Sep 052008

So earlier this week I gave the lady with the yellow hair a real scare.

Since I’m still being kept separated from that orange-stripey cat, she made this make-shift toy by putting ping-pong balls on both ends of a long string, then she put the string under the door of my room so that I had one ball to knock around and they had the other one.

We played with this until I got the idea that the string looked like a better toy than the ball.  I chewed and chewed on that string.  I don’t know why…it didn’t taste like much.  Anyway, when the lady with the yellow hair discovered that I had eaten about a foot of the string, she got all upset.  Geez, I don’t know what the big deal was…when I lived on the outside, I ate stuff that was a lot worse than a silly piece of string.

But here’s the bad part of story…the next day she ambushed me and put me in the PTU and took me to the V.E.T.!!!!  The V.E.T. took a picture of my belly and said something about it being “inconclusive” whatever that means.  But the other thing the V.E.T. said was that I was full of poop!  And they were concerned about that!!  Next thing I knew, they took me into the back room and squirted water up my pooper!!!!  YIKES!!!  That was NOT fun!!!!  And I let them know it!!!!

They brought me back to the lady with the yellow hair and told her that I had something called “tapeworm.”  That sure doesn’t sound good.  But they were all still worried about that silly string that I ate.  They were saying stuff like “emergency clinic” and “surgery.”

Anyway, the lady with the yellow hair brought me back home, and for the next day or so she kept telling me to “Do something!!!  Poop or throw up or something!!”  She checked my litter box every hour it seemed.  But I held out — serves her right for all the torture she put me through!!!!

Finally, 2 days later, I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I never saw someone so happy that I pooped!!!  And then she started digging in my poop!  And there it was…a foot of string.  And she smiled and showed it to the guy!

So I guess everything came out okay in the end…heeheehee!!!

  17 Responses to “Formerly Feral – The Big Scare”

  1. Oh Zoey! What an indignity for you, poor girl. I’m very glad the string came out of its own accord (ac-cord – geddit? hehe)

    Your Mum must have been overjoyed to dig around in your poo!

  2. Yikes! That can be very scary. I know Mom had to pull a string out of my mought that I swear was halfway to my stomach and hanging out of my mouth at the same time. I thought it was a good trick, but she didn’t agree.

  3. Oh Zoey, isn’t it embarrassing! One of my favorite food groups is string and Mommy FREAKS out when I get a hold of any, so I know your pain! The easiest thing is to not eat string 🙂


  4. Saturday’s “Photo Hunt” is “string”… we are wondering if the lady with the yellow hair will be posting a photo of your infamous (and no doubt rather costly) string…

  5. That sounded both NO FUN and SUPER EMBARRASSING, Zoey!

    But your mommy should feel honored that you allow her to dig around in your poo. Especially after what you suffered.

  6. Omigoodness! I sure am glad everything came out in the end! 😉

    That does sounds skeery …

  7. I am sorry you had some bad pooper problems, but I am glad you “produced” the desired result. Tapeworms are yucky! My Mommie saw a 2 foot long tapeworm come out of a cat one time! So, it’s a good thing you got treated just in time!

  8. Oh the indiginity of it all. My sisfur Gracie loves to try to eat string. Momma has to watch her so close.
    I am glad everything came out OK!

    Mom clicked the Animal Rescue Site after reading your blog yesterday. She had some extra green papers and got us some straw ‘nip toys!

    ~ Maggie Mae

  9. OMDawg! How skeery is all of that??? Don’t efer eat string, nefer. Tapeworms are gross too.

    Luf, Us

  10. Oh wow, string AND tapeworms…yoo is haffing some kinda day der. Sadie eats rubber bands, mom “patrols” the house for them all the time.

  11. ohmygosh! That was no fun! We’re glad the VET discovered Tapeworm so they be be all gone and you can be all better.

  12. Zoey, I am glad that you found out about the tapeworm so you can get it taken care of … whew! I have been in the same predicament with eating something I shouldn’t have, but it was a shoestring! I chewed it in half and ate both halves. Momma found out when I puked up one half of it, but she couldn’t find the other half. After emergency room and V-E-T visits, I ended up pooping out the rest, and Momma was VERY happy like your Mommy was. Needless to say, she is very careful that none of us kitties here get a hold of anything like that. Speaking from my experience, I am SOOOO glad things worked out in the end for you! Pardon the pun, hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  13. Oh Zoey, after reading your post and helping me comment on it, Momma decided to embarrass me in the CB by being stern with me with a String Photo Hunt post.

  14. We are so glad you are okay. We must keep our mommies on their toesies!

  15. That was a very scary story! We are happy it ended so well…

  16. The moral of the story is, don’t eat string. Else you will have to go to the V-E-T and have nasty things done to you.

    Huffle Mawson

  17. Zoey, we are so glad your scary experience ended up well and you did not have to have any surgery. You are a very lovely tabby, great photo.

    Mindy & Moe

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