Oct 142009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey!  Thanks to everybuddy that stopped by yesterday and wished our mom a Happy Birthday!  She had a real good day…’specially when she woke up and checked the Cat Blogosphere and found that her birthday was announced there!  (Hehehe!  We got dad to do that!!)  She took the whole day off from work and spent it with us…now who do you think got the better gift…us or her???

We’re adding up the comments and figuring out how much we’ll be donating to Alley Cat Allies!   We’ll let Zoey announce the total on Friday, National Feral Cat Day!


Now, if you’ll s’cuse me…
I think there’s a spider up here just waiting for me to get it!!


  61 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Yay for your mom having a great birthday and spending the whole day with you guys!! We can’t wait to find out the total for ACA! What a great cause!

  2. Great body there!

    Go get them!

  3. We are happy to hear that your mum had a fun day:) Now, get that spider!:)

  4. Hi Wally,
    Great news on Moms birthday being such a success.
    I (mom) want to commend you for being proactive on the bug front. Madi just stares at a BUG when she sees one. I guess she thinks the laser eyes will eventually zap it. If they don’t she give it a high pitched meow!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. glad that your mother had a great birthday!

  6. good bug hunting tekneek

  7. Great picture, get that bug.

  8. Nice stretch there, Wally! 😀 We know you’ll take care of that spider and make it deaded…after you play with it awhile, of course.

    We’re glad your mom had a great birthday and even better, that y’all had a great day for her birthday with her home with you! We can’t wait to see how much the ACA will get, what a good thing to do.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. Happy belated birthday to your Mom! I’m sorry we missed it yesterday … just a crazy day. So did you get that spider? I think that would be a great present for your Mom.

  10. Wot a great way to spend a birthday!

    Wally ~ did yoo git that spider?

  11. What a wonderful gift your Mom gave you guys for her birthday!

  12. WOW Wally, you are one tall kitty! Hope you catch that spider…try not to scratch your nails on the wall on the way down…you’re mom might not like that!

  13. Great form!!!!!

  14. Chomp that spider good Wally!

  15. Wally, My goodness you stretch out to an impressive length! I’m so glad your mom a good birthday and that you all had fun too. Can’t wait to hear on Friday from Zoey the good news!


  16. That is awesome that your mom took the day off and spent it with you – I think that is the perfect birthday idea (I always take my birthday off and have the same plan this year).

    I hope you get that spider Wally!

  17. Most of the time at my house, we refer to that as the Great Hunt for the Invisible Bug. 🙂

  18. A whole day with Mom! you did get a good present!

  19. Glad your mommy had a wonderfurl birfday! Also, we hope you get that nasty spider!!!

  20. You both got a great present. Get that spider, Wally!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  21. YAY, we’re happy that your mommy had a really great birthday….and it was so nice that you got a present also…..the gift of her staying home with you.

    Happy spider hunting.

  22. We’re glad your mommy had a wonderful birthday and that she got lots and lots of comments for charity. What a nice Daddy you have to surprise her like that!

    Now I know why they call you “Wally”. You’re so tall, almost as tall as the wall!

  23. I’m glad your Mom had a great day! I hope it’s a big spider your catching, more fun that way!!

  24. We’re glad your mom had a great birthday! Hope you get that spider too! What’s that green thing beside you? We don’t have any of those down low cause mommy thinks we eat them.

  25. Oh, no, Willow and I are sorry that we missed wishing your Mom a Happy Birthday yesterday but we are wishing her a Happy Belated Birthday today! I would love to come over and help get that spider but you are way taller than me so you probably don’t need help!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  26. Sorry we missed your mommy’s birthday. Hope you caught that spider!

  27. I am really good at spider huntin’. Should I come over and help?
    Happy b-day to your mom!

  28. Did ya get it? Did ya get it?
    We are sorry we missed your moms birthday, but please wish her a happy belated one from all of us!
    The cold weather and snow is about a month earlier than usual. But we just had the coldest summer in 60 years so hey…no big surprise there. It jsut really stinks.

  29. You are so clever!
    Cool post!
    purrs and love

  30. Sorry we missed you mom’s birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! xxx

    Did you get the spider?

  31. We are glad to read you all had a great day!
    Did you get the spider?

    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  32. Good hunt Wally!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

  33. Glad your mum had a good birthday.. I hope you got your spider.. Hugs GJ xx

  34. We think your Mom had the better birthday cuz she got to spend it with you guys!

    Let us know if you need help with the spider, Wally!

  35. Happy belated birthday to your mom!

  36. Spider? We’re on it!!

    We’re glad your Mom had a good birthday. Our Mom is going to be a squillion years old on Friday. Maybe we could give her a spider for a gift????

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  37. Spiders are so much trickier than flies, because they stay put in one place. And most often in places we can’t reach. Hrmpf!
    It sounds like your mom had a very good birthday. We hope you guys could raise many green papers in her honour.

  38. Happy Birthday to your Mom
    All the best from me
    and I think the cat is seeking the …future birthday…

  39. That stretch technique also works well when tapping your sisters nose.

  40. Silly bugs hehe. Awesome blog my cat and I just started our own blog as well. We would love it if you came to check it out!

  41. Get that nasty old spider, Wally and crunch him up dead! They give me the shivers, and they’re not allowed to live with me.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  42. Hey Wally, we like catching them crawly critters too, catch one for us while you’re at it.

  43. Wally’s a wall-climbing Stretch Kitty! Get ’em, Wally!

  44. Did you get it?

    I am sure we came by to wish your mom a Happy Birthday but Blogger was having a bad day. Not only did we not see our comment, it took hours before our post went up our bloggie.

    As for the answer to my post, I was just plainly perplexed as how I could get down from where I was, seeing the flower beds were full of blooms and have not a spare inch for me to land.

  45. Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom 😀

  46. When we stretch up like that, we are battin fruit flies. We got a bunch of them here this week when the weather was good an The Big Thing left the deck door open fer us 2 days.

    He is regretting that now!

  47. We are glad your mom had a great birthday!

    Now … make sure that you gets that spider!

  48. Morning Island Cats!!
    Yes indeed we have our Mom’s well trained…at least that is what I like to think…
    the truth of the matter is Mom leaves for work at 6:45…so if I want my breakfast fixed right I have to eat @ 5:45 am…..so I guess she has me trained…

    Madi and Mom

  49. Good effort there Mr Wally! Oh, and tell your mum happy belated Bday!!!

  50. Good Job on spider patrol!

    Glad you guys shared a nice day together!

  51. Although you both got a nice present, your mom is the real winner. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend the day with you!!

    Excellent stretching posture, Wally.


  52. Thanks so much for stopping by today. This was a hard post for the moth to do but one that had to be done. It was great getting to know you, I treasure all of those that I met while blogging. You all forever will be in my heart.
    Pray that I am safe and mooching off of someone else. Be sure to stop back tomorrow.

  53. Your Mom was smart to spend the whole day with you guys!!!!!!!!!
    Bet it was fun all around 🙂 Mom loves that Wally catches spiders!! We just watch them and it drives her crazy! Hahahahaha!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  54. Happy belated Birthday to your mom.Hope you got the spider 🙂

  55. Hi! we saw you want to sponsor the viewers choice award huh?! That’s fantastic! i will add you to the list!

    You can email us at

  56. We’re glad that your Mom had a good birthday and what a nice thing you are doing for all the Alley Cats!

    Have a good weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  57. Hi, this is Melanie, Harry’s mom. Thanks for purring for Harry. He is home safe now. My son saw him peek out from under our house and a neighbor kid caught him.
    Thank you,

  58. I enjoy a good spidey now & then. They make a nice, crunchy snack.

    Max S.

  59. I am glad that your Mom had such a good birthday. Get the spider!

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