Sep 292009


So I hadta go to the v-e-t yesterday.  My allergies have gotten worse (you can’t see it in this picture, but my lip on one side is all swollen) and mom wanted to make sure I was okay.  I let mom know all the way over to the v-e-t’s office that I wasn’t thrilled with going…but all my yelling didn’t help.  And when I got there, they stole some of my bloods and then the v-e-t gave me a shot!  Ouch!!  But she said it would help my lip get better and make me less itchy…so I guess it was worth it ‘cuz I’ve been really itchy lately.

But y’know what else??  Wally hadta go to the v-e-t with me!  Every time I go to the v-e-t, when I come home Wally gets all hissy and beats up on me…for days!!  Mom said it was because I got v-e-t stink on me and Wally smells it and doesn’t like it.  So now mom makes Wally go to the v-e-t too and get some stink on him so he won’t be so hissy towards me.   Well, it kinda helped, but Wally still hissed at me a little when we got home.  Mom told him to stop acting like a brat…

Mom also said hauling both of us to the v-e-t at the same time is exhausting…maybe she should save herself some trouble and just not take us…


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  1. Did you poop on the vet’s table? I did that and haven’t been back to the vet since.

  2. Exhausting, Yes! When we lived in Florida Mom and Uncle Daddy use to take all 6 of us at the same time… Gandalf and Grayson, Cosmo, BooBoo, Sarah and Tucker. They only did that once since we moved to Georgia. Mom said that was the last time, since we don’t all live next door to each other anymore. We use to see each other everyday, but not anymore. But now we’ll be doing 3 at a time.

  3. We sometimes go together and it’s a lot of work for Mom. We’re going to get Blessed on Sunday and Mom will have 4 crates to carry. We’re glad you’re feeling better.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Ernie,
    We are so glad you were able to find some relief for your allergies…what a bummer for a sweet kitty to have allergies. Mom said she is sorry but she LOL when she read your Mom took Wally too so he wouldn’t beat up on you. Mom was saying ‘take that Wally’. Mom 1, Wally 0… Then he still hissed I believe Wally just can’t be pleased. Poor Mom.
    Take care of yourself,
    Madi and Mom and tell Wally I said hisssssssssssssssss right back at him.

  5. We hear ya, Ernie! We hope the shot made you feel less itchy!

  6. Oh Ernie, allergies are no fun at all. Especially when you don’t really know what’s causing them. Now tell Wally to give you some peace and get all well fast!
    Lots of healing purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. We’re sorry to hear about your allergies acting up, Ernie. We hope the shot will help with that, even though we know you didn’t like it much. And Wally was probably all hissy still just *because* he had to go to the vet with you even though there was no other reason for him to go! MOL He’ll get over it. Just whap him back if he tries to fight.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. We try hollering too and it never works. Mom is always amazed at how quiet we are on the way home. Sorry you are itchy Ernie. My brother Madison is itchy right now too and he will have to go back to the v-e-t.

  9. Oh noes! Sorry, to hear you had to go to the vets! Sure hope they can get your allergies under control, Ernie! Great idea you mom had about taking Wally too! Glad to hear it helped a little bit.

  10. I have learned to hide in the wardrobe when mum gets the carrier out. Now she has to get the carrier out about 4 days ahead of time, or I outsmart her.
    We hope your allergies feel much better very soon, Ernie.

  11. In our house, I am the one who gets hissy when I smell v-e-t stink on someone else. Glad you are better.

  12. Sorry to hear about the V~E~T ordeal! At least with Wally going, the beatdown when you got back wasn’t as severe as it normally is. We get like that too! We don’t like those stinks!

  13. Ernie! Are you crazy!!! What are you doing sitting in that PTU? Maybe your Mom photoshopped it?

    Since Laila had her surgery, Minchie has been trying to take over the Top Cat position by biting her neck and mounting her. When he does that, Mom pulls him off and scolds him.

  14. lol lol lol……maybe Wally should have had a shot also and then he wouldn’t have been at all hissy????

    We hope you are better really soon, Ernie….and must say that we LOVE your carrier with the “sun roof” in it…… ours only have entry doors…and the only way Mom can get us in them is to sit them on end and back us into them!!!!!!!!


  15. Oh, Ernie, I’m sorry about your allergies. I know you commented that you have to eat a special food. The vet had me on a prescription food for about 6 months but nothing changed for me unfortunately. Plus, according to mama, it cost a “bloody fortune.”

    I have had shots before and they do help but my mama has heard scary things about prednisone (the medicine in the shot), so I haven’t had to have one in a while. However, my allergies aren’t as bad as yours either. I send special purrs to you, Ernie. I’m sorry about the vet and the itchies and your lip.



  16. Oh I hope the vet can help with your allergies! It would stink to be itchy all the time! And blood tests – double yuck! Floyd gets them all the time (every 6 weeks) and it is still a wrestling match!

    We have a kitty like Wally in our house – Lola gets all hissy at the other kitties if 1) they went to the vet and got vet stink on them or 2) she has to go to the vet, because it makes her more crabby. Tell your mom we sympathize about doing the multi-cat thing at the vet – we are doing it with the two biggest (Lola and Floyd) this weekend! Once crazy time, I even took 3 (but two were small) – I do NOT recomment it!

  17. After all of that I hope you are feeling better. I hate going to the vet. I really really do.

  18. Itchies are no fun! We’re purring for you!

    ~Connor and Lizzie

  19. Sounds to us that your momma is a PURRty smart lady, yes, she is☺

  20. We hope the shot helps with your allergies and you feel better soon!

  21. Mom wipes us off with a towel that smells like the house when we get back form the vet – it helps us that didn’t go to not hiss at the kitty that went to the vet. We don’t like vet smells but the towel smells like home! Hope Ernie is better. And tell Wally to get over it!

  22. We’re sending you lots of purrs, Ernie – we hope the itchy feeling goes away very soon! And our mom says your mom has a good idea about taking you both to the vet – but she also thinks it’s exhausting taking two cats at once. The big carrier is very heavy.

  23. Even though you don’t realize it, your mama loves you so much. That’s why she takes you to the V-E-T and even goes to so much trouble to take Wally along, too, just so he won’t have a hissy fit!

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, Ernie. Allergies aren’t any fun.

  24. Oh no, allergies and the vet! This is too much! Wish you a fast recovery!
    purrs and love

  25. We hope your allergy problems are resolved soon, Ernie.

    2+ cats to the vet at the same time is very exhausting! Maybe when you come home your mom can rub you with a towel or blankie that Wally slept on? Sometimes it works for us.

  26. Sweety glad the shot helped your itching.. I also have to go on Monday.. Ugg I am not looking forward to THAT.. Hugs GJ xx

  27. Maybe he was hissy this time because he had to go with you, and not because you smelled like vet. I hope you get feeling better and don’t have to go back any time soon.

  28. Ernie, I am sorry you have allergies. They are No Fun! What kind of shot did you get?

    Harley had 5 Depo-Medrol shots in the past, but now he is being managed on prednisone tablets and is almost completely tapered off them now (he’s down to 1/2 of a 5mg tablet every THIRD day, and we’re going to try stopping completely soon). He has not had any lip ulcers in many months, but he does still have linear granulomas down the backs of his thighs.

    We have been using a squirt of fatty acids on his foods (3V Caps Skin Formula) and it has resolved his acne problems, too.

  29. Of course Wally hissed at you this time: because of you he had to go to the v. We do hope you are feeling better, though.

  30. We hope your allergies are soon better. Flynn hisses at me too when I go to the
    V E T. When I had my teefs stolen, he hated me for two weeks!

  31. Poor Ernie, we hope you feel better, allergies are not fun. Lots of healing purrs coming your way=^Y^=

  32. Hope you are feeling better – allergies are no fun! I HATE going to the vet. Would be worse to have to contend to being hissed at by your sibling on return.

  33. “Oh My” that does sound bad.I hope you feel better soon…Hugs

  34. Oh I hope you feel better too…maybe you’re allergic to the Vet?

  35. It is never fun to go to the vet but hopefuly he will make your little lip get better. I don’t think that was nice of your brother to beat up on you after you visit the vet. After all going to the vet is enough. Serves him right that he should have to go to. Hope you are better.

  36. Ernie,we are glad your allergies are looked after 🙂
    Too bad you had to see the Vet and deal with a hissy Wally,heehee
    We hope your ichies are gone too 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  37. We hopes that shot makes you feel better! We are sorry about Wally! Mom has taken Spooky and Sandusky to the vet at the same time!

  38. I hope your allergies are feeling better after that shot. You are one good looking black cat.

  39. We hope the shot makes you feel better and we bet that Wally does too so you both don’t have to go back!

  40. I hope your allergies get all better soon! I bet Wally is mad at you because he had to go to the vet too.

  41. Of course, he’s mad at you ‘cos it’s your fault that he had to go to the vet. I don’t think you can win! 🙂

  42. We go to the v-e-t together to comfort each other, but it’s true that Jack gets hissy on me when I go alone. We hope you get over the icky itchies real soon.

  43. Ooh, I went to the Vet today too. I yelled all the way. They stole somma my bloods!


  44. We are sorry your allergies are acting up!

  45. Hai Ernie, I sorry to hears you had to goes to da vet! Me and LociLu my sisfur had to goes to for our annual exams. Dat Wally should learns to be nice to you and maybe he won’t has to goes to da vet when you do.

    Just a question about your allergies, has you tried da Addiction Pet foods yet? Da Salmon Bleu is a hypoallergenic diet for all life stages. You can checks it out in our store.

    Either ways I hopes you gets over your allergies soon!

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