Sep 252009


I’m so excited I’m doing flips!!

 Me and Ernie and the orange stripey cat are heading over
to Sweet Praline’s for her birthday slumber party!!

We’re gonna have so much fun!
See you all there!!!


  44 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Party Time!”

  1. I am just glad your butt isn’t stuck there!

  2. We’re impressed wiv your acrobatics!

  3. We’ll see you there, Zoey! We’ll bring the nip naners!

  4. We’re there too, but already fighting to stay awake. It’s so exciting and so comfy.

  5. We’re there too. Sweet Praline sure knows how to throw a party!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Hahaha – you sure do look excited about it, Zoey! We’re there too, and having a great time!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. See you all at the party Zoey! Let’s play THoE! Then you can show me how to do flips!

  8. We’ll see ya there, Furiends!

  9. Zoey, there are several younger kitty furriends there that are just waiting to play ?THoE with you. Better hurry up!

  10. You sure do look excited, Zoey!

  11. Have a great time at the party!

  12. Zoey,

    You look like you’re havin’ fun!

  13. Zoey, are you in training for the cat olympics? Looks like a gold medal is in your future. See you at the slumber party!

  14. Wow, you really are excited, Zoey!!!!!!!!

  15. Or is that Wally????? We get confused……:)

  16. MOL, that sure is a silly picture!!! We’ll see ya at Sweet Praline’s!!!

  17. You’re having a great fun!

  18. WHEEE that does look like fun!

  19. We love this action shot!

  20. Cutie! Are you chasing your tail?? Penny could give you lessons.

  21. Zoey have lots of fun at the party….I like your tree…I have one two and the hole is lots of fun upside down.
    Madi and Mom

  22. Meowee! You could be in the Olympics!

  23. Miss Aurora Katrina is already there and having a blast. You is a furry goods acrobat!

  24. You’re quite the gymnast there, Zoey!

    We hope that you all have a nice weekend,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  25. Great activity on the kitty tree, Zoey!

  26. Don’t you get dizzy or anything doing that?
    purrs and love

  27. Oh have fun at the slumber party!!

    You are very good at doing flips!

  28. Look at you go!

  29. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun already but we’re sure you’ll have a blast at the party!

  30. You certainly are excited Zoey! My 3-Ds will be at the sleepover, too, so they’ll so you and Wally and Ernie, there! Hope you all have a blast, but don’t do anything your mama wouldn’t want you to do.

  31. Thanks for stopping by today it was nice meeting you. It sure was a fun day at
    Sweet Praline’s today.
    Your photo on your post was neat, sure looks like you were having tons of fun.
    I put your link on my sidebar so I can find my way back to visit agian. See you soon,.

  32. Pretty cool, I thought for a minute you were standing on your head, but then I see that you are just hanging around having fun. Enjoy the party!!!

  33. Wow! Look at that floofy tail! You are very good at hanging on!

  34. Lol…cute photo have a great time 🙂

  35. That looks like fun Zoey but I think I would really have more fun chasing YOU around.
    your pal,

  36. How clever are you??????

  37. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    You have a wonderful blog…I’ve become a follower.
    Wally looks like my Rusti, and Ernie looks like my stray, Elroy.

  38. Our V-E-T requires payment in full at time of services. Mom had to put the charges on her charge card and will pay them off monthly. Everything is so expensive here in the Chicago area. But Mom says we are worth it.

  39. Great catobatics! Paddy sometimes flips around a tree branch when she is chasing her tail.

  40. Party on, Island Cats!!

  41. You are well trained and the picture is wonderful

  42. Hahaha~~
    That is an excellent action move!!!

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