Dec 182009


Hmmmm…we got no snow yet…

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…
as long as I’m inside…safe and warm!!!


  42 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Waiting for Snow”

  1. We hope you get a few flakes by Christmas!! Not too many though.

  2. Being on the inside is the greatest. We wish every kitty and woofie were so lucky!

  3. I’m with you Zoey…nice & warm…that’s my favorite place to be…nice & warm:)

  4. Hey, we’ll send you some of ours! We got 15 inches last week!

    We’re pretty sure you’ll have some for Christmas, Zoey!

  5. You can have some of ours. We had 22cms a couple of weeks ago, though some has gone. But now it’s really cold and everything is icy, icy, icy. I’d rather have a green Christmas and so would my furry crew–it’s too cold for them to stay out in our little back space now.

  6. We’re hoping for snow too.

  7. Every kitty here is happy we are going to get snow this weekend and maybe Christmas. It is so cold, I fear for all the outside kittys and pups.

  8. White Christmas is cool and you are sooo adorable dreaming about the snow!
    Have a purrrfect weekend dear friend
    purrs and love

  9. You may get your wish today!

  10. We are supposed to get lots of snow on Saturday so maybe we can send some to you!

  11. help yourself to any of our snow. we have more than enough…

  12. We are in a valley that rarely gets snow. Plenty of extremely cold rain though. Ah well, probably for the best. Against the backdrop of snow, my fur stands out like a blue-haired rat in a cat convention. Crap. Now I’ve made myself wonder what a blue-haired rat tastes like.

  13. The whole east coast is getting a B~I~G snowstorm this weekend and our mom is upset that it’s just going to miss us! Stay warm furriends!

  14. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Sitting there on your window pillow all safe and warm and watching the snow fall. The thought of it makes me want to purrr.

  15. Burrr on the snow stuff, when we get snow here the power goes out for a week and we get cold. Have a wonderful and warm weekend y’all!!!

  16. Well, we hope you get a white Christmas – we are expecting snow so I will try and send you some from here! Snow is pretty but for me it is too cold (and as the person, I have to drive in it – yuck) so I would love to send you ours!

  17. We watch for this stuff called “snow” but as we’ve never seen it, we don’t really know what we’re looking for…..:) We hope you get some and maybe you could put some in an envelope and mail it to us so we know what snow is all about??? xxxxxxxxx

  18. We hope you get your white Christmas. When our Mom was little and living in Indiana (not too far from your house) she always wished for a white Christmas. Here we just wish for a rainy Winter, we really need the rain!


  19. We have the white, but we are mostly dreaming of a sunny spring.

  20. If you really want some, we’ll send you everything that falls in our driveway!

  21. If we waited for snow here in southern California, we’d be waiting a very, very long time! I’m just waiting for my presents!

  22. WE got lots and lots of wet stuff, but no snow! We hope you get your wish!

    purr on

  23. We have snow here, but are happy to be inside in the warm! Except for Tommy, that is…

  24. What a gorgeous picture of you Zoey with your beautiful furs. We are getting some flurries but it’s not sticking.

  25. Be careful what you wish for Zoey — you just might get it — and yes, you are very lucky to have a nice warm home to live in.

    Your furs look all nice and smooth like you’ve just been brushed or something. Such a pretty girl you are.

  26. Snuggling while watching the snow fall is wonderful. We hope you get snow soon!

  27. Zoey, you hush up now. Me and Mom don’t like the snow. We don’t like to go out in it at all. Mom wishes it was summer again and so do I!

  28. That is the best way to have a white Christmas!

  29. We hope you get your wish – as long as you’re safe and sound! We’re all lucky to be indoor kitties this time of year!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

  30. Only rain here:( We’ll really miss the snow this year.

  31. Snow is purrty – if you can watch it from your snuggle spot in the nice warm house!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  32. We don’t know what snow is, but we hope you get a little.

  33. Snow is okay as long as you can be indoors and snuggly warm.

  34. We hope you get just the right amount – not too little, not too much. Looks like we are getting a bunch tomorrow.

  35. I think I’m going to have a wet Christmas.

  36. Dat is how we feel about it too. We sat on da window ledge above da heat blower thingy and watched mom push da snow eater around.

  37. I’d prefer to be inside too Zoey!

  38. Yeah, as long as yoo’re in the warm, snow is great! Paws crossed for a white Chrismouse!

    And YES we could smell yoor delishus smells on the book!

    (From the mom: Milo and Alfie were entranced by the book. I think it was a combination of undivided attention and lovely kitty smells)

  39. Hi Zoey,
    You look so pretty sitting in the window waiting for snow. We woke up to a snowstorm this morning. It’s so beautiful outside. I hope you get your white Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful to warm and safe!


  40. We got a little bit of snow last night, but the forecast for a white Christmas is only with 40% probability. We hope you get a white Christmas!

  41. Snow? Yoo can has ours if yoo want. Its soooooo cold out dere, brrrrr. Wes goin to snuggle down till its over.

  42. We’re supposed to get the same snowstorm the eastern coast of the U.S. is getting, by tomorrow. It is going to start off here as snow mixed with ice pellets, then turning to snow and by Monday we get rain. Yuck.

    Thanks for sending Cookie ‘get well’ wishes.

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