Easy E Sunday

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Oct 112009


Hey, I figured out what I’m gonna be for Halloween…

 I got the ears already!!!


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  1. Excellent costume! Is Zoey going to be Catwoman?

  2. Batman is such a classy costume. You really got style, Ernie! Thank you for celebrating with us yesterday. We’re happy we found your bloggie too!
    Purrs, Siena and Chillimus Prettypuss

  3. Nana nana nana nana Catman. Ehh, Batman.

  4. You’ll make a great Batman, Ernie! I’m not sure what I want to be yet.

  5. you do have the ears!

  6. Hey, Ernie, how did you get your ears to grow so much? Oh yes, Batman!

  7. Perfect idea! You will save lots of money as you already have part of your costume. All you need now is the cape.

  8. OOOHHHH….can I be Robin!?

  9. You’s be perfect as Batman!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  10. Doo-Doo-Doo-doo-Doo-doo BATMAN!
    Mommy was by your Isle yesterday and she waved at you!

  11. You make a great Batman, Ernie.

  12. Ernie, you would make a PUURFECT Batman!

    Thank you for my Happy Gotcha Day wishes.

    Sir Trooder Lioncourt

  13. Ernie, you look so cute! Almost too cute to be Batman!

  14. You’ve got a nice dark coat too, now perhaps you’d spray some gray on!
    purrs and love

  15. You do has da ears mai furriend!! Dat would be a purrfect costume for you. MOL hehehe


  16. That sounds like a great costume. I bet it will be easy for you too… he he he…

  17. That’s perfect, Ernie! You’ll make a great batman! Cheap costume for your mom too.

    Thanks for your note about giving kitties fluids. We did it the first time yesterday, and it actually went really well. Amazing! I’ll definitely let you know if we have any questions. I appreciate the offer!

    We too are hoping after some time of getting fluids, etc., his numbers will be better. He already seems to be feeling better. Of course, now he wants out of the laundry room. 🙂


  18. Hi Ernie,
    You will be the best batman ever. It is nice to already have your Halloween
    custome figured out. Madi HATES the door bell….so I expect she’ll spend the evening upstairs away from the from the front door.
    Madi and Mom

  19. Yep you have the right stuff for Batman!!!! 🙂

  20. You’ll make a purrfect Batman with those cool bat ears!

  21. LOVE THE BLOG…love the cats >^..^< 🙂

  22. BATCAT to the rescue!! Ooo, you’d get to meet that Catwoman *hubba hubba*

  23. Definitely you have the ears going on!

  24. You got those ears right, Ernie! Yer be a great Batcat…

  25. Batman! Wow! That would be great! Thank you for your kind thoughts to my mom.

  26. LOL! But it is a very briliant idea!

  27. Good idea Ernie!
    your pal,

  28. What fun! Have yoo got a Batmobile?

  29. Ernie I think you would make a great Batman!!

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