Nov 042009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


So I’ve been getting in some trouble lately…y’see, I wanna go outside all the time now.  I know, I know…inside’s better, but I just can’t help myself.  Mom says it’s like I’m possessed or something.  I sit in the window and I see all those birdies and squirrels and the leaves blowing around and I just wanna be out there!!  So when I see an opened door, even for a second, I make a run for it! 

So far, when I get out I haven’t gone far before I’m captured and dragged back inside.  But it’s driving mom crazy.  She says one of these times I’m gonna take off and get lost and then my picture will end up on a milk carton or something…


Guess I don’t want that to happen.  Maybe it’s cuz it’s getting colder and there’ll be snow on the ground soon and I won’t be able to go out at all…maybe that’s why I just gotta go out there now…I dunno…but it’s sure getting me in trouble….

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…I won the Halloween Spooktacular Cutest Costume category!!!  If I knew wearing a costume was gonna get me a prize, I wouldn’ve complained so much!


Thanks to everybuddy who voted for me!!  There were a lot of great entries so I’m honored to have won!!!


  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Concatulations on your win, Wally!!! That’s pawsome!

    Sounds like you are feeling Fall frisky!!

  2. We can understand why your Mom is worried, Wally! We don’t want to see your face on a milk carton!

    Congrats on your win!

  3. Congrats on the win! You have GOT to stay inside, listen to mommy.

  4. Congratulations on you win! It’s a dangerous world out there for us kitties, so please just stay inside and get in trouble there.

  5. Wally, congrats on winning! You do look so very cute!

    Mama LOL’d at the milk carton, but we want you to be safe. Please just look out the window and don’t worry your mom.


  6. We would cry if you ended up on a milk carton Wally! Stay safe!

    We voted for you because you looked so handsome in that shirt! Glad you won the prize.

  7. You are looking very mischievous there Mister!

  8. ME wants to go OUT OUT OUT too!!!

  9. Congratulations on winning your prize!

  10. Looking so handsome and mancatly, Wally!

    Our Wizard likes to dash for the door on occasion too, but lately he has discovered that when he gets to close to the open door, it rains on him. He finds it unsatisfactory and quite discouraging ;). Hopefully he’ll stick to going out through the cat enclosure door, where it doesn’t rain…as often.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. Well done for winning Wally ~ yoo look gorjuss in your outfit and deserved to win!

    Pleese be careful ~ ‘cos we don’t want to see yoo on a milk carton. It’s been heartbreaking that Mr Tigger went AWOL (we are still purring for his safe return) and we don’t want yoo doing the same.

    So try to be good (we know it’s hard!!!)

  12. ConCats on your win!!! that shirt is furry cute! Sorry you get dragged back inside, but your mommy doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. Maybe, you can ask her to bring a little bit of the outside in!

  13. Concats on your win Wally. We are the opposite, we don’t want to go outdoors now it is getting cold, wet and windy.

  14. Oh Wally..I know exactly how you feel, exactly!
    I made it out today, and Mom let me stay for a few minutes, but she stood right over me. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
    ~ Jasmine

  15. Congratulations on your win Wally! And please stay inside–you don’t want frostbitten toes!

  16. Congrats on winning the Halloween contest. What was the prize? You looked so nice in the photo I bet the others didn’t even have a chance.
    Please, take it from me, one that used to be outside and now I have a forever home inside. STAY INSIDE. It is to dangerous out there. Inside is better. Don’t worry your mom and more or your friends, which I am one of. I repeat-STAY INSIDE. Sorry I didn’t mean to yell.

  17. Hey Wally concats on winning the contest!

    Maybe your Mom could get you one of those cat harness things and a leash so that you could go outside but still be safe? We know it’s not as good as roaming on your own but at least you wouldn’t end up on a milk carton.

    Purrs, Raymond and Busby

  18. Congratulations on the win. Angel and Kirby both are making a dash for the door lately. She really wants to smell the fresh air.

  19. I think the same … I always run to the open doors, but Mom always gets me!
    Sometimes it’s good to stay at home, it’s safer closer to our mothers 🙂

  20. ConcATulations dear friend, you won! Fabulous news!
    purrs and love

  21. Congratulations on being a winner!!!! Gemini likes to sneak out too–one time she was out OVER NIGHT and the woman was frantic. Please do not do that to your person…

  22. Concatulations on winning!!!!!

    Sam likes to sneak out, but he’s watched so closely that it seldom happens……Andy has no desire to be outside. We think he remembers when he was a few days old and got dumped alongside a busy street….thankfully the mombean found him.


  23. You don’t want to worry your mom now do you? Better to stay inside where it’s warm and there’s plenty to eat!

    Congrats on your win!!

  24. Now listen, Wally…bad things happen to kitties who go outside, so you gotta stay in, even if you don’t like the idea.

    But hey, congratz on winning! You look very handsome in your shirt. It shows off your muscles.

  25. Congratulations Wally, and remember it’s dangerous outside for kitties. Jack gets in lots of trouble if he goes out of the fenced enclosure, and today he tried again. I guess there is a strong desire!

  26. Congratulations on your win, Wally! Now, try your very hardest to stay inside at all times, okay?

  27. Concatulations on your win Wally! As for going outside, this time your mommy really does know best, as hard as it is for us to admit that!

    Angel & Isabella

  28. Congratulations on your win! And I love your halloween outfit!

  29. We are so happy you won cutest cat in the contest! We voted for you too! Concats!

  30. Wow, I knew you were a winner, I just knew it. I don’t want to go out, it’s scary out there so I agree with the others, Mother knows best. You are a winner inside and out.

  31. I would like to go outside too. But when mum gets to the door, she always stops, looks to see me and when she does, says “no you can’t go out Derby”.

  32. Not to encourage you, but that milk carton picture looks great. As if you are inside it. What a great place to be, that would be. But don’t bother about going out. We spend most of our time indoors these days and we don’t mind so much. With the weather getting colder and the rain some days.

  33. I know what ya mean. The trees drop cool round things onna deck, and they are so much fun ta chase while they bounce around. Sometimes I bite them an sneak them inside when the door opens… Bwa-Ha-Ha!

  34. Congrats on winning the costume contest, Wally!

    Now, listen to your mommy — it’s no joke. Mr. Tigger ran out one day when he wasn’t supposed to and he hasn’t been seen since. You really don’t want to worry everyone like that, and maybe not be able to find your way home again.

    Stay put, Wally! Best to watch from inside. Unless your mommy puts you on a leash like I do with Dante.

  35. Catgratulations on your furrst prize!!! And we shure hope that u will nefur be on a milk carton!

  36. You better not end up on a milk carton! Milk cartons are not good places for kitties…

    And concats on winning!

  37. Congratulations on the honor, but we think you look even better in that top photo, without a costume. It’s such a mancatly portrait of you, Wally!

  38. uh oh, you need to stay inside where it is safe. You don’t want to end up on a milk carton.

    I love the picutre of you. You are too beautiful to be outside. Someone might walk away with you.

  39. You stay inside Wally, we need to see regular photos of you cause they make our mummy so happy.

  40. I try to escape out the front door all the time. I never have any success though.

  41. Great post, Wally. Yeah we kitties need to be free but that milk cartoon pic just kills us. So funny!

    Concats on winning the Halloween contest. You sure look cute in that shirt.

  42. I sympathize Wally I love it outside this time of year. Want to stay out 24/7, but the Mom and youngest boy bean object. I am now GROUNDED and can’t go out at all. ~Socks

    WE loves it outside to but we come when called. ~Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  43. .. a sudden dragging inside eh?.. know all about it.. Mrs H does it a lot to us. She smiles when we climb the central tree and, when we suck blanket weed in the pond, chew grass, even when we squat on the agapanthua, but we are NEVER allowed to sit on the garden wall, or the tree next to the side gate, WHY?… thats when the dragging in starts! Hum purrrrrrrr H, D&B

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