Nov 182009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Sometimes I just don’t unnerstand the stuff I hafta put up with around here.  Take the other day for example.  I got the call of nature…so I went to use the poop box.  I scratched around for awhile…y’know, you gotta get it just right…and then I settled in and began to take care of business…and guess what happened???

That Ernie came bounding in and walked into the box…the SAME box…and proceeded to answer his own call of nature!!!  Now, these are big boxes…but not 2 cats at the same time big…not to mention there’s another identical box not more than 4 feet away that he coulda used!!!  But noooooo…he hadta use the same one I was using…geez…didn’t he ever hear of giving a cat his privacy???  I mean, he was almost standing on top of me!!!  And it didn’t faze him a bit!!!

 This is the can see it's not "2 cat" size!

This is the box…you can see it’s not “2 cat” size!!

Mom saw us together and all she could think about was getting the flashy box!   Sheesh!!  I’m glad she wasn’t able to document it!!!

Needless to say, with Ernie right there in my face, it made it difficult to concentrate on going…so I hadta cut it short.  Then mom was all worried I’d get all constipated or something…but I went back later and finished…when Ernie wasn’t around!!

Now I ask you cats, do you hafta put up with stuff like that??


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  1. Sheesh – what an ordeal. You really need to have a talk to that Ernie,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  2. Maybe Ernie took the whole man cat bonding thing a bit too far??

  3. Wally, that’s more than a cat can bear! We have 4 boxes all in a row so we never get in the same box at the same time…and we have a rule about no cameras in the litterbox room. Us girls are more sensitive. We do use the box at the same time mom is doing a full box change with fresh litter…that’s fun.

  4. Sheesh, that’s definitely going a little too far, Wally, we agree. Ernie, that was just plain…icky.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. That’s taking the whole friendship thing to another level! We have our boxes spread around the house…one in each bathroom.

    Of course mom never gets to go alone…one of us is always in there. Tanner likes to sit on her lap and get snuggles.

  6. i agree ernie stepped way over the line…

  7. Ernie!!! Very bad manners, dude.

  8. The nerve! Our kittie box is covered and the user at the time is furry adament about having his/her own time in there. So, we really don’t have that do deal with! We are sorry you had “to cut it short”. But thank goodness you DID get to finish! Thanx for coming by yesterday! Hope you all had fun! We sure did…

  9. Hee hee hee. Too funny. Ernie, I wonder what you were thinking since you had another box? Wally, you look so cute up there on the fridge. I don’t blame you for having to get away from it all for a while.

  10. Thank Cod I don’t have to share my box!

  11. Well… now that you mention it. Whitey was answering the call yesterday. Grayson was about 10-12 feet away when all of a sudden he bounded over and WHAPPED Whitey in mai head! Srsly.

  12. That is up close and personal! What was that Ernie thinking!

  13. Ernie, you’re so silly!!

  14. Maybe Ernie was trying to play there or something like that! 🙂
    Please be patient okay!
    Ernie will be a good boy! 🙂
    purrs and love

  15. MOL, you are a total hoot, Wally…..but seriously, we would object also if we had to share ours at the same time!!!!!


  16. Brofurs can be sooo irritating sometimes! But they are great to snuggle with when the weather gets cold.

  17. Ha! Some kitties have no respect. He must have seen you and thought to himself that he had to go real bad, never thinking to use a separate box. Silly boy. What can you do?!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  18. That has not happened to me ever. Of course we now have only one litter box so it COULD…

  19. Ok, I have never heard of anything like that before! I think the closest I have seen is Barney watching the big cats – but he was very little then. Crazy.

  20. When Nina first camed, I took her to da litter box alla time. She didn’t like dat much, so Mom putted out so many litter boxes, I didn’t noe which one she’d use.

  21. Oh Wally I’m so sorry….how humiliating….I must confess here…I did the same thing once when I was a kitten…My sister’s cat was staying with us and I did so lover her (RIP). I wanted to do everything she did…so once I tried to tinkle with her…she was older and wiser and quickly taught me that was a BIG NO NO!!
    Thankfully I was faster than the paw she tried to slap me with but I GOT THE MESSAGE.
    Madi and Mom

  22. ERNIE……really! Our auto box is covered and the regular booda box is too so sometimes we form a line! Mom insists on politeness, LOL=^Y^=

  23. Wally, I had to put up with that stuff all the time when Grady was alive. And, he was a huge cat too! Almost twice my size! Try fitting into a litter box with someone like that! That’s why Mom went to the builder store and bought a mud pan to use as a litter box. It’s twice the size of regular litter boxes and it was the only way that Grady and I could fit in at the same time. Most times we waited for each other to finish, but you know, sometimes those emergencies just happen and you can’t wait! (I think you shoulda given Ernie a swat. And then you coulda swatted your mom if she’d gotten a photo!)

  24. Sheesh thats awful You needs ya privacy.. I hope Ernie does not get into the habit…Hugs GJ xx

  25. It is bad manners to crowd the litter box.

    I think it is time for Ernie to have a refresher course in Kitty 101.

    Paws ‘n Claws,

  26. It’s a strange thing BUT one one of us wants to “go” and heads for the poop box, the other one of us often seems triggered to do the same. Then we end up wiv a queue! BUT we never share the poop box ~ that’s just bad manners! Tee hee!

  27. Our momma says she doesn’t have any sympathy for you cuz every time she goes – you know – she has two large dogs and at least one cat that follow her into the human litter box to stare at her and offer company☺

  28. How rude! I agree with you Wally — a mancat needs his privacy at such times. I think Ernie was just playing some game of one-upcatship or something.

  29. If you think that’s bad, try having a nose in your butt while you’re peeing! THAT is difficult treatment of a royal ManCat! Thank goodness the lil runt grew out of that stage!

  30. No privacy!!! Next time, go when “trouble is napping!” lol

  31. Whatever were youthinking Ernie? Some things are best done alone. Sometimes if I poop out in the fields, Flynn creeps up on me and pounces and I have to stop what I was doing. He has never got in the litterbox with me though.

  32. We like to do lots of things together, but there are things best done alone. I think we can all agree on that.

  33. I totally understand what you’re saying. I had a near death experience once when Heesh decided to use the box the same time as I did.

  34. Poor you, I think you need to ask for a door that you could lock. Hey, you need your privacy.

  35. Wally, I totally getcha’, man. When Tallulah used to live here, she thought ALL my business was her business! Including litterbox business! And we have a cover on ours, with the hole on top. So, she’d sit up there and just talk and talk and talk to me while I was “busy”. AAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!

  36. We knew you two were close, but that is taking it a bit too far!

  37. Dude, that is a little too close for comfort! I don’t have to put up with that, but only because I’m an only cat

  38. The things you have to put up with, Wally! Sheesh, maybe Ernie thought you were scratching around, getting it just right for him!

  39. What was that Ernie thinkin? Geesh! Glad you could go back and finish though.

  40. Somebody forgot to tell Ernie about respecting other kitties personal space.

  41. We are sorry you had to share the litter box with your brother!

    PS: My mom embarrassed me by putting my photo of me in the litter box up on International Cat in the Box Day!

  42. That’s a funny story! Maybe not to you though. We have never tried to use the same box at the same time. How silly to do that!

  43. Well no, but I am an only cat.

  44. Luckily I’m pretty big and there’s no room for another to squeeze in there with me. I couldn’t imagine. It’s bad enough when you’re trying to do your thing and your little sister wants to play instead. There’s just a certain amount of decorum, really, that should be expected.

  45. Yep, I know what you are talking about, with 4 sisters…no potty privacy at all, although they do wait there turn they are sometimes lined up…and we have plenty of litter boxes too.

  46. We have covered boxes, so only one of us fits in at a time. we do like to hang out with mama when she’s using the human litterbox, though, in case she “goes out the other door”!

  47. Hahahahahaha!!!!!
    Wally, this is just too funny! It happened to us once too. Mom had just cleaned the litter box and I love to use it first right afterwards. But this time silly Chilli hopped in too and digged and digged so my paws got buried in litter. Thanks Cod it was fresh! Those silky and slender siblings…
    Purrs, Siena

  48. MOL dat iss too funny. Of course, iss only funny when it happens to anodder kit. We no likes it at all. Tigger iss da one dat allus has to use da fresh litter firstest. But anyone tries to come in box same time as any odder kit, dey get hissed at.

    BTW–Fanks you fur stopping by our bloggie an leavin a post to make Jigsaw feel better. He wuz so worrieds.

  49. Sounds like Ernie just can’t get enough of you! 🙂

  50. Well, sort of. Our cat Moosey waits outside the door of the closet where the litter box is whenever Sammy goes in there. Then he jumps on him (not hard, just in a playful way)! Poor Sammy!

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