I’m Too Sexy…

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Sep 192009


(as declared by our furiend Misha!)


I’m too sexy for my hat
Too sexy for my hat…what do you think about that…

 I’m a model…you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk…on the catwalk yeah
I shake my little tush on the catwalk…

(Don’t forget to vote for Misha in New Zealand’s Next Top Cat Model!)


  24 Responses to “I’m Too Sexy…”

  1. Zoey ye’re lookin’ jolly this day, but watch out fer th’ band ‘o pirates because ’tis speak like scurvy pirate day! They might want to hold ye fer ransom.
    your mate,
    bruce the dragon slayer

  2. Cecilia asked me to pass along a message in honor of the day. You can NEVER be too sexy!!! Love the bling!

  3. Oh, Zoey, you are a gorgeous model! I love your version of the song!

  4. hi beautiful 😉

    Pet Pride

  5. You are to sexy for your hat. And we love the sparklies. Watch out for the pirates, they may want to steal them.

  6. We love the sparkly jewels, you sexy thing! .

  7. Zoey, you look truly gorgeous!

    P.S. Thanks so much for the award. Our mom has been really bad about posting/commenting lately (she says she can’t face the computer after she gets home from work!), but Tasha really appreciates it!

  8. You look truly gorgeous, Zoey

  9. You are a natural!!

  10. arrrr, miss zoey, we onna <icat o’ nine tails be doffin’ our chapeaux t’ ye, so beautymous as ye be!!

  11. Aye, Miss Zoey, ye make a fine model for the catwalk! We be impressed with the bling on yer neck…we may need to make a little visit to add that booty to our treasure chest along with yer tiara! Arrrrr!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Pirate Krew

  12. Great picture and text, Zoey. You’re too sexy AND too funny!

  13. Zoey, you look stunning in your hat and jewels. Just smashing!

  14. Zoey, you are the kyootest Catwalking model yet! You really are too sezy for your hat! hahahaha!

  15. What a saucy photo, Zoey. You shake that tush, baby!

  16. And thank you so much for your donation to the SPCA and Lonely Miaow!

  17. Ahoy to Wally and Ernie and hello sexy to Zoey!!

  18. Garrr yer a buxom wench for sure. Ye be welcome to shake yer tush on the Scurvy Rat. Yohoho!

  19. Too sexy! Too sexy! You saucy wench!

  20. You are so sexy Zoey! Sizzlin’ hot!

  21. Zoey, you are adorable!

  22. You are too sexy Zoey! This is supposed to be a cat family friendly web site!

  23. Very cute. Great job. I will be voting for you in the hall of fame.

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