Torbie Tailsday!

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Nov 242009


Hey, I’m trying to eat here!
So…talk to the tail!!!


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  1. Such a long floofy tail you’ve got there, Zoey! We’ll just talk to it for awhile while you eat…. MOL

    (Hey, we’re first again today! :D)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. hey tail. how are you?

  3. Your Torbie colors are fabulous, Zoey! And what a cute poofy tail!

  4. WE don’t mind talking to a pretty floofy tail like yours.

  5. What lovely, soft, silky furs you have Zoey! And gorgeous colours in them, too!
    We love your long, floofy tail, as well. This was a great shot to show off your Torbieness and your tail.

  6. Wow! Look at your gorgeous, shimmery torbie furs!

  7. And a fine tail it is, too!

  8. Someone must have just taken a bath to get those furs so shiny. That tail is purrfection!

  9. Ooooo..pretty tock and tail on Tuesday! Very floofy and shiney too. We don’t mind talking to it at all.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. Don’t leave us alone, even in time to eat!

  11. You look just like Lou, my cat!

  12. What a beautiful tail!

  13. And, what a lovefurly tail it is!

  14. You are totally gorgeous, Zoey….and that includes your gorgeous tail.


  15. What a little floofster!

  16. That tail reminds mama of her last cat, Queen Lily. She was ALWAYS saying “Talk to the tail”!

  17. And a lovely paw it is to talk to…

  18. Zoey you are The WOMAN cat today!!!!
    Madi and Mom

  19. Oh that is a gorgeous picture – even though we don’t get to see your cute face we get to see how beautiful your furs are!

  20. You can’t fool me, I know you just don’t want us to see what you have in the bowl! Oh yea, hello tail!

  21. Wow, I WISH I had a tail that big. Even when I try really hard and get really hissy it’s a mere shadow of your impressive tail.

    I like the color too… is it natural or do you have to have the highlights done professionally?

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  22. Zoey, Mom says you have a very pretty floofy tail! It looks soft too.

  23. Want. To. Pounce on. TAIL!!!!!

  24. Your Mom could spray your tail with endust and you could clean the floors for her! What a fabulous tail!

  25. Just look at that beautiful tail!

  26. Wow! We don’t have the long furs like that on our tails. That is gorgeous and we want to chase it!

  27. Your tail looks lovely and silky.

  28. That tail must have lots of tales to tell.

  29. pawsome tail Zoey!! sometimes it is best to ignore the beans and their flashy box. it reminds them of their place.
    did you get to talk to an animal talking lady? are things better?

  30. LOVE the ‘talk”!

  31. Can I whap the tail while I’m talking to it?

  32. What a fluffy tail. Watch out – it could be mistaken for a toy in this house.

  33. What a lovely tail!

  34. That is one beautiful tail!

  35. Rule # 13. Never bother a cat at a food bowl!

  36. We’re not sure what to say to a tail but we’ll figure it out!

  37. Ooo, we are in awe of how shiny and pretty you are!!

  38. Don’t mind talking to the floor at all! Hello, floof!

  39. I love the way the light shines on your fur and brings out the gorgeous colors. It’s such a beautiful tail that no one should mind talking to it.

  40. You are really charming!

  41. yeah! RESPECT the TAIL/TOCK, Darcy & Bing

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