Dec 022009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


I just know there’s something down there!!

 If only I could make myself really, really small…
I could go in there and get it!!


  46 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. It’s frustrating isn’t it? We know the feeling … praps yoo could tempt ’em owt wiv some cheese crumbs?

  2. Hey–you need some, help Wally? Wonder what’s down there–? Let’s GET it!

  3. ooooo, what is it?

  4. We agree, those warm air blowers make funny noises sometimes! Good luck on the ‘getting small’ thing, Wally!

  5. Hi Wally I know I know what is down there….it is a little mouse blowing warm air up to you!!! We have one too He He He!!! This time of year I like sitting by those vents.
    PS every time I get a spot CLEAN the peeps pass by, rub me then I have to start all over again…..
    Meow Madi

  6. maybe if you meow and meow and meow one of the people in the house will help you remove the vent.

  7. Hi Wally,
    Sometimes you can hear someone talking through those things! Listen and you may hear something juicy!!
    Have fun!

  8. Maybe if you try hard enough, you can get the vent cover thingy off and go exploring? (PS – look for our post tomorrow for hints from Roxy! :D)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. Hmm… you’d have to be awfully, awfully small…and Ernie might think you are a mousie!!! Better to stay big, we think so. 🙂

  10. Well, if you take the story of Alice In Wonderful into consideration, maybe eating the blue (or maybe the pink) pill may make you little enough.

  11. You sniffing the heat Wally?

  12. That would drive us crazy! What’s in there??!!

  13. We bet here is all kinds of fun stuff in there! But those pipes aren’t very big!

  14. Hmmm, We wonder what’s down there? We like your carpet, Wally. How does your Mom keep you cats from snagging it with your claws?

  15. that would be FUN!

  16. Maybe it’s better not to know what’s down there???????

  17. You need a shrink-ray for Christmas!

  18. Wally, tell you’s momma that you’s needs a flashie light so you’s can see down there betters. There could be a mousie down there, ya know☺

  19. Don’t make yourself too small, or whatever is in there might get you!

  20. We don’t know what is down there Wally, but Chevelle likes to lay on ours in the winter time.

  21. I bet there is something down there. I hope you get it good.

  22. There’s squirrels down there banging on things! Or at least that’s what I claim, anyways.

  23. What is it that’s down there, something nommable?

  24. Hey Wally, are you hearing the pitter patter of itty bitty feet down there???

  25. Wally I think that some little someone or something lives inside each heat vent, because so many kitties are drawn to them. If you find out what or who it is please let us know – we are super curious!!

  26. Curious. ALWAYS curious!

    Paws ‘n Claws, Rupert

  27. I think Wally’s wondering why there’s a nice warm breeze coming from that thing!
    Kitties sure are endlessly inquisitive, aren’t they?

  28. either there’s a warm breeze stirring or there’s a mouse!
    hope for a mouse for the kitties to kill but for the beans, I think they’d prefer not! lol

  29. Oh! Like Wally in Wonderland? Awesome idea, Wally!

  30. We want to know what’s down there.

  31. That would be fun, but you might get stuck. That would NOT be fun!

  32. Perhaps there are some nice plump juicy mousies down there?

  33. LOL, that’s all I can say.

  34. A dragon, it’s a dragon that heats the house.

  35. Is that where the hot air comes from? I really like your collar. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it before.

  36. You’d have to get really flat and skinny to fit through there! That might be hurty. I think you’ll have to be left just wondering what’s down there.

  37. Hey Wally!

    We think it’s some kind of seashell. Maybe from the future. Listen real close and you can hear the future. : )

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  38. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have those abilities!

  39. I bet there’s a spidey or maybe even a mousie in there!

  40. I’m a great mouser, need me to pop over and catch it for yoo?

    Poppy Q

  41. Hi,
    We got our thingy loose and we went down in the vent and even scared our mommy to pieces…there’s nothing down there but dust bunnies.


  42. wow it’s a mouse???!!! You are doing a good job and I think this mouse would have no chance!!!

  43. Wally, you need humans interventions, someone who can unscrew that thingy for you.

  44. Wally I smell it too, you’re right there is something down there.


  45. This picture of Wally is on the LOLSpot today (Saturday)!

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