Easy E Sunday

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Dec 062009


I love being up high like this!!
From here I can survey all my territory…

I just hope mom doesn’t see me
‘cuz I’m not supposed to be up here!!


Ernie!!  Get down from there!!!

Uh oh!!  Busted!!!


I’ll hafta do my territory surveying from ground level!!!


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  1. Wow! Love the action shot at the end. That’s one big leap from the top of that cabinet. Ernie looks so good up there, Mom! Better than any decoration. I think you should let him stay next time.

  2. You’re a House Panther, Ernie, you can’t help it. It is your duty to regally survey your territory from high places. When will they ever understand?

  3. That was a pawsome leap ~ we’re impressed!

  4. Look at the last photo! Wow! How do you get up that high?

  5. We love to get up high and we also get told off!

  6. HOW did you get up there??? I guess a Panther never shares their secrets. 🙂 You looked regal up top of there!

  7. How DO you get up so high? You must be a champion jumper! I hope there are no claw marks on the side of the cabinet!

  8. Hee hee, how else can a house panther survey his domain unless he gets up high where he’s not supposed to be!

  9. Nothing is too high here for me to get up to. Nice going, Ernie!


  10. Wow Ernie – Just like a panther!

  11. Wow, impressive leap! You do look good up there, Ernie, can’t imagine why your “mom” doesn’t want you up there. 😉

    BTW, love the crown mouldings and great paint job….Can you tell I have home renos on my mind?

  12. I used to be able to get up high like that. But, anymore with my arthuritis, I can’t jump so high anymore. You are so lucky Ernie to be able to get those kinds of views of things!

  13. You were just looking out for potential threats, Ernie! Sometimes mamas just don’t get it!

  14. Ernie,we think all kitties should have a watchtower!!!!!!!
    Too bad our Moms do not agree! sheesh
    NIce dismount…score:10!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Look at you Ernie! Love the flying shot!

    Guess what my dad read to us this morning? Yup “Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat”. We loved it! We’ll be posting about it tomorrow. Thanks for sending it to us.

  16. Ernie, I wish I was agile like you. You can fly! I think I need to lose some weight.

  17. seems a very high place!

  18. Priceless. Love it.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. .. but surveying ones empire is best done from a height…?
    Darcy & Bingley

  20. Man humans tend to ruin all the fun, don’t they?

  21. You are pawsome, Ernie!!!!!!!!!!

  22. That is a very good high place to snoopervise from. You look very long and elegant when you jumped down.

  23. Super jump! You look like you can fly.

  24. That is a very high place to survey your territory from. Love the shot of you leaving your perch!

  25. HA! I don’t see a thing wrong with being up there, you looked right a home and it is the purrfect survey spot…I say you go back up!

  26. Mommys ruin all the fun. Hopefully you could still survey things from down low. We love the last action shot!

  27. Just don’t go up there when you beans are around.

  28. I don’t get what’s wrong with you being up there either. Humans are just fun spoilers.

  29. We love going up high!

  30. You sure look good up there! I am allowed to get up almost everywhere in my house. The only place I am really supposed to stay away from is the clothes closet.

  31. I don’t understand why the humans have places they expect us not to go. Doesn’t everything in the house belong to us anyway?

  32. Simba loves to sit on top of the upper kitchen units, especially near meal times! Alfie occasionally goes up there too. A cat needs a good vantage point! :)xxx

  33. Very impressive that you jumped up that high and jumped down so far.

  34. Woah, Ernie what a high jump…we are deeply impressed.
    We also love to sit on the highest place…fortunately we can reach it from the stairs.

  35. I don’t have anything that high in my house. I’d like to though.

  36. wow you really jumped!Brave !
    Outstanding picture!
    purrs and love

    I’m thinking this could become an official olympic sport.

    (Glogirly’s cat)

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