Sep 072008

Hey, Ernie, it’s raining.  Let’s just hang out here today.

Have a Happy Sunday!


Also, Laila and Minchie gave us this award about a week ago.  Thanks!!  We’re  honored to receive it!  We want to pass this on to everyone in the Cat Blogosphere ‘cuz we really like everyone’s blog and we’re so happy to be part of this wonderful community!!!

  15 Responses to “Easy Like Sunday”

  1. You guys are lucky! We wish it would rain here!

  2. You guys have a cool Condo, too! It seems like everybuddy is having a Nap-a-thon today! Isn’t that great?!

  3. Hangin’ out is cool.

    Luf, Us

  4. We’re gonna just hang out too!! I don’t like all this rain!
    Hey,I am so glad Zoey is OK!!! It’s good they found a tapeworm and got rid of it!!! 😮 Maybe a blessing in disguise 😉
    Good thing you pooped out that string too !! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  5. Hi Wally and Ernie, you have a great cat tree. You each have your own spot. We’re just hanging out as well. We caught the edge of tropical storm Hanna, so we got lots of wind and rain. It went by quick and now the sun is out. Mom thinks the air is too warm and humid and she put her fan away, ha, ha.

    Congratulations on your award, we love your blog too.

    Mindy & Moe

  6. Happy Sunday to you, too!

  7. Happy Sunday! Enjoy just laying around we do it all the time.

  8. hi! sorry we haven’t been around for a while. my typist aka mommy has been working so much. sigh. she needs more training more like it.
    i hope you don’t get to much rain cause then the beans close the windows. that stinks.
    i hope Zoey is feeling better. i had tapeworms when i was rescued. it was gross and they “extracted” things from my spot #13 too. it stank all the way around…literally.
    enjoy a lazy sunday!

  9. I wish Salvador would let me get on our cat tree. He’s such a poo-face.

  10. You’ve picked the perfect place!

  11. Wally’s in the top spot today, but Ernie’s able to nap where he is too. Happy Sunday to all of you Island Cats….

  12. Hi Wally and Ernie,
    I LOVE your blog and you both are so cute and funny! Mom and I took it easy today too! Hope you had a great day!
    Your Friend,

  13. Bummer about the rain guys. At least you will have lots of nap time.

  14. That is the way to spend a rainy sunday!

    Thanks for the birthday wish a few days ago!


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