How Tweet It Is!

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Sep 152009

This week, our furiend Fin is sponsoring Tweet Week…a whole week dedicated to our feathered prey…er, friends.


So we thought since we love the feathered creatures so much, we’d participate!  We got mom to fill the feeders and those birdies sure put on a show!  Just watch and listen!!

 Didja hear that crazy bluejay squawking up a storm??
Noisy bird!!!

 And check out these guys having a pool party!


Next thing you know they’ll be asking for towels!!


If I could only get out there, I’d show those birdies what for!!


  After all that bird-watching, I went over to House Panthers…
Click HERE to see what I’m up to!!


  33 Responses to “How Tweet It Is!”

  1. Oh, those birdie sounds definitely got our attention! And, the feather pool party looks fun too!

  2. Cool video my friends and I liked the pictures a lot!

    purrs and love

  3. Hi Ernie those feathery creatures can be big teases too. I sit on my high perch watching flit about…that makes the hair on my back tingle with dreams of pouncing. Madi and Mom

  4. Those birdie sounds got our attention! That was noisy for sure. You guys get lots of fev-vers at your house – what fun!

    PS – we saw you at the House Panthers already, Ernie! Pretty sunshine on your furs.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. We’ll volunteer to give those birdies their towels!!!!!!!


  6. What a Pawesome video!!! We LOVES Birdie TV. We left an award on our page for you all today! :o)

  7. You have lots of birdies at your house! Some very noisy ones too!

  8. Yes, that’s quite the squawking! Dylan was under the desk and jumped right up on top when he heard it. He’s still looking around for those tweets!

    What a great post for Tweet Week!

  9. That was great!!!!!!

    Sounds like my place!

  10. Those birdies looks so tasty, err, I mean interesting. You have some great views!

    I saw you on the Panters blog. You look so happy to be in the sun puddle. Oh, how I loves the sun.



  11. Oh man! Look at all those tasty birds out your window! That would keep us busy for hours! Great Cat TV channel!

  12. Great bird sights and sounds! We have a couple of cardinals around here that complain really loudly when the humans don’t fill the feeder. We think they learned it from us!

  13. We heard that! Since we are Not Allowed to go Outside any more, all of our birdies have sighed a huge sigh of relief. The Mighty Hunters have been forced into retirement.

  14. WE heard the birdies and could not get them! Mom played it several times so we could try!

  15. Bird feeders are the best Cat TV ever. That BlueJay sure was noisy!

  16. It’s really loud over there on the island!

  17. aw thats sweet. tweet-tweet-sweet.

  18. That’s a lot of bird watching. Mom’s not a bird fan of birds, but we’re trying to convince her to put up a bird feeder so we can have some new “cat tv” to watch.

  19. Very adorable ^^

  20. The Mads here get to watch Hummingbirds here. There are usually 3 or 4 flying around at any given time. Much quieter.

  21. I was having a rest on the sofa, and when I heard those fev-vers, I had to rush outdoors to see what was happening. When I got there, I heard them indoors, so I had to turn around and run back in again. Mean mum was laughing at me.

  22. Oooh! That reminds us to pull out the feeders for winter feeding (and cat TV for when we close down our outside cat enclosure for the winter, but that won’t happen until the snow is too deep) until the, tweet, tweet, treat! ~Co9T

  23. Wow you get a lot of birdies there! That has to be great fun for you to watch.

  24. We think those birdies are calling you outside to play with them!

  25. Nice video! Too bad you couldn’t join the birdies in their pool party 😉

  26. I see y’all enjoy one of our favorite hobbies too, birdies are so much fun!!! Nice video there gang!!!

  27. We think they are protesting the Ernie watch! Birds are scared of black panthers!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  28. Birdies are fascinating! i could watch ’em all day long.

  29. Great video! The tweeties are so cool! We loves them!

  30. OMC What a set of lungs on that tweet! Like the buffet too! Thanks for playing!

  31. Jaybirds sure do squawk a lot! We prefer the gentle tweeting of smaller birds. That’s a real nice view you have out there!

  32. I can bring my own towel to the pool party if necessary.

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