24. Wow, how pretty.

  25. Makes you glad you are inside kitties when you see a scene like this!

  26. Good thing you were watching Ernie so you could wake Wally in time to run and hide from the vishus deer invasion!

  27. Oh, No! In your front yard! Mom saw some at her Mom’s farm, but they were across the road! Not close to the farm kitties

  28. Yikes!!!!!!!!! Run hide!!!!!!
    Are they gone yet!!!??
    Lock the doors!!!!!
    Get the Vishus Deer Repellant :0
    Stay safe 🙂
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  29. Ernie it’s good you woke Wally up, what with the vishus deer and all, but maybe bites are a little rude? Wally is going to haul off and wap you sometime if you keep doing that to him. Hope you are enjoying your holiday week window observations.

  30. Yikes! We hope you have got plenty of Rocky and Mao’s VDR.

  31. Ernie and Wally, “The Boys” are so “jell-us.” You got a deer in your yard! All they get is maybe a neighbor cat–or a squirrel. Well, now a squirrel’s not so bad. But a deer! Woo hoo!

  32. Oh deary me, it’s more than one deer. Best go outside to tell them who’s yard they are messing with.

  33. Wow, the whole deer fambly showed up!

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  34. OH!!! DEER!!! OM NOM!! You could make steaks!

  35. Wow! Those are some really cool deer! I wish they’d come visit my yard!

  36. Oh how exciting! Did you catch it?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Ernie and Wally. Purrs and headbutts to you and your family.

  37. Aren’t they backing the north pole now?
    How come they are at your backyard?

  38. There are deer that live near our house, but they never come in our backyard. That’s because they know I live here and I will take them down and eat them. I may only weigh 6 lbs., but I’m more vicious than any deer!

    Ernie and Wally, if you need help, I will come get rid of those deer for you.

  39. Wow, what a great view from the window! I wish we had deer too, I’d show them who the mancat is!

    P.S.: There is glass in between, right?

  40. EEEEEEEEEEEEK! We’re off!

  41. Wow, real live deer right in your front yard! That is very cool! Happy New Year to you & your family!
    your pal,

  42. So long as you stay in, you’ll be safe. But I know they can look awfully skeery.

  43. An entire flock of them. They look kinda cute, though. Are they edible by any chance?

  44. You have Bambi’s relatives come in your yard??? WOW!! All we get is a bird or squirrel! Hey, they were really Santa’s reindeer–you guys are kinda North like–maybe it was a sleep over? Were you ready to pouce… 🙂

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