Sep 302009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


What’s so great about the bathroom??


Well, I can get a little drink…


And check out how handsome I am at the same time!

Hey…how you doin’???


  58 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Wally, you are a very handsome guy!

  2. Well Hello, Handsome! We have never tried to drink out of the sink, Wally. Because of that whole water iz wet thing.

  3. Hello there! Such a great picture of you, Wally!

  4. Wally
    Txs for the visit and for the comment
    Well…you are a very handsome cat, indeed.
    You make me jealous

  5. Mirror mirror on the wall…..Wally is the most handsome cat of all…
    Madi and Mom

  6. You certainly ARE handsome, Wally! Especially in your red collar. I bet you could spend all day in that bathroom looking at yourself.

  7. You are very handsome Wally. We like to drink from the sink too.

  8. Oh, so that’s what we can do in the bathroom… Thanks for teaching us, Wally!

    Yes, you’re very handsome! =)

  9. Well….those are good things. We mostly just bother our Mommy while she’s using the human litter box and trying to get ready for work. MOL (We use the kitchen sink to get water ‘cuz the Mommy won’t turn on the bathroom faucet for us like she will the kitchen faucet. Sheesh.)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  10. Wally, you are just such a handsome dude! Alla’ the grrrlz must faint when you walk by!

  11. Hey…I do the same thing. I like to drink fresh water from the faucet, then check myself out in the mirror!

    Max S.

  12. LOL, silly Wally!

    We avoid the bathroom mostrly, because there’s water in there!

  13. MOL! Wally, you so silly!!!
    The last line just gave our mom a “Friends” flashback!

  14. Wally, yoo are VERY handsome ~ our Mom said so and she is NEVER wrong!

  15. Hee hee, Wally. You are a big cutie!

    The orange cat that lives here, Simba, is obsessed with drinking from the faucet.

  16. You’re very handsome, Wally. Chilli loves the sink for drinking too.

  17. The bathroom is one of our favorite rooms too! After the kitchen, of course.

  18. We have not tried to drink out of the sink, ever since dad used to use the little hose to spray us when we jumped on the kitchen bench. They really ruined that for us, seeing how much you look to be enjoying it!

  19. You sure are a handsome dude Wally! And, tap water is SO much better than the water in our dish!!!

  20. You are very handsome Wally! We only have one kitty that drinks from the faucet at our house – one other has tried but is not very good at it – he bites the water instead!

  21. It’s good to get chores like that done all together… particularly checking on how wonderful you are. It feels so good doesn’t it?

  22. Yup, our favorite drinking “trough” too!!!!!!


  23. Wally, you are so smart to combine your drinking with checking out your handsome face! We like looking at your face too!

  24. Wally, our mom wants to give you a big smooch! You are so cute!

  25. That’s a win-win if you ask me.

  26. Sometimes I also see a cat that’s just like me in this strange glass…
    purrs and love

  27. Oh Wally you sure are one handsome mancat!


  28. Ginger adores drinking out of the bathroom sink Wally! Mom has to fight her for the faucet. I bet you have a hard time tearing yourself away from that mirror. You are SO handsome!

  29. Wally, you’re right!!! You are a very handsome guy!


  30. Priceless. You sure are handsome.. Hugs GJ xxx

  31. You should totally pose with mirrors. Now we can see you from more sides, more to admire.

  32. Wally, I am surprised you can ever tear your eyes away from your handsome reflection!

  33. Reflections are never as good as the real thing, your orangeness(he he he)=^Y^=

  34. Multitasking. You’re doing it right!

  35. Oh yes, you sure are handsome!

  36. Wow Wally, stereo cuties fur sure!!!

  37. A Double Wally picture!!
    We don’t drink from the faucet, but we do like to admire ourselves in the mirror!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  38. You look mahvelous, dawlink. But obviously you know that. And you know that water from the sink tastes better than any other water in the world.

  39. Wally the white makes yer ginger furs so bootiful like the leaves dat fall off da trees now.

  40. Bwhahahahahah! Yoo crack us up! We can jus hear yoo sayin’ “heyyyy ow YOU doin”? bwhahahahah! Yeah, yoo am one hanscome dude.

  41. You are a funny guy Wally! I bet the ladycats are drooling!

  42. That is why you are such a beautiful cat. All of that work you do to make your help looking good. Thanks for the visit today, always nice to talk with you.

  43. I love to have a sip from the sink!

  44. You are very handsome. we like the bathroom, too

  45. You have such a handsome Mancat face! It is so cool that you can look in the mirror!

  46. Dude you’re looking great!!

  47. quenched thirst and a confirmation on handsomeness. day’s complete I’d say.

  48. So now is your nickname Joey? You are much more handsome, Wally.

  49. Hai..
    Thanks for visiting our bloggie. It is nice to have visitors. We don’t know how long it will be before our movies is ready to see, cuz mom says she has to re-learn all about da camra. So we hopes no kits is holding theer breaths.


  50. Great pictures of you Wally. Mom tries to get us to look at ourselves in the mirror, but we aggrevate her cause we won’t do it.


  51. I’m certainly enjoying my new bathroom! I recently learned how to turn the water on in the tub! Hee Hee ~Crikey

  52. Wally, you are a smart,and handsome, cat!!!! Pawsome 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  53. Wait, ya mean thats US in the flat glass? How are we in there? This is a very disterbin idea… Yer sure?

  54. Motor says: Wally, I love to use the bathroom too. I get in Mom’s way when she gets ready for work. I get a lot of attention that way.
    Hey, thanks for stopping by The Very Best Cats!

  55. Another handsome orange guy! Mama wants to give you a squish!

    ~Whisker tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  56. Wally is a handsome boaster cat, muahahaha!


  57. What a GREAT show of pure orange ginger handsomeness!!

  58. Hi, My Lilly Cat does this too, always sleeping in the bathroom sink.. Your blog is awesome! I joined!! Thanks!

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