Oct 052009

Happy ‘Tocktober!!

In celebration of ‘Tocktober, we’re showing our ‘tocks!!


Geez, Ernie…are my ‘tocks really as humongous as they look??


 I sure hope not, Wally, ‘cuz mine look just as big!!!


  47 Responses to “ManCats – Happy ‘Tocktober!”

  1. huh, look here, what do you say about jazz:


  2. It’s the camera angle! You both have purrfect Tocks!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. The camera adds ten pounds! You both have very lean ‘tocks’ (and our Mom is out of the loop so she doesn’t know what they are…)

  4. Your tocks look just right to us:)

  5. I’ve got you both beat…the two of you together aren’t as big as mine!
    your pal,

  6. Thank you for helping our slow Mom out! Now that we know what ‘tocks’ are, we stand by our previous comment 🙂

  7. Wally and Ernie…I feel your pain…sometimes when I’m sleeping soundly my Dad says he is going to be a ‘wide load’ sign on my tush. We are not fat we are just relaxed thus we spread more.
    Madi and Mom

  8. What great tocks…our mom hasn’t even tried to get our pictures yet…it will probably be next Tock Tober before we get to show ours off!

  9. We think you two look perfect! Plus Tasha has got both your guys beat on ‘tock width (she’s proud of it!)

  10. Those tocks are perfect cat sized tocks. We love them!

  11. We think you both have really great tocks!!
    Happy Tocktober!

  12. We thinks your tocks are fabulous!!! And a Happy Tockotber to you all!!!

  13. your ‘tocks are nice. Mom is going to try to get ours this week!

  14. Love the Tocktober photos! You certainly have nice ones!!

  15. It’s all in the camera angle! Big beefy mancat ‘tocks rock!

  16. Great mantocks you two!

  17. Nice tocks…wink, wink. From this view, you both are lookin’ good!



  18. I get it! I get it! I know what tocks are! I mean I knew what they were by looking at the pictures, but I finally get why they are called tocks!!! I guess my blog could be called Cat of Nine Tocks!! Ha, ha, ha!
    By-the-way, you guys have tocks of steel!

    ~Lisa Co9TOCKS
    (Nah, I like tales better…puns and all…)

  19. Your ‘tocks look fine to us! It’s just the camera angle!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  20. Yep… nice tocks all around!

  21. It’s the camera………cameras always make things look bigger…..your tocks are fine.


  22. Those are great tocks pictures! Happy Toctober!

  23. Great ‘tocks! And by great we mean pawsome, not big. ; )

  24. Always blame the camera! You have great tocks and should be proud!

  25. Shocking tocking, guys!

    And don’t worry, the camera adds 10 lbs of fur.

  26. Those tocks talk fur sure!

  27. Your tocks look purrfect to us!

  28. Your ‘Tocks are rockin’ ‘Tocktober!

  29. Yeah, it’s the camera. And your mom probably Photoshopped the photos to make them look even worse, beans can be that way… *snort*

    Happy Tocktober! Maybe we’ll get around to playing one of these days.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  30. I think it’s just the angle of the flashy box. Don’t know why the moms take the pictures that way!

  31. How fun! Happy ‘tocktober to you all, too!

    Don’t worry, both your ‘tocks look fine from this angle. =)

  32. It is just a trick of perspective. I think your ‘tocks are just right.

  33. very impressive ‘tocks.

  34. You both have such mancatly ‘tocks! Nice and firm, too. Any tock will look big when taken at a certain angle. Just shift the camera!

  35. I’m sure it’s just all muscle and floof!

  36. Dem is some grate tocks!


  37. Happy ‘Tocktober to you too! This coming Saturday is HarvestFest at the Centennial Farm on the island. Hope to see you there.

    Marissa Kitty and Jodi

  38. it’s just he camera angle. You’ve got lovely tocks, both of you. And so much of it. Oops, sorry *blushing*

  39. I am not sure what tocks are but seeing that you are such great looking boys, I’m sure your tocks are great too.


  40. Happy Tocktober!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your tocks are as big as any great Mancats should be !!!!!
    They are fine,my sisfurs say so,heehee
    Purrs Mickey
    PeeEss: We like your collars!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  41. It’s just a bad angle I’m sure.

  42. I like your tocks, they are very shapely. Mine are much smaller.

  43. That flashy box plays tricks with us…

  44. I think you both look fine. Really.

  45. Great tocks times two!

  46. Great view! Nothing beats a good feline rump!!

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