Sep 112009


Sometimes I feel like one big pile of floof… 

Happy Friday!!


  54 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Floofy Friday”

  1. … and always you are the picture of lovelyness.

  2. Oh my, you sure do have that fluff going on, my Sister Zoe (without the Y) has that fluff thing too! Have a great weekend.

  3. You are quite a lovely fluff today too,
    Madi and Mom

  4. You’re a big pile of beautiful floof, Zoey!

  5. Ummm. Zoey? That is because you ARE one big pile of floof!

  6. Does that beautiful floof accept snuzzles from human noses? I’d take some of that! -Lisa Co9T

  7. But you’re a gorgeous big pile of floof, Zoey! 😀

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. I think you feel like a big pile of floof, because you are one, Zoey! And beautiful floof it is, too!

  9. You ARE one big pile of floof!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. You sure are a stunning pile of floof!!! We wanna jump in it!!!

  11. You are a pretty pile of fluff! You look soft like a cotton ball!

  12. Andy says you have totally beautiful floof, and are laying in his favorite position……

  13. If you feel it…go with it!

  14. wow you have a beautiful tummy! 🙂
    Cute you!

  15. Yes, I can see why you would feel that way! Great picture!! You are so floofey!

  16. That is one super snorleable belly you have there, young lady!

  17. ANd a beautiful pile of snorgable floof you are!

  18. Such a big floof ball you are!

  19. A beautiful ball of fluff 🙂

  20. You’ve got such fab floof!
    Happy Friday!

  21. Miss Zoey, you are THE Queen of Floof!

  22. One of your back toesies has us in absolute awe! So floofy!

  23. You’re so cute ^^

  24. One fabulous floof!

  25. Is there a cat in all that floof? 🙂

  26. Looks like you want your tummy rubbed Zoey!

  27. What a beautiful floofy girl! Have you entered the calendar cat yet? You are a shoo in for pin up girl.

  28. Oh you look so comfy. I can’t get comfy. The staff is so annoying, won’t let me relax. Thank you for the bday wishes. Back attya!

    Doc Holiday

    Message dictated to the staff, so please ignore the errors.

  29. Gorgeous torbie floof! And we love your two-tone toes (Tasha has them too).

  30. Haha! You are one big pile of floof.

  31. Wow, that is so much floof it is like superfloof!

  32. Yoo do has a floofy belleh. Yoo better watch it, the mom wants to snorgle it big time!

  33. Wow! that’s sure some floof!
    None of us cats in our house have much floof. We’re all pretty short-haired. Sometimes I wish I was more floofy.

  34. That is some FLOOF! Wishing a Happy Friday to you too!


  35. You certainly look like a beautiful pile of floof!

  36. So great to see you in your floofy glory Zoey!

  37. One big pile of GORJUSS floof!

  38. I wanted to thank you for helping get my Mommy better!

  39. I have to agree… are officially full of floof ;)!

  40. Oh yeah.. can I lay on you! I love fluffy pillows.

  41. wonderful photo!

  42. You are a big pile of fluff.

  43. You are floof-tacular!

  44. holy moly! that is one of the floofiest bellehs i’ve ever seen! beautiful. purrrrrrs

  45. Zoey,
    Madi and I have given you an award…we hope you see us way down here….please visit our blog to accept it. Please tell the ‘boys’ it is a girl award only..we don’t mean to ignore them
    Madi and Mom

  46. Already for fall with your floof of many colors=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  47. Zoey! You are so pretty inside all that floof! We loves your tummy!

  48. Zoey, you know I think you are one purrfectly lovely pile of floof! Me and Sabrina and Sam hope you and Wally and Ernie are having a great weekend!
    Purrs and headbutts (and a kissy too),

  49. My Dad’s Furmnator will take care of all the floof!

  50. You are one big pile of floof!

  51. Oooh Zoey, what a nice nap you are having. You look so comfy. You are out like a light.


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