Oct 192009

Our furiends, Nixon and Fatty over at Purrs n’ Snorts, sent us this great book called “Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat” by Sara Swan Miller.


Sharing this book with other cats is the idea of Nofuratu who started a book club called “The Litteracy Box.”  The goal is to circulate this book around the world so that other cats can share in the experience of having this book read to them by their humans.


Hey, Ernie!  This book sure smells like other cats!!

Reading to us was a great way for our mom to spend some time with us!  The first story’s called “The Rainy Day” and it’s about how this kitty spends his day indoors ‘cuz it’s raining and he can’t go out.


This is a good story!!


And we love looking at the pictures!!


Here!  Let me help turn the pages!!!

The other two stories – “The Yummy Bug” and “The Good Day” – were just as entertaining!

If you’re interested in receiving this book next so that you can have your human read it to you, please let us know in the comments.  We’ll randomly select somebuddy to send it to.  All you hafta do is post a review and then send it on to somebuddy else!  We really enjoyed this book and we think you will too!!


  39 Responses to “ManCats – The Litteracy Box”

  1. I just finished doing a book review so don’t send it to me but I think it’s a FANTASTIC idea!
    your pal,

  2. That book looks like an interesting read. Did you sit still and listen to the whole story though?

  3. I would love it! Now that the weather is getting icky, sitting by the fire with mom reading to me sounds purrrfect! Count me in.

  4. What a good idea!! It’s a cat book club!
    Glad your cats enjoyed it! Happy Monday!

  5. What a neat-o book!!
    We think you guys look so cute in your halloween collars!

  6. Looks like a great book!

    Your collars are adorable!

  7. We must admit our Mom has never read a book to us. We love sitting with her in the recliner while watching tv so this would be a nice alternative. Count us in too.

  8. We would love to receive this book so Mom can read to us from her bed, whilst her poorly leg is mending. So pleese count us in.

  9. What a fun idea! I bet you enjoyed being read to.

  10. Mom got that book and the second one called ‘More Stories to Read to Your Cat’. Angel sat very still on the couch while Mom read. She did look at some pictures. Kirby wont sit with Mom long enough to hear a story.

  11. Ernie & Wally,

    You two look so cute looking at the book. I would love to receive it too so my mama can read it to me and the two boys that live here. I can’t read, so this would be a great opportunity for me!


    p.s. Wally, I love your Halloween collar!

  12. What a great idea! We love your Halloween collars!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  13. That really sounds like a great book – too bad it isn’t a scratch and sniff!

  14. That’s looks like a furry kewl book! Hope you all enjoyed the stories!!!

  15. It’s so wonderful you guys are so participatory in your reading (scratch and sniff is a great idea). We’re reading a Sneaky Pie Brown Mystery right now, though Penny and Yukon seem to be the only ones interested in it at all. Happy reading all!

    I love the Boo collar!

    ~Lisa Co9T

  16. Our bean gets really frustrated with us when she tries to read to us….we go to sleep!!!!!! Maybe she’s just never found anything interesting enough to read to us?????


  17. Sounds like a fun idea to be read to..count us in! We are having a celebration for Al’s Gotcha Day this Thurs so come on by!

  18. That does look pretty cool, the only thing we usually get to read is the Sunday newspaper, and we don’t read much, but we like to hold it down for Mom!!!

  19. What a great book and look so cute reading it. I bet there might be some catnip between those pages!

  20. It’s a very interesting idea, but I’d be too worried if my kitties had it, that the pages would get shredded. They tend to do that — especially Dante.

    Your kitties look so very interested in the book, though. I don’t doubt that it has lots and lots of strange smells on it by now.

  21. We wanna get this book, specially the yummy bug!!!!

  22. I think I would like the rainy day story. I hate rainy days and get very bored.

  23. We all think it is a great idea and normally we would love to be in the drawing but right now we are just too darn busy to give it the time it deserves. But please post where it is going next so hopefully we can follow it around and when we are freed up a bit can try to get it ourselves!

  24. Pawsome book! We is sure da blurp wud like it too. acuz it has “meows” in it! MOL

  25. What a great idea. We are sure you enjoyed that book !Unfortunately we are from overseas!

  26. Hi Wally and Earnie,
    Our mom said she was going to get us that book. A friend’s cat had it and mom promised! We are still waiting mom! That looks like such a fun read!!
    Your friends,
    Shilgiah, Tommy and Hope

  27. Hello Wally and Ernie,

    That sound like a great book!


  28. I have pressed the submit button by accident. I would love for Nanny to read me the book! What a great Idea!

  29. I love the idea of the book traveling around the world, amusing many many cats!

  30. What a cute idea…….do they have readers sign & put their location too? That’s even a great idea for scrap booking………not that Mom has even made one of ours yet but it is cool when you have paw prints and stuff from a good furend. We also will play…….Mom will also look for the book to give us this Christmas. Thanks for sharing=^Y^=

  31. How cool, I like how you turn the page!

  32. What an awesome idea! I’m in!

  33. Hey guys!! That is a very cool idea 🙂 Looks like a good book too judging by how you are all over it!! It would be fun to read it:)
    I hope Zoey had fun at Miss Peach’s bridal party!!
    I am having my bachelor party on Friday!
    I hope you two fine Mancats will come and have fun!!
    Purrs Mickey

  34. That looks like a cool book! Our mommy hasn’t ever read a book to us but we help her read her own book!

  35. This sounds great! Wish we could read it. Is it on sale in Malaysia?

  36. Hmmmmmmm. Mom has never read a book to me. I’d like to give it a try.

  37. What a really neat idea! It looks like a really fun book.

  38. wow This book looks great!
    And I loved your pictures enjoying the gifts!
    purrs and love

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