Oct 302009


The lady with the yellow hair put this silly thing on me
then called me Pumpkin Head!!

Now, really…do I look like this big orange thing???

 For once I agree with that orange stripey cat…
I’m glad Halloween comes only once a year!!


  52 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Pumpkin Head”

  1. Oh sweetie! You are an Island Princess…it’s just today that you are wearing a pumpkin crown.

    Pee Ess…don’t worry…Halloween will be over soon.

  2. Oh Zoey! You made our Mom smile really big with your absolutely adorable pumpkin picture!

  3. We think you make a cute pumpkin!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. You look very cute Zoey, but you’re not big and round like a pumpkin. I’m curious how you walk with that pumpkin hat on your head. When we put something on Domino’s head she can only walk backwards it seems. Is it the same with you?

  5. Hi cute Pumpkin Head.

  6. Learn from us. Use your claws and pull it off.
    But you’re adorable either way 🙂

  7. No, Zoey, you don’t look like a pumpkin but you do look really cute with it on (better you than me).

    Halloween is almost here and gone!


  8. Oh, Zoey, you look adorable! You simply must enter some Halloween contests!

  9. You have a pumpkin head !
    Is very funny ^^

  10. Happy Halloween, furiends!
    Zoey, you make a purrfect pumpkin!

  11. Hi Island Kitties,
    Mom says she must be doing something wrong…there is no way on this earth I’ll let her put anything on me except my brush and her sweet hands. You guys are very nice and tolerant.
    Madi and Mom

  12. What a cute pumpkin hat you have! Scooter, Lilly or Lou wouldn’t let me put anything on them!! You must be a good kitty 🙂
    Happy Halloween!

  13. OMC!!! You make one of the cutest punkins we effur seen!!! We all hope that you all have a furry fun Halloween!!!

  14. I am 150% sure I’d need to go to the ER if I even attempted to be clothing on Madi…I feel somewhat better knowing it was not an easy task to get Zoey in the pumpkin hat.
    Madi and Mom

  15. You look nothing like that Pumpkin. You’re far more beautiful!

  16. Awwwww, such a cutie!

  17. No, you don’t look like a pumpkin, but you made us laugh!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  18. Zoey, you look really cute, but we understand, cuz we don’t like things on our heads either……xxxxxxxx

  19. Oh no! I hate costumes too! But you sure gave your mom a cute picture, posing by that pumpkin!

  20. You do look purrty cute with that thing on your head. We agree with you , we are glad Halloween only comes once a year. We don’t like our doorbell ringing so much. It especially makes Raymond nervous. My Mom sure likes to eat the leftover candy though!

    Purrs, Raymond and Busby

  21. Zoey, you are adorable! And funny! You will probably have the Trick or Treaters giving YOU treats!

  22. Oh dear. It’ s no fun to be called names even at Halloween! I hate hats…

  23. that is a great look. and at least you’re not a black cat like my diego-san where halloween can be downright dangerous.

  24. You look down right formerly feral, that’s for sure!

  25. Wonderful costume!This is a perfect Halloween mood dear friend, adorable!
    purrs and love

  26. I sure do agree with you, once a year is plenty, I hope the treats are worth it!!!

  27. Zoey, you make a wonderful pumpkin but we agree, we’re glad it’s only once a year too!

  28. You are QUEEN of the pumpkin pussycats my dear, enjoy it!!

  29. Well, you kinda do… but WHOLE LOT cuter!

  30. I’m a no-costume kinda guy, but that’s a cool costume, Zoey! Happy Halloween!

  31. I’m glad my human didn’t see a hat like that at the pet store! For Halloween, I prefer to just be a kitty!

  32. You look awfully cute though!

  33. Zoey, you look totally adorable!

  34. Zoey
    YOO look so kyoot!

    Happy halloween!

  35. We like your pumpkin hat. Happy Halloween!

  36. You look so cute! Wishing you an Happy Halloween!


  37. We love your costume! You look adorable!

  38. You look nothing at all like a pumpkin. In fact we think you make the pumpkin blush from shame for looking so bad compared to you.

  39. Not feeling the Great Pumpkin look….? Don’t blame you (yet you make it all look good!)


  40. We think your costume should have been your Island Princess Tiara!

  41. You make a very beautiful pumpkin, but it was not nice to call you Pumpkin Head was it.

  42. Zoey, you do not look anything like that orange thing!!
    You are much prettier 🙂
    See you guys at the wedding!!!! 🙂
    BOO!!! Mickey

  43. The Lady with the Yellow Hair,
    Put this silly thing on me.
    So, though I really shuldn’t care,
    A pumpkin I’d not rather be.

    But still, now that I think upon it,
    A pumpkin’s not the worst to be.
    It could have been a bright pink bonnet,
    And that would surely NOT be me.


  44. OK, thats the cutest Halloween picture of the year. Just super

  45. Zoey, poor dear we feel fer yoo. We is so glad the mom learned her lesson when she tried to put a sweater on TT a few years ago. MOL It was funny!

  46. Awww, we know you’re not thrilled but you do look adorable!

  47. You look so cute in your pumpkin hat, Zoey. Happy Halloween!

  48. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL OF THE ISLAND CATS! Don’t worry about it Zoey, we’re suppose to look silly today…it’s kind of fun!
    your pal,

  49. If it’s any consolation, you are the prettiest Pumpkin head we have ever seen.

  50. You look adorable! Happy Halloween!

  51. Zoey, yoo look adorable! Happy Halloween to yoo all!

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