Dec 092009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?



 (Doing cute stuff like this always scores me a few extra treats!!)


  53 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. great peeking! hope you got those treats.

  2. Good looking ginger kitty! So cute – well, humph! We’re all man cats so we will change it to handsome! Hope you gots a lots of treats!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay)

  3. Who could resist that pose?

  4. Wally, what adorable pink paw pads you have! Makes me want to kiss them. (Er, hope that’s not too girly for you.) You definitely have scored extra treats for mega-cuteness.

  5. Naturally mommy would give you anything for looking so cute!

  6. Great tactic! Christmas is around the corner!

  7. where’s wally… oh there u are…

  8. Oh yea Wally that pose it worth at least an extra helping of kibble!!!
    The peeps are so easily entertained.
    Madi and Mom

  9. That cute pose certainly worked on our Mom! We may benefit from your cuteness, so we hope you do too!

  10. Well, we’d certainly give you extra treats for being such a cutie patootie. But then, we’re nice that way. 😉

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. you look so comfy !

  12. Peek – a= boo we see you too!

  13. Awww, you deserve TONS of extra treats for that pose!

  14. How could it not! We’re gonna use that cute pose to score some treats today!

  15. Wally looks like he’s doing what I like to do. Snooze and peek!

  16. Oh that is super cute! I love the little peeking – just adorable.

  17. Mama is making high pitched noises over your toes. She’s got an orange boy here with pink toes, too!

  18. Awwww … Wally ~ yoo don’t hafta try to be cute because yoo ARE cute! Smoochies.

  19. You look too cute today! (Even though its not very mancatly to say so…)

  20. oh Wally you are so adorable, I feel that you are enjoying a lot this flash box, don’t you? LOL
    Cute pose!

  21. At our house we call that “squiggling”.

    “What’s that Wally doing?” is one of our favorite days on your blog!

  22. Very, very cute photo! Anything for a treat!

  23. aww man, i wish i got treats for being cute! i think i’m adorable when i scratch the couch, but all that gets me is a spray bottle!

  24. This rates VERY high on the Cuteness Scale!

    Paws ‘n Claws,

  25. Works for me everytime!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  26. Very cute peek-a-boo! And we love your pink pawpads!

  27. Wally, you sure do know how to work a crowd! Too cute!

  28. The mom tends to wake us up when we is lookin like dat. How’d did yoo not get woke up by yers? We’d like to try dat technique.

  29. Oh my gosh! You are so very, very cute! We’d share our treats with you any time!
    P.S. Our mama says thank you so very, very much for your helpful and kind words about our baby bobcat, Vito. We appreciate it!

  30. Well we have several high scoring cute elements here…paw over eye, curled in a ball, and Tosies!

  31. Hi-ya Wally!
    Funny… that’s just what glogirly looks like with the alarm goes off in the morning. And it’s also what I look like when Gloman’s alarm goes off two hours earlier!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  32. A few extra treats, we think this calls for mountains of treats.

  33. Twisty body poses always get me just what I want, and out of trouble too. Good work Wally.

  34. You’re so cute all the time Wally! We love your pink little toesies!

  35. Hey Wally, I think you are peeking to see if Santa is checking his “nice” list, not to worry, you’re on it!!!

  36. Yup, mums are suckers for the cute look.

  37. Wally, you silly boy! You are such a contortionist! I love the peek from underneath your arm. So very cute.

  38. You are very cute and you match the sofa.

  39. Ooh, the one peekin eye shot! Allus a winner. Very good form on that one…

  40. We kinda got stuck on da toez. We’re suckers fur cute toez.

  41. Mom’s a sucker for a move like that. She’s starting to write you blank check for treats…

  42. That is a really cute peekaboo! We thinks that you most certainly deserve extra treats!

  43. Our mum just tried to give you treats through the screen. You’re working it, Wally!

  44. Yup, you have “cute” cornered!

  45. *reaches in pocket* Here’s a handful of treats from me!

  46. That is one cute cat peeking to see if anyone is watching. Little did he know that a whole bunch of people see him peeking. Great picture

  47. You sure know how to ham it up, Wally! Have you destroyed that Christmas tree yet? Hee Hee

  48. Very cute! You do deserve extra treats!

  49. You deserve bagfuls for that pose.

  50. How could a mom resist such cuteness?

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