Nov 232009


C’mon, Ernie…move over…
I want some boogie mat too!!!

Go away, Wally…
this boogie mat is mine!!!


  43 Responses to “ManCats – Sharing??”

  1. What? Only one boogie mat? What y’all need to do instead of fighting over it is bug the mom person for another one! 😀 (We bet the sunbeam was also comfy to nap in!)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. Do they make double-wide boogie mats?

  3. is a boogie mat really for napping? where’s the boogying?

  4. Morning Ernie and Wally,
    I know precious isn’t a manly word, and you two are very manly, but this is a precious picture.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Sharing is great…Ernie you could slide over just a bit more so Wally could have some room. You boys are precious!

  6. This time you can blame it on the sunshine (don’t blame it on the boogie mat)

  7. MOL! Great pic! You guys are sharing a boogie mat and a nice toasty sunbeam!

  8. We don’t share well either! That is a good picture of you trying to share!

  9. Nice boogie mat! Napping is usually the aftermath of the boogeying!

  10. Don’t you hate having to share?

  11. Such a handsome photo of some handsome mancats!! Got room on that mat??

  12. What the heck is a “boogie mat”? Mama’s been holding out on us!

  13. We think you need 2 new LARGER boogie mats, so you can really relax on them!!!!! xxxxxxx

  14. Someone needs to make a JUMBO boogie mat!

  15. We has the same problem with our boogie mat. The mat either needs to be bigger or we needs two more.

  16. Looks like your Mom needs to spring for a second mat.

  17. WOW!!! You both look like you wanna go somewhere, FAST…

  18. That’s too funny! Wally isn’t satisfied just to sit on the carpet in the sun, he MUST be on the mat! Ernie, your paws are so large, can’t you move the big galoot?

  19. Basement cat says NO! I say give me some nip too!

  20. We’re glad we both got a Boggie Mat via Paw it Forward with the Quiltcats – we would fight over it for sure.

  21. Hmm, I think your house needs another boogie mat. It is no fun when your brother won’t share!

  22. This is so funny! Your Mommy needs to get another Boggie mat.

  23. I bet if you put a newspaper on the floor, they’ll walk off the boogie mat and take up sitting on the paper! Ha! Two cuties…
    ~Lisa Co9T

  24. I Wouldn’t want to share my boogie mat either.. I hope you got a share.. Hugs GJ x

  25. hey friends…you could share it!
    beautiful shots!

  26. We have a Boogie Mat too, but have never been caught sharing

  27. Sometimes I have always thought that it would be fun to have a sibling. Then I see photos like your post today and think that maybe being an only isn’t so bad after all. Hope you got to stay on the matt.

  28. Ernie is one of the LOL-Cats on the LOLSpot today.

  29. You need another boogie mat. Bet you would still want the same one though. That is a nice sunbeam you are sharing.

  30. Boogie mats are NOT for sharing! Wally, you need your own!

  31. Be nice and share! That’s what our mama would say. We understand it is hard to share sometimes. We like to steal each others fancy feast.

    Your friends at Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  32. Wow, the boogie brothers blissfully basking between blankies!!!

  33. We all need to learn to share….. but your boogie mat is your boogie mat!!

  34. We have two but we fight over one too…it’s more fun that way!

  35. Maybe your Mom could sew two of them together?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  36. I haven’t visited you for a while and I see I’ve missed some great photos and comments. You have so many people visit you, I wonder if you have enough time to read them all. Any way it’s a fun blog.

  37. You both need your own Boogie mat or snuggle a little more.

  38. It’s more fun to share one.

  39. That is great closeness… Keep it up. The Beins love that.

  40. You need one more boogie mat or you have to share. Maybe they can make large boogie mats for two or mor cats !

  41. Milo always does that ~ he doesn’t want the boogie mat until I’ve got it ~ then he wants it. And he’s got his OWN boogie mat but he ALWAYS wants the one I’m on. :sheesh: Bruvvers!

  42. Looks like you have to buy a new mat! What a cute picture!

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