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 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?



So, that’s it, huh??  Summer’s over.  Bummer!  Don’t get me wrong…I like fall…all the trees turn purrty colors and I like watching the leaves fall and swirl all around when the wind blows…but fall means it’s gonna get cold and we can’t have the windows open.


Oh yeah..there’ll still be some nice days…like today…but these days will get fewer and fewer.  Guess I’ll enjoy them while they last ‘cuz it won’t be long before…




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  1. I am gonna miss summer! I hope that fall and winter is kind to you, furiends!
    Thank you for stopping by and celebrating my special day with me!
    Maggie May

  2. I could not agree more.. Yuk…. Hugs GJ x

  3. Hi Wally,
    Well it is raining here today and the peeps will be away all day (can you see me doing the happy I have the house to myself dance). Madi said to tell you she plans to spend her days….on the table, ha, on the counter tops, ha and who knows where one to see me. But first and foremost I’ll take several long naps. I like to get on the bed…and work my way behind all the bed pillows boy is that cozy when there is no sun.
    Have a good day
    Madi and Mom

  4. Words full of wisdom!
    You are so beautiful thinking about summer! 🙂
    purrs and love

  5. Is that snow? We’ve not seen snow before, but we hope to get to play in it this year!

  6. Mom said that in the blink of an eye it will be winter…sigh. We love summer. Jonesie is going to be depressed.

  7. We know how ya feel, Wally. At least there’s a lot more snuggle time in the winter.

  8. You name it, Wally. The good thing so far is that we got our sun spot back. With the sun deeper in the sky we get a patch of sun in our appartement for about 1,5 hours. That a good time to get the nip/valerian served!

  9. Wally, How depressing! You HAD to go there, did you? I try not to think about it. I love autumn but not what comes after.

    By the way, Ernie made it to the LOLSpot for Tuesday if you want to take a look. He sure is a mashochist!

  10. We feel the same way. As for the beans, they say they LOVE the wintertime! We like the windows open. Sometimes when we gets snow, mom gets ths crazy look in her eyes, open the sliding glass door and plops us right in a snow drift! She thinks it’s hissterical. But, we beg to differ…

  11. We love Fall, and would like to get more snow than we do…we think it is quite fascinating!

  12. Big time yuck! Snow is ugly, wet and cold! Oh boohoohoo!

  13. Awww, Wally, yes, you enjoy that sun! My mama keeps telling me it won’t be here in PA much longer. I come from California and then Texas, so I don’t know what snow and cold is like. You look so very cute in your window.



  14. That’s what we say about snow too! E-Yuk. Your furs match fall very well though.

  15. WE won’t see much, if any, snow, but we will see some cold days. Our fall will be pleasant. You look so comfortable in the window.

  16. we have the hots here today.

  17. We agree – yuck! It was hard looking at that last photo! The only thing good about winter is more blankets all over the place.

  18. Hey Wally, I agree with you, bad weather stinks…we miss our window whiffies too!

  19. My brofurs and sisfurs love our open windows, too!
    Mom can’t open one in her bedroom, because I tore the screen up and jumped out when she was in the hospital. I went next door and spent the week with them while Mom was getting better.

    We don’t get snow like you do, we rarely get any, but we sure have had some rain!
    ~ Shorty

  20. We don’t like summer (too hot) or winter (too cold), we prefer fall and spring! But we’re sure glad we don’t get snow like that down here in our part of Texas…or at least The Mommy is…

    Hope you get some good fall days before winter hits!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  21. I take each day I get to sit in the sun in September as a bonus. We don’t usually have sun this late. Soon enough the fire place will be on!

  22. This is our Mommies favorite time of the year…..she just loves the fall colors, pumpkins, the crow sounds and geese flying overhead. Our favorite is any time we get on the deck or under the Christmas tree!=^Y^=

  23. Hey, Wally, what’s that white stuff in the last picture?????? We’ve never seen the like!!!!! xxxxxx

  24. We don’t often get snow, but we will get lots of rain. Hmm, same as summer really then.

  25. We don’t get the white stuff here so I like Fall. It’s open window season for us.

  26. Our kitties love to romp and play in the snow inside our cat enclosure, but there does come a time when it is just too deep and no more outside until we can see the ladder! When that happens, it’s all snuggles around the woodstove.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  27. Oh, no you didn’t just make it snow! Mom saw snow on the news last night in Colorado. What is up with that?

  28. We’ve been having some super late summer/early fall days. We only hope it lasts and lasts. You are right though, colder weather on it’s way. Is that why we gots a new oil tank this morning – cause we’re gonna need it?

    Moe, Mindy, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  29. Yup and before long there will be almost no sunshines on our furs!

  30. You look a little wistful, Wally. I cannot wait for cooler weather here, because we’re still in the 90s in south Florida. Far too hot!

  31. We’re not lookin’ forward to the winter either. The pugs hate walking in the snow.

  32. We hear some sunny days are still to come here. But we sure will miss summer when it is finally gone. Less playing outside.

  33. Wally, we hope you can soak up alot of sunshine before the snow comes! We get rain instead of snow but either way, it hides our sun.

  34. *shudder* i don’t even want to think about the white stuff. i stay inside and it makes the birdies show up better, but my beans get all crabby about it and that gets old. enjoy the sun while you can!

  35. (gasp) There I was enjoying your windowsill with you when suddenly I was blinded by the snow! Take it away, take it away.

  36. you should come frolic with me in the snow this winter!!!!!!

  37. Where did summer go???

  38. I don’t likes the rain or the cold! But my mom does! You look real good in that sunshine!

  39. I hear ya on this one. My favorite season is open window season too.

  40. snow already?

  41. Bu that means Summer is coming our way! At last!

  42. Autumn is pretty ~ but we love the warmth of summer. Cold days? Brrrrrr ….

  43. Sigh, I know Wally, I know…

  44. Whenever you want to see some sunshine, just come & visit me Wally. We have lots to spare down here in Florida.
    your pal,

  45. Yuck! Boo! Snow! I love fall but hate winter (at least the snow part – if I didn’t drive it’d be ok). You look cute in the window Wally – I hope there are more nice days for you before the icky snow shows up!

  46. We’re hoping that the snow stays away from our place this year and that we get to have more sunny days, like what you are getting now!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  47. Yeah Wally!!! We feel the same way.
    We had a lot of rain early on,so Summer seemed short.
    We don’t want the white stuff because it covers all our grass!!
    Then,Mom can’t go out and pick us some!!!
    Yup,let’s enjoy these days 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  48. We didn’t get much snow last year. But this summer has been so different, not really that hot, that I wonder what the upcoming winter will be like. Snow is pretty when it’s coming down, but not when you have to shovel or drive in it :-p

  49. Wally
    Winter is a lot like summer here. We do have a bit of cool weather but most of the time we can have the window or door open. We are looking forward to getting out from under hurricane season, even though it’s been very quiet this year. It’s always better when it’s completely over.


  50. I like fall best of all, that picture of winter sent chill s up my back.

  51. HOLY CARP! No fank yoo we dun want da white stuffs!

  52. Zoey Wally and Ewnie
    Thank you so much fow coming to my Biwfday and sending me youw good wishes.
    You awe all vewy bootiful and fun.
    I hope you’ll always have a wawm sunny place to sit, even in wintew
    smoochie kisses

  53. We have no idea what you’re talking about. hee, hee.

  54. Oh Wally, we’d love to have your snow. Really, we would. We only get about half an inch of snow, once every ten years 🙁

    Thanks for the info about Harry and his new blog, we are sad that Buddy is still not back home.

    Whicky Wuudler

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