Oct 282009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Why the heck does she do this to me??
I don’t like wearing stuff!!!

 I’ll show her who’s a Creature of the Night…
at 3am when I walk on her head!!!


  55 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. It IS an indignity to have to wear clothes, isn’t it? But you look good in our “outfit”. Will you wear it on Halloween?

  2. Haha! We are creatures of the night too…but we don’t have to wear t-shirts!

    Sorry wally.

  3. Ouchie….we’re sorry she made you wear clothes, Wally. What a mean mommy!

    (But you do look cute…. 😉 )

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. Oh you are a brave one to wear the clothes Wally. We refuse to do it. We just run away. But I have a feeling our staff is going to make us do it soon. Yuck.

  5. I looks on your sweet little face says it all. Yes, I can see that you don’t like wearing that stuff at all. Oh well, I guess that is the price we sometimes have to pay for finding a forever home and having a mom that does these sorts of things to us.

  6. You look so cute. Just think what models have to go through to be beautiful.

  7. LOL, Wally, I hoped you showed her!

    You don’t look too happy but at the same time you look so cute.

  8. Dude! We feel your pain!

  9. LOL and MOL!!! We like your response to what the shirt says! You look GRRR-8 though!

  10. Haha! You show her! You do look very handsome though 🙂

  11. Wally, you look adorable in your Halloween shirt…you reminded me that I need to get the boys costumes out for this weekend too.

  12. You look spooktackurla!

  13. Now Wally, we humans are just envious of your gorgeous fur. Have you seen what we have to do to keep warm? Well, I guess we just want you to experience what we have to go through…and make you look dang cute too ;).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  14. Good job Mom but how in the world do you get clothes on a Cat? I’m in awe of your ability….are you bleeding?…..the wrath of Wally will strike at the most unexpected time!!!
    Madi and Mom

  15. Wally, you look so cute with your Halloween t-shirt. Are you gonna give the treats?


  16. MOL!! Wally, I have to say you look mighty kyoot in your t-shirt!!

  17. i am sure you will get your revenge!

  18. Hee hee! We don’t like to put on silly clothes either Wally. We’re noodists! Your Mom is sure going to get a big surprise when you walk on her head at 3am!

  19. MOL!!!!! You go, Wally!!!!!!!!


  20. Yeah… I know exactly how you feel.

  21. You look cute in your shirt, but your own fur is best looking of all!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  22. I know what you’re doing Wally….plotting!

  23. Why don’t humans understand that going au naturel is the only way to be if you’re a kitty?!

  24. All I have to say is “revenge is sweet” Wally!

  25. You may not like this, but it was so cute!

  26. you look adorable!!!!

  27. Wally, you’ve inspired me. I’m loving the idea of this whole “creature of the night” thing. Glogirly and Gloman…. LOOK OUT!


  28. Poor Wally! Actually I don’t sympathsize with your much, because I do the same thing to Dante and Domino.

    That shirt is very becoming on you, Wally — it goes very well with your orange furs. And it’s all about Hallowe’en, too — so buck up and just go with it!

  29. Wally, you do look like you are plotting your revenge! But you look very cute in the tee shirt!

  30. pressing paw against flesh in the early hours of the night is in the gift of a cat….I am proud to proffer my paw to Ms H. Bingley

  31. LOL! She’s going to regret that when the furry Creature of the Night visits at 3am! You’re funny Wally!

  32. Wally I like that look in your eyes…just go to sleep Mom and you’ll find out what it’s like to have a creature of the night in the house!


  33. Thanks for the congrats on my new sister, she had quite a story…but she is nice and safe.

  34. You tell em, Wally! Your face needs no words!

  35. the tee-shirt is very cute. but i think you should walk on mommy’s head just to make your point. maybe she will recompense you with treats…then that’s not soooo bad to wear it….

  36. You look so cute in that shirt! We know your Mom will really like it when you walk on her head tonight!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  37. That is a pretty cool shirt, Wally. Good luck with the walking-on-the-head mission!

  38. That T-shirt matches your furs!

  39. The indignity of it all!! You do look cute though. Yes, 3am is definitely a good time. I keep SS guessing as I vary mine between 2 and 4am.

  40. You show her Wally! But you know what? You do look very cute though… 3 am is not that good for a revenge… better is around 5:30… closer to the time humans wake up… you know, those last minutes… yeah… but only once… don’t be to mean!

  41. hee hee~~
    Holloween is pretty close!

  42. Hhihihi. Wally, you’re the sweetest creature of the night ever!

  43. But Wally, you looks so kyoot!

  44. Come on Wally, where’s your Halloween spirit! Let her have some fun a few times a year!
    your cat pal,
    p.s. hopefully sharon is not reading this…I don’t want her to get any ideas!

  45. Well, I don’t like to wear this kind of costumes either, but I need to say, you are CUTE my friend!
    purrs and love

  46. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!! Let the chips fall where they may.

  47. Oh, I gasped — he looks just like Gypsy (who is decked in not-quite similar fashion, but at least with a chapeau at the Marmelade Gypsy today! Wonderful!

  48. Very cute. Our humans don’t make us do that, because we run and hide really well.

  49. Ah well, Wally… if the description fits, wear it… 😉

  50. I hope my mommy doesn’t see this, it might give her ideas!

  51. I thinks that your so good to let her get that far!! If they dressed me up I would hide for the rest of the day… into the night!

  52. You look great! I won’t let my mom put anything on me!

  53. Hi there! We have Zoey an awardie!

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