Nov 032009


I think I overdid it with the fresh nip!!!


  46 Responses to “Tabby Tummy Tuesday”

  1. Watch out Wally! You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself. That ‘nip must have been pretty strong stuff!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. MOL! It’s ok, Wally….just sleep it off!

  3. Wally you won cutest costume!

    AND: the winner for viewers choice is Freyja pawppins so you can contact them about sending a prize ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is the problem with nip. But we know you will be fine.

  5. Is your world looking a little topsy turvy?

  6. Wally my favorite pose and upside down Cat-man high on nip!!!
    You match your beautiful wooden floors too.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Between the nip and all that sunlight you really are having a time! Enjoy!!

  8. You look so cute upside down, Wally! Enjoy your nip and congrats on your win!

  9. Oh, Wally, I hope you sleep it off.

    Great shot!

  10. I had no idea there was a thing as too much nip! You’ll be ok Wally! Just don’t slip off that step and fall on your handsome head.

  11. Wally, you’re such a card! Watch out or you’re going to slide right off there head first!

  12. Whoa! Becareful there fella! Nip is a crazy fun thing isn’t it? I think a nap is now in order, don’t you?
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. MOL!!! Be careful! ‘Nip makes you do CRAZY things…

  14. Are you all nipped out?

  15. That sunshine looks great, be sure to follow it through the house

  16. Oh but I bet it was totally worth it!!!

  17. Wally, you is so lucky to have sunbeams! Up here near Canada all we gots is rain and rain and rain and rain and rain. Can we come over to share?

    ConCATulations on you’s win fur da HOWL-o-weenie contest. We voted fur you an’ thinks that you was PURRty specials!

  18. Dude! You need to learn to pace yourself with that nip!

    Hee hee! Busby and Raymond

  19. Wally, hope you enjoyed the colors………….

  20. Wally made it to the LOLSpot today — twice! Go check it out.

  21. wow be careful not to stay with a stiff neck!
    purrs and love

  22. Don’t fall!!!!

  23. A good nap after very good nip.

  24. Careful Wally ~ praps yoo shud share wiv us next time ~ for safety’s sake.

  25. ‘Nip hangover! Do you see pink elephants, Wally? MOL!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  26. You can overdo nip??
    Those look like great sunny patches to nap in, by the way1

  27. That nip can really get to ya!!!!!!!


  28. Yeah, uh, you need to learn a little moderation there!

  29. Careful yoo dun roll too much while on da fresh nip, sumtimes things happen when yoo do!

  30. You might need a nip intervention Wally!

  31. You sleep it off Wally, you will be fine.. Hugs GJ x

  32. What a nice bellah!

  33. We are always glad to see such a happy and relaxed Wally.

  34. Careful Wally, nip makes you think you can fly.

  35. Careful there Wally!


  36. Wally, this is funny! So the fresh catnip is more powerful…


  37. Oh God ! don’t overdo ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’re doing a raffle on the blog to celebrate our my future 200th. Then go there to check =)

  38. You look quite “hung over” there!

  39. Oooh, must be good nip too. Send some our way.

  40. Careful there!

  41. Wally, your floors must be very slippery there! Don’t hurt yourself!

  42. Watch out… you’re almost going overboard there! Luckily, it’s not too far down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Careful Wally… you don’t want to get cut off!
    I think I need to get me some of your brand of nip… that looks like one great nip trip you’re on!!

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  44. Wow! We thinks that you are overnipped too!

  45. Drink some coffee.

  46. Lookit YOU! In the spotlight with tummy showing!!

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