Easy E Sunday

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Dec 202009


The wait is over…

Yesterday we got that white stuff Zoey was dreaming about. Not as much as our furiends on the east coast got… (mom said they got clobbered!!) But just enough…


I watched next door guy pushing the white stuff around… He must like the white stuff!!

 But not me!! I’d rather watch it from inside than be outside in it!! (we hope all our east coast furiends are safe and warm!)


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  1. Stay warm! We are on the East Coast but our amount is reasonable – about 10 inches. And it is over now, so I can also watch people pushing it around outside.

  2. I also would rather watch from inside.. Far too cold outside.. Hugs GJ x

  3. Yup, we are having a white Christmas YAY!!!!

  4. It’s fun to watch from the comfort of my cozy fireplace. Sometimes I get so into watching it I start to nod off. Well I kind of do that all the time no matter what I’m watching.

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  5. Your island looks beautiful with the snow! We got maybe 3 inches of the white stuff ourselves. We prefer admiring it inside where it’s nice and warm too.

  6. Yes…much cold, much snow!But it’s beautiful!
    I tried to go out, I mean at least at my balcony but I could not do it! Brhhhrrr…Cold…much cold!
    Stay warm dear friends!
    purrs and love

  7. So far on Cape Cod we have 1′, but it is not done yet. Beautiful, but I dread shoveling the driveway later. Even Charlie is a bit weary of it when he goes out to do his business.

  8. I’m with you Ernie…stay inside where it’s warm:)

  9. The best place to watch snow is from inside the house. Stay warm. Have a relaxing day today!

  10. It sure looks pretty from the inside.

  11. It does look pretty from the inside–here in Dallas, it’s gonna be about 60 degrees today…just thought I would tell you. 🙂

    Your photo is quite nice! Love the silouette!


    Stay warm!

  12. We got white stuff here too but I stayed inside i the warm. FAZ

  13. Yes, stay inside and stay warm!

  14. Smart thinking, Ernie! Much better to stay inside, all comfy and warm, and watch the beans slog it out in the snow.

  15. We got snow too! I’m loving it!

  16. Well, we love the snow, but we’re confined to the apartment. We want to go to our summer house and frolic in the snow.

  17. The snow is very pretty…especially when viewed from the toasty warm indoors.

  18. Hi Ernie,
    You’re smart to stay inside. The beans tossed us all out on the balcony for our first snow experience. I’m sure I will blog about all the horrors of it.

    Have a fun, cozy day!!


  19. We only got flurries here, but we prefer to stay inside to admire it, too.

  20. Wot super snow yoo have! Make sure yoo stay warm and cosy indoors!

  21. Our Grandma in Northwest Indiana got about 2″. We agree, watching the snow from inside a nice warm house is the only way to go. We’re glad your neighbor is using a shovel instead of one of those noisy snowblowers.


  22. Oh you have a great view to that white stuff.
    Now we have snow too and we all prefer to stay inside. it is furry furry cold outside.
    Stay warm !

  23. Yay! Hopefully the white stuff will stay put for a few more days so you can have a white Christmas! We are going to have a soggy, wet and gray Christmas. Good thing is…I think nip is in it for all of us!!!

  24. You are very smart to stay and watch from inside! Much warmer. 🙂

    We don’t have any of that white stuff here in South Florida. Maybe just a little would be nice…

  25. We ventured out for a walk in the little bit of snow we had and froze our toesies off. Much better to look at it from inside.

  26. Me too! I got the white stuff too but not too much. And as far as going out, you have the right idea there. Staying inside and looking outside is the best!

  27. Must be very cold there!

  28. Hi Ernie,
    Thankfully the horrible snow storm missed Raleigh. Parts of NC just north of us had a considerable amount for this time of year.
    Happy Easy Sunday.
    Madi and Mom

  29. Cozy inside looking out at the fun stuff is the way to go, except if your name is Tommy!

  30. Yes, I think being inside is far smarter than being out…

  31. we are still watching it fall!

  32. Oh but, the white stuff is just so much fun. We shovel it around all day. And when it has gone all messy, it snows and we get to do it all over again.

  33. Snow is meant to be looked at from inside so that’s a perfect perch! Stay warm!

  34. Have fun watching the guy push snow around! Stay warm!

  35. Thank you for stopping by our blog. Thanks for the purrs. We are hoping things go well and we can be without medicine some day.
    -Patches and Nemo

  36. Brr… that picture makes my furs bristle up. We’re thankful for our warm green Christmas.

  37. It’s supposed to be 72 degrees here tomorrow. We would like snow but we just don’t get it here in south Texas. Maybe you could send us some snows? It looks like you have enough for some buckets of snows to give away.

    Thanks for commentin on my blog about the mayo night-cream. Maybe it will work or maybe it’s the dermabrasion from multiple cat tongues that will make mom look younger!

  38. I like staying inside as well,
    it’s too cold outthere.

  39. Mom put a stick in the snow we got yesterday and said it was 20 inches, whatever that means. I just know it looked like I would never get out of it if I jumped in. Baby looked at it for a second too. We both decided indoors was the place to be.

  40. Inside. Stay inside!

  41. OMC! We are in California. We don’t git da white stuff. Mom bean made up funny words to da “White Christmas” song. She sings, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…just like the ones I never knew….” MOL

    We don’t fink she really wants one, either. She no likes to be cold–she gets furry cranky an grumpy when she’s cold.

    But, you haz sum pretty picshurs..we finks we likes pickchurs better..

    Have a nice holiday, and we hopes Santa Claws brings you lots of nip.

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