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Pssssst!!!  Hey, everybuddy!  Y’know what today is??  It’s our mom’s birthday!!  She doesn’t want us to make a big fuss about it but we wanna do something special.  So in celebration, we’re gonna have a commentathon!  For every comment left here today, we’re gonna donate 50 cents to an animal charity.  What charity, you ask??  Well, since Friday is National Feral Cat Day and Zoey was kinda a feral cat before mom caught her, we’re gonna donate to Alley Cat Allies…an organization that helps feral kitties.

So go ahead and comment away!!  Every kitty, woofie, bun and birdie is eligible to leave a comment.  Oh yeah, you humans too!

Y’know…mom must be a squillion years old ‘cuz she won’t tell us how old she is today.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!  We love you no matter how old you are!!!


  80 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Happy Purrthday Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
    The commentathon is a wonderful idea and Allie Cat Allies is such a wonderful organization. GO TNR!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Ernie and Wally’s Mom Happy Birthday to you!!! Trust me (Madi) be thankful mom is typing not singing….she can’t carry a tune in a bucket but she hopes your Mom has a great day. Madi and Mom

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom! We hope you get squillions of comments!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Happy DAY!

  5. This special
    Birthday greeting
    Is being sent your way,
    With may happy wishes
    For a truly perfect day.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Purrfday to your the mom!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birdday to Mommy from Cat of Nine Tales.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! We hope she has a wonderful day!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! We love commentathons!!!!! Hope you don’t mind if we each individually wish your mom (I mean cost your mom extra!) a happy day!

    xoxo Cory

  10. Happy Birthday from one momma to another! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Have a wonderful birthday! Whatever you do….do not look at my post today.

  12. Have a wonderful birthday! Do something fun!

  13. Have a fabulous birthday! I hope you can spend some time in the garden!

  14. Have a wonderful birthday surrounded by furriends and family!

  15. Have a wonderful birthday! Hope you get lots of good things to eat!

  16. Purrr…chirp! Have a wonderful birthday!

  17. Woof!!!! Have a great day!

    Now where’s my ball? Wanna play?

  18. Have a wonderful Birthday Island Mom!!!!! May it be filled with lots of love and scritches….um… I mean hugs!

  19. Happy Birthday, Island Mom! We hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. hope your mom has a great birthday and that’s really a nice gift…

  21. Happy Birthday to your mommy! What a nice idea to do a commentathon, we know she loves to help kitties.

  22. Happy 29th Birthday ….. it’s margarita time………..

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOMMY! That’s a GRRR-8 idea!!! I think you’ll be getting TONS of comments today. We hope your mommy has a furry special day and be sure to give lots of purrs and headbutts!!!

  24. Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a nice idea and a great birthday gift! Happy Birthday and many, many more!

  25. Happy birthday!!
    What a wonderful present from your cats, how could we not leave a comment?
    Have a great day all of you!

  26. Hi gang! First, a big happy birthday to Mom!!! Also, Wally, you look so cute in this pic! Thanks for donating to help feral kitties. That is so awesome! Even though your Mom is a squillion years old, she’s pretty great to take such good care of you guys.

    Purrs & hugs,
    Lucy (& Lucy’s mama)

  27. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Wally! She’s a really wonderful lady for wanting to donate to help other kitties on HER birthday!!!

    We hope you and Ernie and Zoey give her lots of kitty kisses and attention today. She deserves it!

  28. Stopped in to wish your mommie a very Happy Birthday. Hope she fills the day with family, fun, food, & friends.

  29. Happy Birthday, Mom! WE love that picture of Wally. Donating is a great present from your babies!

  30. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom! We think contributing money to Alley Cat Allies is such a great idea.

    Love from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. Our mom is about a squillion years old too!

  31. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom…..and squillion year old Moms are great.

    love, hugs and purrs from us and our Mom.

  32. A very happy birthday wish for you mom! And what a wonderful birthday present.

  33. Happy Birthday Mom! Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Loki and Nanny

  34. Happy Birthday from both of us!

  35. Happy Birthday!
    In my language: Selamat hari Lahir!

    May God bless your mom, and u too!

    kiss kiss!

  36. What a great gift idea!!! Happy birthday to your person!!! Now, let’s have some ham to celebrate!!!

  37. Wally you are looking good singing Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    We all wish you a purrfect birthday! Purrs, Jewelgirl + 6 Katz!

  38. Have a great birthday mom! What a great idea to help feral kitties!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  39. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!!

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad Whimpurr checked in and saw your special day! *purrs*

  41. Woohooo-HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOOR MOM! Yeah, it really don’t matter how old dey is as long as dey love us.

  42. Happy birthday to your mom! What a great way to celebrate, too.

  43. Happy Birthday!! What a great way to celebrate by donating to a wonderful cause. Have a great day!

  44. *claps paws*
    What a grate thing to do furr yur Mom on her purrday.
    Happy Purrday wishes furr yur Mom!



    Ya know, for a squillion years old, she looks pretty good 😉

  46. Happy Birthday dear Mommy! Be always happy!
    purrs and love

  47. Happee Birfday!!!! We iz gonna sendz oevfur somez of my speshul roastied chix-henz… mebbe abouts 987 poundz of ’em. Dis way, your momee won’ts has to cooks fur da restee of da year & you catsez don’ts has to worry abouts foodz like kibbullz . I yam also gonna triez a new ressy-pee dats I haz fur a cake: a pumpy-skin cakes wit creem cheezez icin’. Now… if we onlee knew how OLD your momee iz, I couldz lights a bonfire on top!!!! 🙂
    We sendz you a bunch of nozey kissez,
    Love Dr Tweety

  48. Happy happy birthday to the Island Mom!! It’s a lovely idea to donate to kitties for your birthday. 😀

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  49. Happy Birthday Mom! Alley Cat Allies helped our mom get all the info to start TNR for us! Great way to celebrate! Have a wonderful day!

  50. Happy birthday to your mom !!!

  51. Happy Birthday, Wally’s Mom! I hope its a wunnerful, wunnerful day!

  52. Happy Birthday to your Mom. We hope she has a great day !
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  53. Happy Birthday! What good kitties you have to do this for you.

  54. Happy Birthday, Island Mom!!!!

  55. Happy birthday to mom, happy birthday to mom, happy birthday dear mommy, happy birthday to you. Yay.

  56. Happy Birthday Mom!! What a nice thing to do!

  57. Happy Birthday to your mom! We hope she has a wonderful day and gets lots of comments to help the Alley Cat Allies!

  58. Happiest birthday Mom, Alley Cat Allies is an excellent choice. I hope y’all gave Mom special purrs & head butts today!

  59. A huge Happy Birthday wish to your mum… Happy Happy Birthday……

    Hugs GJ and mum Carol xxx

  60. Happy birthday mommycat!! kerching! 🙂

    Well done for helping those alleycats!

  61. Happy Birthday to your mom! We think she is awesome to give to the Alley Cat Allies.

  62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISLAND CAT’S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We know you will have a pawsome day,
    because your Island Cats will treat you well!!
    They will probably share their Temptations! WOOT!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  63. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful idea!! Wally looks like one of my newest rescues, Rusti.

  64. Happy Purrthday to your mum. May she have many, many more.

  65. We wish your Mom the bestest Happy Birthday ever! She deserves it!

  66. Happy Birthday to your Mommy 🙂

  67. Happy birthday from all of us here in Northern Virginia! We love Alley Cat Allies and we love Island Cats.

  68. Happy Birthday to your mommy!!!

  69. Happy Purrthday to your Mom! You look great in your photo!

  70. Happy Birthday, Island Mom! Donating to Alley Cat Allies is a great way to celebrate.

  71. We wish your mum the happiest of happy birthdays, and send her super big purrs and nose kisses 🙂

  72. Happiest of Purrfdays Mom!!!

    Luf, Us

  73. Sorry we’re late ~ we left our birthday greeting on the previous post as this one wasn’t up when we visited. We hope it counts.

  74. We are a day late but happy belated birthday to your mom!

  75. I just saw this too! I’ve been promoting Alley Cat Allies on my website, and I’m one of the celebrities on their Photo Gallery of supporters (http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=465), but I think your idea comes even closer to what’s important – making sure these people have the funds to keep helping feral kitties! Keep up the good work, you guys (and birthday human too)!


    Sorry, I´m late!


  77. Aw man, is there any way we can backdate our comment?? We’re sorry to miss the birthday celebration, and we blame our human staff for the oversight.

  78. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM PERSON…sorry I’m a day late!

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