Easy E Sunday

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Dec 132009


Uh oh!!
The first casualty of Christmas!!!

 Now I’m not saying I’m responsible for this…
(I swear!!  The snowman jumped…all on his own!!)


But I like playing with the body parts!!!

 Guess this guarantees our membership
in the Naughty Kitty Club!!!


  34 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Your candy cane collar makes you look most innocent. Sorry about the snowman.

  2. We know you wouldn’t have done it Ernie. Those snowmen have a strange habit of jumping out of trees.

  3. I have heard that snowmen are especially jumpy!

  4. Oops! There’s a lot of that going on at Kevin & Sharon’s house lately!

  5. well as long as no kitties were boinked in the head.

  6. Snowmen do that and let others take the blame!

    Hey, Ernie, concats on your official membership into the Naughty Kitty Club!

    We got your card! Thank you!

  7. May be he was trying to get outside to the snow so he would not melt!

  8. Something like that happened here–not that either of US are to blame!

  9. Ut oh… looks bad, Ernie. You need to make sure you sneak away before your mom comes.

  10. We think the snowman jumped!

  11. Of course you didn’t do it. These things have a way of just happening.

  12. On no! I’m sure you wouldn’t do such a thing. I can just imagine the ornament jumping off that tree.

  13. Innocent until proven guilty! I’m sure you had nothing to do with it at all. Bad, bad snowman, framing you like this.

  14. Oups…things happens sometimes….
    We like your candy cane collar too!

  15. A snowman with legs? He obviously didn’t know how to use his legs and walked off and hurt himself. Poor leggy snowman. It looks to me like you’re just trying to clean up the mess.

  16. it’s a crazy guy, don’t worry about…for sure you are not responsible, don’t be upset okay!
    Cute post today, we loved it!
    purrs and love
    mommy Léia and Luna

  17. Wow! Good thing that you didn’t get blamed for that!

    Luf, Us

  18. Are you SURE he jumped? Because it looks like he tried to attack you and got broked in the process.
    He got what was coming to him!

  19. Whoa. Dead snowman. Is that a bad holiday omen? I hope not…

  20. Parts are always fun to play with… I can not imagine that you would have done that.

  21. We had an “incident” with an ornament…but the culprit turned out to be Grete woofie!!! Us cats were cleared of all charges. Unfortunately, the ornament did not survive.

  22. We know you are totally innocent, Ernie……and we know you won’t tattle and tell who really did it. 🙂 You are a grand mancat for sure and make us all proud.

  23. Now how can they think you could do that. It must be a stitch up.. HUgs GJ x

  24. Hey, I believe you, we had several things jump right off of our tree too…but I’m in the club right there with you!

  25. We believe you saying the truth 🙂

  26. You really should walk away if you don’t want to be a suspect.

  27. Everycat knows that ornaments leap to their deaths and break on their own. No cats involved…

  28. That crazy snowman jumped all on his own didn’t he? We love your collar by the way!

  29. OHOH! I wonder if you can glue him and your parents will never find out!hehehehe

  30. PSSSST!
    Concatulations… You won the Bergan TurboTrack!!!
    Please send me your address at mouchois@catlover.com

  31. i believe you.

  32. That snowman obviously had a death wish. Are you sure Chuck Norris didn’t leap in the window and roundhouse kick him?

  33. Muahahahaha! Your first “Christmas gatorrismo”!

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