Dec 162009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Our furiend Fin is sponsoring Hunt Week this week.


I’m on the hunt…
Look close…can you see my prey??


There’s a few of these tasty looking things
sitting in this tree…


And it’s just a matter of time
before I get me one!!!


  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. That is one tasty looking cardinal, Wally!

  2. Hmm, somehow I think the real ones might be a bit tastier, Wally!

  3. Wally, we’ll get a team together and be right over to help with the hunt!

  4. Wow! We wish we had those in our Christmas tree to hunt!

  5. Surely your mum put those on the tree so they could be nommed? There is no other explanation!

  6. A Christmas tree with birds on it? You’re definitely the luckiest cat! I say that you wait until just after Santa visits…then you can eat the bird, and you have a whole year to make it back onto the ‘nice’ list!

  7. This tree is so well decorated, I would be curious as well about it!
    Beautiful moment!
    purrs and love

  8. If we teleport over…that tree won’t stand a chance. It will be all ours for sure.

  9. Wally be very careful. Control your kitty impulse….you don’t want Santa to leave you a bag of coals!!!
    Mom and I love the tree on your hearth!! Mom loves RED!!!
    Madi and Mom

  10. Go, Wally, go! I mean your mom wouldn’t have a tree with birds in it if she didn’t want you to catch at least one of them.

  11. Good Hunting, Wally. But we don’t think they will taste good.

  12. think santa. think list of naughty and nice. then decide what you are going to do.

  13. MOL!!! You go wit yer bad self!

  14. I bet you can get it with no problems…unless mom bean has glued those fevvers to the tree!

  15. That plump cardinal is totally asking for it! Go Wally! Thanks for playing!

  16. We think the most tender ones are usually at the VERY TOP!

    Just sayin’……….

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. That’s the way, Wally…..stalk them and when they least expect it, pounce on them!!!!!

  18. I think, Wally, this is a very easy job for you. Have fun with the birdies!

  19. Oooohhhhh! We wish you luck – just don’t let the Mom see.

  20. Our hunt week post is going to be about the tree too! But your prey at least looks like something you SHOULD be hunting. In my house they hunt for silly stuff!

  21. This is going to be fun to see the result of the hunt!

  22. That is one plump Cardinal Wally!

  23. Enjoy those luscious looking birds!!!

  24. That’s a fat bird for you, Wally! We need birds in oour tree!

  25. But that would be a cardinal sin to eat one off the Christmas tree! Better watch out Wally or Santa will leave you a lump of coal!

  26. That’s a nice tree you have there, Wally

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  27. They look pretty darn tasty to me!

  28. That tree wouldn’t stand a chance in our house (which is probably why we don’t have one!) let alone the birdie!

    Happy hunting, Wally! Don’t let your Mom catch you!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

  29. You’ll have to be terribly sneaky. I don’t think those noms can run away, but the beans will get mad if you get one.

  30. Be careful! If ya pull the tree down you might get hurt AND make the beans unhappy!

  31. One big jump, that’s all it takes. You are lucky, birds seldom visit our tree. And then only when we are in the house.

  32. Go for it, I won’t tell anyone!

  33. That is just too tempting. Go for it!

  34. Looks like a kitty sized tree to us so that must mean all those birdies are for you!

  35. Hehehehe!! Get’em Wally!!!

  36. I have no doubt that you will soon get one of those red birdies that are on that beautiful Christmas tree. Never give up.

  37. Hmmm! A Birdie in your tree? We wish we had one in our tree!

  38. I am sure the red ones are the tasty ones Wally.

  39. WOW! Wot a hunter! And we LOVE yoor Chrismouse stockings!!!!!

  40. Mmmmmm… bird ornaments in trees…
    He’s got your name written all over him.
    Go get him, Wally!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  41. Oh boy! A delishus-looking Cardinal! Get ’em, Wally!

  42. Oh Wally, you are one lucky cat to have birds right there in your house. And they are red too, so very easy to see. Good luck. Don’t knock down the tree on your big hunt.

  43. Hmmm….
    I hope you got really tasty chickent instead of that birdy.

  44. Well, just wait til one flies down, then GRAB it good!

  45. Feathers in trees are a classic prey. Noone could blame you if you go for it!

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