Dec 042009


Ahhhh…lounging in front of the fire…
All I need now is a bearskin rug!!


  46 Responses to “Formerly Feral – By the Fire”

  1. You look tiny in front of the big fireplace> The fire looks nice and cozy. Enjoy!

  2. It’s nice to have the “formerly” in front of the “feral” – isn’t it Zoey?

  3. You look so totally comfy there!

  4. That carpet looks pretty comfy too! Very luxurious, Zoey!

  5. Oh Zoey…you’ve found the perfect spot!
    your pal,

  6. Zoey that looks awesome! We don’t have any fireplaces her but we do have electric heaters, they don’t smell as good.

  7. this place seems to be very comfortable

  8. We can see you dozing on the bears head. You are right, you do need a bearskin rug.

  9. The bestest place in the house in front of the fire.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Zoey save me a spot I’m on the way….that looks like a yummy napping spot.
    Madi and Mom

  11. You look quite lovely and comfy in front of the fire. A bearskin rug would be just perfect to add! There’s lots of room, can we come on over to nap with you too?

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  12. Nothing like a nap in front of a cozy fire.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. well you best be going out to find a bear then.

  14. That’s the bestest part of this time of year. It may be cold outside, but sitting by the fire is warm and cozy and wonderful. purrrrrsssss

  15. We think that spot looks cozy even without the rug!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. Your fireplace is enough to make us wish we were heading into winter:)

  17. Finally lit the fireplace last night here. The three little buggers all jumped up and sat in front of it, staring at it all night.

  18. That looks very cosy! And we agree ~ yoo look very tiny in that pic.

  19. Yeah…Bear Skin Rugs! Enjoy your warm slumber!

  20. Looks like a great spot…don’t forget to turn over, so you get evenly warmed!

  21. I’ll go and try to get you one this weekend.

  22. What a warm cozy scene–you pretty much ARE a bearskin rug with all of that fur! Can we snuggle up there too?

  23. Zoey, we’d love to snuggle by the fire with you. We don’t have a fireplace 🙁

  24. What a beautiful and cosy place!
    And this picture is adorable!

  25. Aren’t fireplaces the best? Zoey looks like she’s the bearskin rug!

  26. If you get a bearskin rug, I want one too! That would be WAY cool.

  27. You look so comfy in front of that fireplace……we could have used one that was lit yesterday as our heat was out and for us it was cold here. xxxxx

  28. That sure does look comfy. We have one of those but we don’t use it now because the youngest sisters want to climb in it!!! Have a wonderfully comfy weekend y’all.

  29. That is the best place to be.

  30. Oooh, that looks so cozy! *purrs*

    And oh, I wanted to let you know that I’ve given you a super cool Kreativ Blogger award on my blog – I hope you enjoy it!

  31. Zoey, you look all warn and comfy!

  32. Oh Zoey! That looks so toasty warm! I wish I was with you there, right now. You and the fire could both help me warm up.

  33. Yes a bear skin rug would be lovely, especially if you are in the nude. Oh wait, you already are!

  34. Zoey, it iz very cozy there izn’t it? We had a fire the other night and it was wonderful! We hope we have another tonight because it iz very cold!

  35. That looks like a great place to lounge and even take a nap – nice and toasty!

  36. You look purrty lounging in front of the fire Zoey!

  37. Oh Zoey I love Fridays!

  38. Looks like life has improved immensely since the feral days. What a great place to be on a cold evening.

  39. You need a soft floofy pillow Zoey!

  40. Yes indeed. Or a sheepskin, those are very comfy and warm too.

  41. That sure looks like a nice warm comfy place to rest up. That photo is good enough for a Christmas card.

  42. Zoey,
    I like your thinking. A bear skin rug would not only feel wonderfully soft and warm… but you’d look fabulous too!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  43. We’d rather have a squirrel-skin rug… But bears are warm.

  44. That looks SO cozy! Tommy tried to make a fire last night–alas, it didnt’ really take. She blames the wood–I blame HER. Nonetheless–you look great with or with out a rug!

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