Oct 022009


Here’s my new favorite spot…
Laying on the guy’s legs.

 He better not even think about moving anytime soon…


  45 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Favorite Spot”

  1. thanks for your visit.
    you can see jazz better, here:


    i guess jazz wants too in this island especially for cats.
    are there mice too?
    i’ ll tell her about.

  2. Perfect spot Zoey!

  3. Zooey, you look absolutely adorable!

    Virgil, Maggie, and Nico love that spot too. =)

  4. That’s a great spot, Zoey!! We bet he’ll move soon, though, ‘cuz our Mommy says that unsupported legs like that — without a couch or something underneath — can get uncomfortable really quick. We wouldn’t know anything about that…

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. Guys legs are wonderful! (although we have to admit, our Mommy’s legs have a little more padding, hee hee). You look extremely comfy, Zoey!

  6. That looks very comfortable, however, does it make the guy’s legs ache after a while?

  7. Great spot! We can tell that this human will try not to move too soon. You got him educated well!

  8. Zoey, that is the purrfect spot!!

    Thank you for entering our giveaway! Best of luck to you and your mom!

  9. Now I’d say that is a very good spot, you’ve got a leg up on everyone else!

  10. That’s the purrfect spot for a nap!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Zoey what a nice place to rest!!!! The rule at our house is if Madi is comfortable, no matter what she is, she is not disturbed. HA!!! Madi Rules.
    Mom agrees with you we learn as we go with the blog. It took her nearly 2 weeks to figure out picasa so she could do our first collage. I love her anyway even though she is slow……Madi….plus she has the fingers to type….:-)

  12. Oh you look so comfy! I love to sleep on mum’s legs when she is snoozing in bed.

  13. Zoey, that is a wonderful place to nap…You look very comfy!

  14. Looks like he’s there for the long haul. No one would dare move when such a pretty kitty like you is so comfortable.

  15. That is funny – you have him totally trapped!

  16. With that look on your face, Zoey, if he’s smart, he’ll not budge at all!

  17. LOL He has strong legs! Cool spot dear friend, enjoy it!

  18. That is the best seat in the house!

  19. you look so comfy ^^

  20. Looks like a great spot, Zoey……lovely photo of you. xxxxxxxx

  21. I love spots like that–but I prefer the Woman’s legs.

  22. 🙂
    Nice pose in a photo!
    You are very beautiful.
    Txs for the visit

  23. I like doing that too and just don’t understand why #1 complains after a while!


  24. What a great place to nap! It’s like you’re on a flying carpet – even though it’s not as soft and hopefully doesn’t move!

  25. Thanks so much for the purrs, Island Cats! They are really helping me feel better.

  26. That looks like a very comfy spot. Zoey, you have such a cute and expressive face.

  27. Hey Zoey & the other Island Cats!
    Thanks so much for swinging by my blog! Us blogging cats need to stick together. Nice photo by the way. Like me, you are quite photogenic.

  28. One of the cardinal rules of having a kitty (or two or three), is that you can’t move when said kitty is sitting upon you! I hope that guy knows that!

  29. Legs Monorail. We luvs it 🙂

  30. Hey Island Cats! Sorry I’m a bit late in letting you know, but you three won my AWESOME Footy Finals Competition last weekend! As promised, I’ll make a $40 donation to my local cat centre in your name. But if you send me your mailing address to kobiekat[AT]hotmail.com, I’ll organise to have a little prize sent from my island to yours. Purrs!

  31. So cute! Franklin sleeps in that same spot in our house, and Tasha would like to, but she doesn’t fit (oops!)

  32. I’m pretty sure he’d stay like that forever, if you wanted him to.

  33. I love laying on my Daddy’s legs as well!

  34. Great place to snooze !

  35. Zoey, you look so contented. I did some of that with my bean today, too.

  36. You are so comfy Zoey…and clearly you know the “cat rules”. In our house whoever doesn’t have a cat in the lap has to get up and fetch things…if both mom and dad have a cat then it gets interesting.

  37. That’s a norm in this family too… Boy… they can be heavy at times 😛

  38. He would not dare to move until you are through relaxing, Zoey. Would he? Nah.

  39. Zoey, that is a great place to take a nap! Just so long as the human doesn’t move!!!

  40. Somebody’s gonna have quite a cramp is his leg when he does stand up!
    Hey Wally… did you get Zoey’s email?
    We are way way behind in visiting/commenting… but we did take care of you as asked… we hope!

  41. yeah the boyz do that to me too. and they tend to do it when i’m in a hurry to get some place.

  42. 🙂
    For you and your friend I have an invitation at a virtual march against cruelty on animals:
    best and,…have a happy day

  43. Oh yes, layin on legs is very good! I love kneadin on them.


  44. My Mommy’s legs are TOO SHORT fur me to efur get comfy on them.

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