Easy E Sunday

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Nov 012009

Halloween last night was pretty exciting!


 I watched from the safety of the stairs…
ready to make a bee-line up them
every time those noisey little beans came to the door.

What can I say??  I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, I guess!


Wally, on the other hand, tried his best
to join the trick-or-treaters.

 At one point he even ran out
the opened door and down the porch
which got him banished to a bedroom…

I decided to join him to keep him company.
(no I didn’t do it ‘cuz I was scared!!)

Zoey never came out from wherever she was hiding…


I’m glad that nonsense is over now…
I’m gonna spend today recooperating from it all!!


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  1. Can you believe Allie and Sniffie slept on the chair by the door all night? The rest of us hid in the other room.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. I bet that was real scary for mommy when Wally ran outside. It’s not good for kitties to be outdoors on Hallowe’en night. Bad things can happen. Especially for a black cat — so I’m glad you joined your brother in keeping safe.

  3. I am glad that it’s all over – now I’m dreaming of turkey!!!

  4. We only got 5 little beans at the door…Grete barked her head off and then just wanted to sniff the goblins and princesses…Ellie wanted to say hello too. The rest of us just stayed away. It was over quick.

  5. oh friends, it’s really a crazy time!
    I was so scared as well!
    Fabulous post!
    purrs and love

  6. We didn’t have any kids here, the adults of the complex were outside waiting, since so many of us have pets. It kept everyone happy.

  7. Aren’t you glad when your Mom finally shuts off the porch light and blows out the jack o lantern? Busby just sat in the living room during all the noise, but I walked around real low all night and everytime the doorbell rang I hid like Zoey did.

    Now I’m with Parker, begin the countdown on the turkey and stuffing!

    Purrs, Raymond

  8. We’re glad you all had a safe halloween. Our mum locked the kitty portal to the outside. So we weren’t able to join the trick or treaters either.

  9. You had the right idea, Ernie! What was that Wally thinking? We are glad it’s over for now.

  10. you had a very exciting Halloween!

  11. Hi Ernie,

    Wow, I guess I just never realized how horrifying this holiday is! You see we live in the city and thankfully don’t get any of those small screaming creatures ringing the doorbell. This is the first year that Glogirly has dressed up like a CAT. I did not see any of this coming!

    You were smart to keep your distance last night. I’m glad you’re okay.

    Today is all about recovery and napping.

    (Glogirly’s cat)

  12. Awww, Ernie, I’m just like you too. I don’t like all the doorbell ringing and little bean screeching. I stayed under the bed. I love that picture of Wally! What a dickens!

    I hopes you have a great day of relaxation and quiet. You certainly deserve it!


  13. We took a nice nap when trick or treat beans came. Our hoomans left us home alones to hand out candies and nip but we kept thems and relaxed instead! MOL

  14. Sounds like you had a very busy evening. Mine was quiet. In fact no stickybeans came to our house at all. That doesn’t happen so much here in the Yoo Kay.

  15. We had very few trick or treat beans. With the first wave, we headed for Mombean’s room and her bed and stayed there.

    Happy Sunday. xxxxxxxxx

  16. Oh good heavens! Wally was a baaaaaad boy! Scampering outside when he should’ve stayed inside!!!! Goodness!!!!!

    Luf, Us

  17. Wally is so silly… you can’t go trick or treating with humans unless you wear a funny costume!

  18. That’s scary your brother Wally can open door. It’s too bad your Mommy didn’t post a picture of herself. Our doggies and I are happy too, about that nonsense being over.

  19. I’m with you and Zoey!

  20. I’m glad it’s over too Ernie. I hid upstairs, my big sisfur Sadie howled at the creatures in the driveway and my sisfur Isabella slept on the couch. She’s one of those really, really mellow cats that nothing ever bothers. Yeah, she’s weird.

  21. We are glad it is over, too!

  22. A good hidey-place is best, we finks. We would no like all dat noise. Lucky fur us, dere are no little beans on our street, and iss dark an no place for dem to walk, so we no gits tricker-treaters.
    We hopes you gets to nappy all day to recoffur.

  23. P.S. Oh, dear, our typist made a boo-boo on Munchkin’s name. dere iss no ledder ‘g’ at da end… how embarassing.

  24. Thanks for visiting the shelter-cats blog! Hope your tribe had a great Halloween too!

  25. We came out but ran and hid both times the door bell rang. We only got THREE kids! And two visits.. sigh.

  26. Wally waz norty ~ he coulda got losted! We’re glad he waz banished for safety reesons ~ cos we love his “where’s Wally” posts!

  27. We live too far away from houses for trick or treaters, but if they came here, we would hide.

  28. Oh Wally I bet you scared your mum so much.. I was not scared I went to the door with mum to meet all the beans,, Hugs GJ xx

  29. Wally, what in the world are you doing running outside. Don’t you know that there are goblins out there and you might get lost☺

  30. Ernie, you and Zoey weren’t fraidy-cats, you were just being sensible. A cat never knows what might be at the door, so you should be cautious for general priniciples, and particularly when you’re a black cat.

  31. Wow! Wally, you were BRAVE!!! We salute you!

  32. I am finding that many had a terrific Halloween with all the bean noise and all. Tell your folks to move to the country. We have no Halloweeners at our place, we live too far out for the bean to want to come.
    I have banisters just like you do. Same type. I like sitting on my stairs too. The higher the better.

  33. Oh my gosh an escapee…how scary and amongst all the goblins. Madi stayed right on the edge of out bed sleeping peacefully…but that wasn’t too hard we ONLY had 3 little boys come to our door????? But we were tricked!!! Dang it check our blog ….
    Madi and mom

  34. Even though we only got about a dozen kids to our house, I spent the evening under the bed!

  35. Maybe they should change the day a little bit: kids in costume visit every house and bring treats for all the cats. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  36. Mum put me in the sleepy room once the sticky things came around, but not for long as we didn’t get many visitors.

  37. Halloween is not big here. We only had ONE kid trickster, and he was my cousin. I hide whenever he visits anyway.

  38. yes, t&t’ers can be tough on cats, all the commotions. we fink it is the vet time or something. but we dont have to worry here, we dont get any . beans went to a movie. so , we were able to chill. we like your pictures!!!

  39. I was afraid one of my cats would make a break for it too!
    Glad you had fun!!

  40. Halloween is rough on us kitties.

  41. That Wally! He is quite adventurous. The rest of you have more sense.

  42. You should have been in our building. The party for kids was 16 floors down.

  43. Wally, you were a very naughty boy, running outside like that. The rest of you had far more sense. Now it’s time to start dreaming of turkey, just like Derby said.

  44. I don’t trust anyone who comes to the door.

  45. We didn’t get a single trick or treater. We feel a little bit ripped off!

  46. We all went and hid when the doorbell rang. Last year we didn’t get any tricker treaters but this year we got four or five. Dad got a little miffed when a woman pushing a baby in it’s stroller came up for a treat without any costumes on. Oh well, guess it takes all kinds. I stepped out the door the other day on the deck and Mom got upset and firmly told me to get back inside. Doggone all I was going to do was go exploring.


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