Nov 162009


Wally!  How many times do I hafta tell you???
Stop showing your bits!!!


 Oh, brother!!!


  44 Responses to “ManCats – Oh Brother!”

  1. i think wally exposing his bits just to annoy you. clearly, it’s working.

  2. You mancats and your bits. I don’t know how you walk around with those things.

  3. Hi, That was very funny, I laughed at my computer!!!
    Have a good day!

  4. MOL!!! Bits, we neffur heard that one before! We hope you can stop by tomorrow for Skeeter’s 13th purrday pawty bash!

  5. Too funny! I needed that this morning.

  6. MOL! Wally sure does look all comfy with his bits displayed!

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha…..we are all boyz so we get away with that…….Zoey don’t look!=^Y^=….WoW…..we are no longer slowskeeez, we left Verizon and we are now Comcastic! We are faster than the puppy running away with Mom’s sofa pillow!!!=^Y^=

  8. Bits! Thatis very British comedy! Wally looks very comfy, Bits and all!

  9. Haha! I mean…whoa Wally, those are seriously nice bits you got there….


    xoxo Cory

  10. MOL! MOL! Better you than me, Ernie! I live with two boys and that is the last thing I want to see. Hopefully, Zoey is spared! Mama is still laughing.


    p.s. Mama says thank you for the birthday wishes!

  11. He’s just airing out the bottom furs. 🙂

  12. MOL, what a cute picture….Andy lays like that all the time, but he has enough floof to cover the bits…..we could probably shave a bit of Andy’s floof off and send it to you to cover your bits…..MOL.


  13. PS Ernie, I require an extra bit of padding on my peeps bed too. I say things can never be too soft.
    LOL Madi

  14. Poor Ernie–to be comfortably enjoying a soft blanket then looking over to see Mancat bits! What an eyeful!

  15. We won’t even let Laila look!

    Ernie, love them paws!

  16. Tommy does that ALL the time, and he has a lot of bits to show…

  17. That’s OK, comfy is as comfy does and sometimes it just can’t be helped…fortunately my pictures like that haven’t shown up yet!!!

  18. Perhaps a “modesty dot” is needed here?

  19. you look very confortable ^^

  20. It’s official! My announcement of being an Honorary Island Cat is up at my place.
    Thanks bunches again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Oh Ernie, we can see how hard you’ve got it.
    ; )

  22. Boys love to show off their bits whenever possible!

  23. Well, sometime a guy just has to air ’em out…otherwise they get all itchy and stuff.

  24. We got so many boys we get used to the bits!

  25. LMAO Boys and their toys er tools!

  26. Hahaha we laughed at your post today, not at Wallys bits.

  27. hahaha they really don’t care do they?

  28. Wally could use a little lesson in manners. Thanks for watching our video today. Jack eats first always, Baby gets what’s left. She won’t eat from a separate dish of her own. That’s how they do it, and it’s worked for 13 years for them, so go figure!

  29. We are furry happy to tell you that your package arrived at our house today and we are just eFUR so happy with eFURy thing. Momma has been followin’ us ’round the house wif that ol’ flashy box an’ driving us NUTS cuz she wants ta bloggy ’bout our wonderful gifts.

    ♥Sendin’ you many and many doggy kisses!♥

  30. You two are a hoot, thanks for the laugh!

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  31. Hahaha! I know just how you feel. Flynn is always showing his bits off too and I am always telling him about it. Must be a ginger thing. Wait a minute, I’m ginger too but I don’t do it.

  32. Ernie, it could be worse…he could be showing his bits to the neighbours!!!!! hahahahahahahaha
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  33. Well, showing them is just something that just happens. But photograhing them…

  34. He he I love your expression.. Hugs GJ x

  35. If you got ’em, flaunt ’em Wally!

  36. LOL, what a show-off he is! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  37. This so funny, I love your seriousness!


  38. Wally is such an exhibitionist! We think he really deserved the prize for the best full Monty!

  39. Need some air from time to time!

  40. Great post, we had a good chuckle.

  41. Wally is definitely an ecks-sib-ishionist! Tee hee!

  42. I guess if you’ve got it you might as well flaunt it!

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