It’s Toesday!

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Sep 222009


I love playing with my mom’s toesies…
‘cept today they gots covers on them…


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  1. That looks like fun, Ernie! Do yer Mom’s toesies ever win? That wuz a rhetorical question. Of course, they don’t! 😀

  2. hahaha funny to play with mommy toesies!
    Beautiful shot my friend!
    purrs and love

  3. That’s a double dose of toes!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. So cute! I think those covers are ‘Ernie Protectors’!!

  5. Toes Tuesday. Manx Mews is on a toe theme too…Ummmm Mom can you do a toes Tuesday on me next week? please….Madi
    Very cute post!!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Don’t you hate when they have toe protectors on? It’s just not near as much fun…. ::pout:: I’m the toe attacker around here, and The Mommy almost always has those on, even in summer. It’s a bummer.

    Purrs and hugs,
    Your fellow Panther, Pixie
    (and the rest of The Kitty Krew)

  7. I just love seeing your toes with your mom’s toes! We are kind of in love with your toes Ernie!

  8. Isn’t that adorable? Ernie with his big mittens on your socky feets! It makes a very good contrast between the black and white. Great pic!

  9. I love toes with socks on! Especially big thick socks. I just can’t resist!:)

  10. We love chasing toesies too!

  11. Awww, Ernie you are such a silly boy! Our mom ALWAYS wears those things on her feets. But, we do like her big floofy slippers!

  12. Between your Mommy and you that’s a lot of toesies Ernie! We like yours the bestest!

  13. Tanner loves to play with my toes too!

    You have beautiful toes Ernie.

  14. Ernie, I love your toes on your momma’s toesies. So sweet.



  15. That looks like a fun game. Even with covers on the toes.

  16. Covered toesies are fun too! It’s fun to put holes in the covers.

  17. Toesies are great fun to play with! Mom likes playing with our toesies too!

  18. I also love playing with my mommy’s toesies =)

  19. That way mommy can play longer with you.

  20. Toesies are fun even when covered……:)

  21. Your mom is very brave to let you play with her toesies! We like this six toesie picture!

  22. She might have toe covers but you’ve got teeth sharpies…get them now.

  23. So cute!! Be careful not to bite!!!

  24. Do you bite them and make her yell?

  25. Ernie
    einnie, meanie, minni, mo…
    oh that looks like a lot of fun.


  26. Those sock thingies can be even better than toes, ‘cos you can get a good grip on’ em the attached human squealing so much!

  27. I would get NO if I tried that…

  28. Can you uncover those toesies? It’d be fun to grab on and see what happens!

  29. The socks are the best part!

  30. Milo: toesies are great ~ I like to attack Dad’s at EVERY opportunity!

  31. You do have the coolest toes Ernie!

  32. Ernie that is so funny – my kitties do that but they prefer them with covers!

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