Dec 112009


Sticking that flashy box in my face
does not amuse me…


  48 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Not Amused”

  1. But you look so good!! We’ve purrfectec closing our eyes when the flashy box comes out – it really frustrates Mom.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. That should have said purrfected! Obviously, Mom hasn’t purrfected typing.

  3. You may not be amused, but you sure are beautiful, Miss Zoey! We love your close-up.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. At least you don’t run and hide, or actually snarl, like my Annie does! No reason for you to be camera-shy; you are stunning!

  5. I don’t think it amuses anyone, except maybe dogs.

  6. Mom said to tell yoo that the photo of Zoey is just beautiful ~ those wonderful green eyes, and that cute little orange triangle nose, and those exceptionallu beautiful fur markings … what a beauty!

    We fink she’s OK too!

  7. We need to find a solution against those flashy boxes

  8. Wonderful post dear Zoey,
    I love your close up, you are really adorable!
    Enjoy your day and Happy weekend!
    purrs and love

  9. Oh my goodness, Zoey! Your eyes are GORGEOUS! Happy Friday to you!

  10. Model Zoey is what mom should call you. You look wonderful in that pose, love the whiskers.

  11. THat is a great close up of your pretty eyes.

  12. Oh My Ceiling Cat!! How pretty!!

  13. But it does give us an opportunity to admire your beautiful face, Zoey!

  14. Ohhhhhh….no need to be crabby…It looks like Mum managed to take a picture of you without even using the flashy.
    You’re beautiful when you’re mad, you know.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. what a sweet face.

  16. You might not look amused, but you sure look pretty Zoey!!!

  17. Nice close-up shot, in spite of your non-amusement with the camera.

  18. Wow! Zoey looks like she’s seconds away from swatting you! What a look! Such gorgeous green eyes, though.

  19. Oh, we SO feel you anguish Zoey!!! The moms and these flashy boxes! Something has GOT to be done!!!

  20. What a face you are making Zoey. You wouldn’t be this famous without that flashy box!

  21. Zoey, you are sooo pretty! Thanks for letting your Mom put the flashy box in your face.

  22. You are sure looking pretty though. Thanks for the quick peak!!

  23. What a beautiful picture of you, Zoey…..xxxxxxx

  24. But Zoey–you are a perfect model for the camera!

  25. You sure don’t look furry amused to us, Zoey!

  26. I’m with you, no flasy things in my eyes. next time you must be quicker to close your eyes.

  27. But Zoey, it shows off your beautiful green eyes so well! It seems like we can actually go right through the computer and pet you.

    Yes, Laila is so terrified of the tree, her first Christmas mom took it down after two weeks as she wouldn’t go into any room she could see it from. When you live in a one bedroom condo, that doesn’t leave many rooms to be in. Mom said she is more important than any tree!

  28. You certainly don’t look amused but you look gorjuss Zoey!

  29. You look so gorgeous Zoey! We think it’s ok that your mom sticks the flashy box in your face!

  30. But you look fabulous
    Maybe you are waiting something else…some…sweet

  31. We feel your pain, Zoey!
    Pee Ess: If your Mom needs help with her FB page, have her email our Mom at our address. A few of the kitty Moms are FB buddies, so she’ll be happy to help!

  32. your eyes are so dreamy!!

  33. We can understand that, but you are beautiful.

  34. Zoey you look amazing!

  35. No matter how many time you tell them, they just don’t get it!
    Stoopid flashy box!

  36. We think it is lots of fun, we try to whap it or catch the little string, dangling from it.

  37. I do a very good impression of that face when I’m fed up with that thing being pointed my way too!

  38. But you look so pretty Zoey!

  39. Beautiful green eyes!!!

  40. Ya outta turn on the laser eyes…

  41. You may not be amused, but you are quite photogenic. We hate the flashy box too but we look good on the interwebs.

  42. Oh oh, Zoey looks grumpy.

  43. But the eyes! What beautiful eyes!:)

  44. I LOVE your face Zoey! Hope you’re having a great weekend!
    your pal,

  45. It may not amuse you… but it sure is cute! Love the close-up.

  46. I am so sure that the moms all like to stick the clickie thing in our faces and I am also sure that most of us don’t appreciate it. Poor honey.

  47. Uh oh… I have not done that yet this year. I did spill coffee yesterday though.. not much, but just enough….

  48. Oops, that was meant for the post about the broken ornament…. what I meant to say here is that I hate that FLASHY box too… If it wasn’t so heavy, I would put it in my litter box!

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