Hurt Foot Friday

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Nov 272009


So you’re probably wondering what this is doing on my foot.  The day before Thanksgiving, me and Wally were wrasslin’ and somehow my claw got caught in something and ripped out completely!!  Ouch!!!!  It was bleeding which freaked mom out (and me too…just a little bit).  Mom called the v-e-t and they said “bring him in!”  So off we went!!!  They cleaned it up and gave me a shot (ouch again!!) and then wrapped up my foot like a mummy!  Y’know, it’s hard to walk with this thing on.  Now I’m all discombobulated and I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to get it off!!!  Licking it hasn’t made it budge a bit.  Anybuddy wanna teleport over and help me???

Well, one good thing about it…I got extra turkey because mom felt sorry for me!


Update:  I convinced mom to take the bandage off (she obviously felt sorry for me, watching me limp around) and my paw looks pretty good!  I don’t know if the claw will grow back, but I’ve still got 5 more on that paw that I can use!!  Thanks for all the purrs, too!!


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  1. Ouch, poor Ernie. A hurt paw and on top of that a silly bandage. It’s hard to climb trees with that on your foot.
    Could you ask your mum to sign it for us? Then at least you know you are not the only one feeling sorry for you.

  2. Oh noes!!! Ernie, you poor guy! You should get turkey everyday until you are 100%.


  3. Poor Ernie! It sounds awful, hope you are better really soon!

  4. It’s a pity, so sorry dear Ernie, I wish you a faster recover!
    Take care okay!
    purrs and love

  5. Hi, That looks like it really hurts!
    I hope you get better soon!
    Maybe your Mom will get you a get well present!

  6. Ernie, that must have hurt so much! I would teleport over and claw and chew that thing off of your paw, but mom says I can’t…you need that to help you heal. Be patient and keep on workin’ it. I see lots of treats and handouts for you this week!

  7. O mai goodness, Ernie. You haz a big ouchie! Maybe this will make you feel better, Mom has a big ouchie on her finger. Our cousin Cosmo Kitty bited her when she was holding him and then all of a sudden he saw a stranger walking towards him and Mom says he just kind of freaked out. I know. Weird, huh?

    So, do you feel better yet?

  8. Oh Ernie, that must have been really scary. We’re sure it bled like hell. You poor guy! Is the nail gone forever or will it grow back? Not that you have sparse nails on your polydactil paws, but… ; ) Please accept our very healing licks betweeen the ears.
    Siena & Chilli

  9. Oh Ernie, poor you, I’m so sorry that you’re hurt. I wish that you recover quickly.
    Get well soon!

    Big hugs,


  10. Oh no, poor kitty! I’m sure your mom was totally freaked out! Hope your wound doesn’t hurt very much & will heal soon.

  11. ouchies mega Ernie!! I bets it must have hurted lots and lots! I will purrs lots and lots to help you heal up real quick :))
    I thinks you should make the most of the cast though.. the ladeez are suckers for men that are hurty 😛 hehehe

  12. We’re sending purrs that it will heal up quick! That must have been scary!

  13. Oh noes Ernie! You poor thing! We’re so sorry you got hurt. It’s so good that your mom was home and got you to the vet right away. We hope you feel better soon!

  14. Oh owie! I hope you get well soon so you can get that thing off!

  15. Ernie, you need much more turkey. Only turkey will ease that sore paw and make a new claw grow. A really big, roasted turkey – just for you!

    Get well soon Ernie fella!

    Whicky Wuudler

  16. Isn’t should be fun to use it in your paw
    but think, is for your recovery 🙂

  17. I was going to come and help but mum said you would have to leave the bandage on for it to get better. I am sending you some huge loud purrs instead.. Get well soon.. Hugs GJ x

  18. Ow ow owowow! My paws are cringing and curling just at the IDEA of a claw getting ripped out, and I don’t even have front ones! I hope it feels better relly fast, ’cause that’s gotta just suk…

  19. Hang in there Ernie, you’ll be better before you know it!
    your pal,

  20. Oh, Ernie! I’m sorry you hurt your beautiful, big paw … healing purrs coming your way…

  21. Oh dear! That is very discombobulating indeed! We hope it’s all better very soon! or sooner!

  22. Owie!!!
    You poor guy, please feel better!

  23. O noes, Ernie! Poor baby! Yes, I guess with all your toes and claws, one less won’t make too much difference. It must have been very painful, though. I’m glad you’re getting on better now.

    Don’t dig in too deeply with your claws from now on! My kitties do that and get stuck all the time.

  24. Ouch! Hope it gets better soon.

  25. Poor Ernie! I hope it is not too hurty! Ask your mom to kiss it, that always helps.

  26. OMC!!! I hope you’re getting tuna every day now? (we think tuna will help the claw grow back – tell your human)

  27. Ouch! That sounds so painful, Ernie! Thankfully it is all fixed up and you got extra turkey

  28. ernie… that sounds horrible. hope you heal quickly…

  29. Ouch, that sounds like it was painful! But the remedy and bandage doesn’t sound like it was a picnic either. Glad you convinced your human to take off the annoying bandage – but make sure you keep that wound clean! Dig around in your litter box with the OTHER paw for now!

  30. Poor Ernie, hurty paws are no fun. We are glad your mum took your bandage off. Did you walk around waving your paw in the air when you still had it on?

  31. That must of hurt! You look so sad with your paw all wrapped up like that. The one good thing is that mom felt sorry for you and gave you extra turkey. Glad you paw is better.

  32. Oh, poor Ernie. That gotta hurt. I hope you feel better soon.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  33. Ouch, at least you’ve got 5 more on that paw.

  34. Ouch! Our paws are curling in sympathy. That must have been very painful. You’re a very brave mancat Ernie. We’re glad to see from the update that you got the bandage off, so we’re purring that it will heal up quickly,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  35. That had to be a very hurty paw! We think you need loads of extra treats for that. We’re glad it is looking better today.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  36. That’s a terrible owie to get. Glad you are out of the bandage so you can walk with dignity again. Hope your claw grows back.

  37. Ouch! That must have really hurt. I know the shot hurt too but it should help your foot heal without getting all sicky.

  38. Poor Ernie! I hope your sick paw is okay. My mum would have given you lots of sympathy because of the bandage.

  39. Oh Ernie! You poor thing! We are sending super big purrs for your paw to feel better quick.

  40. Oh Ernie, we are so sorry to hear abowt your claw. Ouchy. Mom said she and yoo are “twins” now and yoo can borrow her crutches anytime yoo like.

  41. Ernie my sweet kitty I’m so very sorry for to hear abou that HORRIBLE accident.
    As I sit here with mom typing have moist eyes for you. Dear friend take it easy and if you work it right you might get extra snacks and maybe mom will carry you around the house too. A big get well purr to you,
    Madi and Mom

  42. WE sure hope you are ok, Ernie!
    Hope you got lots of treats while recovering!

  43. That sounds horrid! Once I got stung by a bee on my paw and that hurt….but a claw coming off! That sounds absolutely horrid!! I is sending lots of purrs your way!


  44. That sounds vert owie! We’re so sorry your paw is hurty. We hope your claw grows back good as new. We hope you are re-combobulated very soon.

  45. Hi Ernie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to meet another poly.

  46. Hope your paw will soon be good as new ( missing a claw maybe).

  47. What in da heck? How could dat happen to yoo? Sometimes da hollydays are not good. We guess yoo could be fankful dat it was only yur claw and not more! Oh mine goodness. Yeah, dose bandages nefur stay on cats fur very long. Glad yoo am ok.

  48. Dearest Ernie,
    From one panther to another, I sure hope your owie stops hurting soon. Your mom is pawsome for understanding that the bandage had to go. Watch out for that Wally brother of yours. Was he out for blood or was that just an accident? I sure hope it was just an accident between brothers. No matter how it happened we all at home hope you continue to heal super quickly.

  49. Ooh! OUCH! We hope ya get yer claw back… Thats all scary!

  50. I know you have extra claws, but that does not keep it from hurting a lot!

  51. Oh Ernie! Glogirly hasn’t let me look at my friends blog posts for a couple days… a couple days go by and whoa, you’ve lost a claw for Cod’s sake!!! I hope you’re feeling better. At least you have five back-ups. Still, not fun.

    (Glogirly’s cat)

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