Sep 192009


Avast ye Mateys!  ‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!  Arrrrrrrr!!


 Shiver me timbers!!
I’m Mad Blackbeard Wally…and this be Evil Neck Snapper Ernie!!

 Aye…what you be doin’ thar, Evil Neck Snapper??


I be tradin’ this har boogie mat for a fine pirate ship, Mad Blackbeard!

 Aye, Evil Neck Snapper!  That be a good thin’ you be doin’ thar!!
A ship can carry more booty than that bloody mat!!
Yo ho ho…and a bottle of catnip rum!!!

 Whar be that wench…the Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey??

 She be walkin’ the Catwalk below, Mad Blackbeard!!

Walkin’ the Catwalk???!?
That wench will be walkin’ the plank if I have me way!!!

(scroll down to see the Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey’s Catwalk Caturday)

  28 Responses to “Meow Like A Pirate Day!”

  1. Ahoy Mateys…bruce the dragon slayer here…I spy wit’ ye eye that ye be honorin’ speak like a scurvy pirate day. jolly day fer ye & have fun.

  2. Aye, we hope you have a purrfect meow like a pirate day Aye, me parrot concurs.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Well shiver me cute little timbers! I’m commenting like a pirate today! Them thar is a great grand beard Mad Blackbeard Wally. I’m off to get some nip grog.

    xoxo Thiefn’ Cory Baddy Paws

  4. YohoHo and pass that catnip rum!

  5. Mateys Enjoy your talk like a pirate day!

  6. Oh, Wally, I mean Mad Blackbeard Wally, my mama, daddy and I LOL’d at your beard. I wish I had some of that catnip rum!

  7. Meowee! You guys look like the real deal.

  8. me-yarrrr! ye be a fine pair o’piratecats, mateys!! we be specially impressed wif that beard. glad t’haf ye sailin’ wif us this fine day!!

  9. Arrrrr, dooods, how ye be warin’ them thar hats? I would be puttin’ the bitey on them, I would…

  10. Wally! Your beard cracks me up! Er, I meant to say, you look so ferocious your beard made me tremble in fear!

  11. Arrrrr, ye be fine pirates, lads! We be impressed with yer plans to trade in the mat fer a ship, Ernie, and we love yer beard, Wally! Well done, mateys!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Pirate Krew

  12. Shiver me timbers, you guys make great pirates!

  13. You are very ferocious, m’ laddies.

  14. Love the beard in the first pic!

  15. AHoy Mateys!!! Makin’ ’em landlubbers walk tha plank, eh??? Wally, you be the finest blackbeard pirate effur! And Evil~Neck~Snapper Ernie..yous be a frightful pirate as well…Arghhhhh and a Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum to ye

  16. Garrr it’s a fine pair o pirates ye be. Did ye get yer trade for the boogie mat? If you’re looking fer a ship ye be welcome to join us aboard the Scurvy Rat.

  17. Aye Mateys! You make awesome and fierce pirates!
    Thank you for the nice words you left for our Dad! We are so blessed to have such nice friends like you as buddies!

  18. Be careful or that fine wench may kick your tails! Aaaarrrrrg!

  19. Aye, me hearties. Ye make fine pirates! Now lets splice the mainbrace and have some of that catnip rum, yo ho ho! Arrr!

  20. Aye mateys! You are the cutest pirates ever!

  21. Arrrrrr! We be glad ye joined us this day! Ye make fine pirates!

    Zeke, Sushi & Tiger Lily


    Those be fine piratical togs!

    Neck-Snapper, be ye bringin’ th’ boogie mat on yer ship? I be wantin’ to try puttin’ my booty on one o’ those ‘fore sendin’ me wench to pirate me one!

    Help us fend off th’ scurvy piRATs tryin’ t’ steal our treasure!

  23. Aha me hearties – what great photos!

  24. Ahoy their mateys! This be Cap’n Milo-Slappy and Bos’n Alfie-t’-BaddyBum o’ The Evil Ship Bucaneer-Bad-Whiskers~ We’re sorry we’re late but we hadta make a scurvy mangy cockroach walk our plank b’fore we cold visit t’share our rum. Yo Ho Ho!

  25. Ay there me maties! Wish we could join you on that there boogie mat! You’re lookin’ really cool!

    Ho Ho Ho — do you really have a bottle of rum????

    Sam Schnauzer and Mojo the Most

  26. Oh what a great day we spent aboard that pirate ship. Wally and Ernie, you two look terrific in those matey hats.


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