Sep 162009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

A few weeks ago, we won a gift certificate to
Baby Patches’ store at a Twitter pawty.
So we got mom to order a few things for us. 


Lookie what I got!  This big tomato!!
And y’know how much I love to play with tomatoes!!

Wally, that’s an apple…not a tomato.

No, mom…it’s big and red and round…it’s a tomato!!!


 What’s cool about this tomato is that it doesn’t make a mess
when you whap it like a real tomato would.
And it’s filled with premo Yeowww catnip!!


See…I can put the bitey on this tomato
and I don’t hafta worry about it squirting out or anything…


Oh yeah…that nip’s taking effect now…
Hey mom!  How ’bout breaking out those bonito flakes
Baby Patches included in our package??

I gots the munchies!!


  44 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Very funny. I love it when the Woman at the computer laughs out loud. We were thinking you could make a new song with the words, “you say tomato…I say apple”. Or not.

  2. Catnip…did you say catnip? Everything goes better with catnip:)

  3. Gandalf would already have his slobber all over it by now and it would be almost unrecognizable!

  4. We can’t tell you how long we were calling our apple a tomato too. We still call it a tomato.

    Hey, be sure to stop by our blog today. We gave you an award!

  5. Ohhhh…dos are da favorite catnip toys around these parts too! Enjoy your mato!

  6. That tomato looks about as fun as the banana! And yes, we remember how much you love tomatoes, Wally! At least this one won’t rot!

  7. Gee, before we even saw any text, when we saw the first photo we thought it was a tomato! MOL

    Enjoy your new toy, Wally!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. LOl we love your new tomato!

  9. That looks like a very very very fun toy!

  10. How very exciting for you!!! That apple, um…I mean, tomato looks like it can take a good thrashing!

  11. It IS a tomato!!! And it sure looks like lots of fun!!!

  12. Oh, Wally, you are such a bad, bad boy☺

  13. I always thought it was a tomato too! We also have a lemon, but they both look like mushed up green tinged pin cushions now….~Co9T

  14. That looks like great fun. I love the bonito flakes, too!

  15. Boy oh boy! That mater looks like the most fun ever!! Isn’t Baby Patches store the greatest!

  16. Lol…Wally you so cute with your tomato 🙂

  17. Tomato, apple, it looks like a lot of fun.

  18. MOL…….

    toe mate oh or toe maht oh…..they are really great when filled with the nip!!!!

  19. Wally, what’s this catnip stuff all about….never heard of the stuff in my learning. Sure looks like fun and that tomatoe, I want one too!
    Purrs and smiles
    Jazzy aka Miss Molly

  20. P.S. I don’t know how Marvin got into my post, this is MY post!

  21. That large tomato looks way more fun than the ones in our garden.

  22. Wally, I’m glad you got a nip tomato! I remember your post about real tomatoes, hee hee. I love that last picture. 🙂

  23. An apple a day….. and add nip, you are set to go !!!!

  24. Now there’s how to spend a Wednesday!

  25. It’s so big!I love the red and I bet it’s wonderful to play!
    A special gift!
    purrs and love

  26. Looks like a tomato to us! Apples aren’t squishy so how could it be an apple? Beans just don’t understand sometimes.

  27. What do you get when a cat whaps a tomato? Tomato Catsup of course. FAZ

    p.s. I just made that up – could you tell?

  28. Hi Island cats!

    I’ve never tried tomatoes before — dairy products are my preference. And catnip is guuuuud.

    Fanks for visiting my blog!

    PS – our lady bean is from Michigan, did you know that?

  29. Ooooooooo, yer tomayto/appul luks vary nommy! Tomaytos are vary fun to WHACK but yer rite thay do leeve a mess. It’s a gud thing yoo got a speshul tomayto that doesn’t spurt owt evarywhare! Yoo are soo sooo luckie!

    Owr lady menchuned something abowt living on Waturbury Way in Gross Eel when she was a lil bean sprowt. She said it’s vary nice thare!

  30. I agree – apples aren’t squishy like that! Very cute blog, btw.

  31. What a lucky boy you are, Wally! I agree with you, it looks more like a tomato! Whatever though, it’s the nip that counts!

  32. The tomato looks like an apple

  33. Yeowww do pawsome catnip toys! We have the nana and the cigar, but I didn’t know they had an apple/tomato.

  34. Tomato, apple, tomato, doesn’t matter what it is! It’s what’s inside that counts. We do think it looks more like a tomato though.

  35. Nip and fish flakes sound NOMMY !!

  36. I asked Jonesie to take a look and she confirmed that yes indeed it IS a tomato! Now she’s busy trying to figure out where to order the seeds to grow her own nip filled tomatoes. We grow nip, we grow tomatoes…why can’t they be crossed for a special new variety?

  37. Nip and fish; sounds like a party!

  38. We thinks it is a tomater too! Our tomaters are red. Our apples are yellow!

  39. You show em how it’s done Wally!!!

  40. A tomato and some catnip!! We want one!!

  41. We can smell the catnip here and see the catnip glaze in your eyes… are down for the night. Enjoy. Madi is jealous she want fresh catnip and a tomato.
    Madi and Mom

  42. That is an awesome tomato – too bad they can’t make a tomato with nip in real life – that would be a very fun toy because it would squirt out nip instead of tomato goo.

  43. Great tomato catnip toy. We are sure you have fun !!!

  44. txs for the comment
    i’m expecting you whenever you have time

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