Nov 022009


Wow!  Hey, Ernie…mom cut down our nip plant outside
and put some fresh nip in this bag!

C’mon, mom!!  Give us some!!


Mmmmmm!!  I think I’m in heaven, Ernie…
whadda ’bout you???


::sniff sniff::
This stuff smells great, Wally!!


And it tastes good too!
Nom nom nom!!

The only thing better than nip
is fresh nip!!!

 Our mom wants to dry all this fresh nip she cut
so we’ll have it over the winter months.
If anybuddy has any suggestions
on the best way to do this, let us know!!


  39 Responses to “ManCats – Fresh Nip”

  1. We’re not sure about how to dry nip, but we think hanging it in a place that you guys can’t get to it, is the way to go.

    You guys are so lucky that you’re all stocked up for the winter!

  2. We’re not sure how to dry it…Mom usually kills ours before she can do anything with it. In fact, she bought a new plant yesterday!

    Good luck!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. We don’t know how to dry it but we suppose we should find out. Mommy keeps ours in the greenhouse. Thanks for reminding us, we need to send her to bring some to us.

  4. Oh, you lucky kitties. I have no suggestions because my mama doesn’t grow fresh catnip for me. I have a bone to pick with her now. By the way, you guys look so cute.


  5. nip!!!!!
    hey guys…not so much okay!
    cool pictures!

  6. I’ve never had the fresh stuff. I always get that stuff already in a bag. I must be missing out on something.

  7. Ernie and Wally,
    I’m sorry I have no suggestions right now I’m too busy rolling all over the floor in a nip fit. That looks like lovely nip and I can smell it all the way down here in NC.
    I hope mom is successful with drying it.

  8. Oh, I think I need to tell Sharon to grow some fresh nip for me! Looks yummy!
    your pal,

  9. Ahhhh… Lovely fresh nip! To dry it, place in a warm oven, about 200, on a cookie sheet and take out when dried out. Also people tie it upside down somewhere dry and cat free and wait until dried out. Make sure it is totally dry before putting in bags or containers to keep or else it will mildew. We know that from experience. 🙁

  10. Wowsers! Fresh nippies! You lucky kitties!

    My sister freezes fresh herbs, and catnip certainly qualifies. That way it would always be (more or less) fresh. You wouldn’t have to dry it out. Just put some in freezer bags. Just a suggestion.

  11. We would have liked to do the same thing, but our mom killed our nip months ago. Hope you get lots of good suggestions on drying out your nip!!

  12. i messed up and didn’t get the nip inside before we got frost. the boyz will have to wait until next year…

  13. Our mum bought us our first nip plant this year and I chewed most of it . She has saved a few bits for me and hung it in the airing cupboard. She doesn’t know if it is the right way to dry it, but it seems to be working.

  14. This looks very tasty !

  15. Mom can’t grow much around here…check out the Casbah Kitten, they are pros. Remember to ask for Jane as she has taken over the operation fro newly retired Jelly Bean.

  16. Man oh man! Nothing better! We gots to get Mom to grow us some fresh nip next spring!

  17. Yum! Fresh nip! Over on Parker’s blog two summers ago she posted how to dry your fresh nip (, which we’ve been meaning to do ourselves, but we always manage to kill the catnip before we can cut some to dry. Good luck!

  18. Mmmm, fresh nip. Our Mom has tried to grow it, but the neighborhood cats always get to it as soon as it starts to grow. Next year she will put a little cage around it so they can’t eat it before we do.

    We dry herbs by hangning them upside down in the closet. You have all ready received a zillion good suggestions for drying your nip. Have fun!

    Busby and Raymond

  19. Wow, you’re sure gonna be stocked up for the winter!!! Good luck on drying it, we don’t have fresh nip, just the stuff already bagged.

  20. My cats love fresh cat nip. My girlfriend gave me a bag full and told me just to keep it there, then the cats found it and that was the end of that!

  21. you guys are so lucky. I need my humans to plant some fresh nip next year!

  22. Lucky kitties–we never get any fresh nip!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  23. Our mom freezes the nip! Just put it in a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze. No need to dry it out. We like this nearly as much as the fresh nip.

  24. Hey, Ernie and Wally,

    Aren’t Moms the best!!!!! If we run out of nip this winter, we know where to go for more!!!!! MOL


  25. I don”t know how to dry it either…just munch it all up now!

  26. You two look in heaven there.. Enjoy.. Hugs GJ x

  27. Wow! Your own stach of the nip. How lucky are you two. What a great farmer your mom is.

  28. You guys are so lucky! I eating the dry one.
    Fresh catnip is probably very good!

    Enjoy your catnip!


  29. That nip looks good boys! We’ve never had fresh nip before. Casbah Kitten dries out catnip by hanging it in a shed, or at least that’s what we think we saw them talk about on their blog. We just know we like it in their toys!

  30. Fresh nip! Our kitties love fresh nip too, but they don’t get it very often. You guys are lucky!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  31. Mom took all the bunches of fresh nip and tied them up…tied the string around the base of the stalks and then left enough string so she could hang it upside down. She hung it all up in the workshop where Cecilia and Madison are…and..guess what? It’s still hanging there. I’m gonna swat my mom to get her to bring it down because it was dry ages ago!!! Poor Madison and Cecila have to watch it dangling over their heads with no way to get to it. We suffer so here…

  32. I wonder if I would like fresh nip…you guys certainly seem to like it!

  33. We don’t get fresh nip cause Mom can’t grow any thing. She keeps killing the cat grass!

  34. I’ve never had fresh nip!

  35. Gosh Mom you are going to have to get some fresh nip like what Wallie and Ernie have. That looks good. Mom rubbed nip on my favorite play mouse and I was rolling all over it today. I really like it when she puts it on the carboard scratcher. Really like the pic of your head in the bag Wallie.


  36. Wally, that is the post excited face I’ve ever seen!!! We want some of that nip!!

  37. That is great….you have fresh cat nip!!!! We can see it on your faces that you enjoy it!!!

    Have fun, friends !!!!

  38. I have two pots of nip next to my new parsley pot! It’s so good. Mum has no idea how to dry it though.

  39. Looks like you got some great suggestions on how to properly dry your nip. Now I need to get Glogirly to grow it in the first place! …can’t dry nip you don’t have!


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