Easy E Sunday

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Sep 062009

 Our dad and our neighbor belong to a Corvette Car Club
and yesterday our neighbor had a big barbecue
and invited all the Club members.

Our mom and dad left us all day to go to the party!
The people brought their Corvettes.
Here’s just some of the cars that were there…


Mom said there was lots of good food…
like this pulled pork and barbecue ribs!!!
(the Ham Tour shoulda come here!)


So where were we, you ask??
Forced to watch the festivities from afar!!!


Hey, Wally!  Looks like they’re all having a real good time!!
I sure hope they bring us home some barbecue!!!


  38 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. We sure hope you get some of that BBQ!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Mmmmm…. you had us at pulled pork!

  3. Could you smell the BBQ from there???

  4. We hope they brought you guys home a doggie bag! What beautiful cars!!!

  5. Oh dear My peeps love Corvettes. They would have left me alone all day too….just to look at cars when here I sit gorgeous and waiting.
    The food looks very yummy!! Food is always on my mind.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Dad would want to live in your neighborhood.

  7. ::twitch:: Don’t mess with a champion food thief! I’m teleporting over boys to claw you out of there. We’ll have our faces in the pulled pork in no time!

  8. You seem very intent, looking out the window! Classic Corvettes are very cool.

  9. We sure hope you got some of that pulled pork!!!!!!! Isn’t it a total bummer when they go places like that and leave us shut in at home????

    Happy Sunday

    luv and purrs,

  10. We sure hope they saved yoo some ~ otherwise that’s CRUELTY!

  11. Oh, that’s torture. They better have brought you some of that food.

  12. Wow! Just think I could have stolen a corvette for a getaway and had ham as well! How cool!!!

  13. What a fun picture with all the vets in the neighborhood. Don’t mention the pulled pork too loudly, or you’ll have all the cats on the weinermobile pulling over to visit you!

  14. Did you get any special treats for being so good while they were away?

  15. wow wonderful cars!Thanks a lot for sharing!
    What an event and great pictures!
    That food looks so yummy 🙂
    purrs and love

  16. It’s bad enough when they leave you all day…but to go in the NEIGHBORHOOD where you can see them and smell the food? Well that’s just downright cruelty and animal neglect. Sheesh.

    We hope you’re treating them to the Back of Disrespect today, and putting the bitey on them too.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  17. Oh you look so forlorn there peeping out. I hope they brought you some back to taste..

    Hugs GJ xx

  18. Humans are so stingy like my mom.

  19. Tommy wants to know if she can have that red ‘vette right up front?

    I want the bar-b-que and I don’t like you guys had to watch from afar…see if the humans get a purr or two…! 🙂

    Happy Sunday!


  20. Hi Friends,
    No I did not get pork and I’ll be on the next plane to your house. After all that teasing and talking about pork you know what Mom did…??? she cooked the roast in the crock pot in sherry and plum sauce…I had to smell it all day long and got nada, zilch…I was not happy until she gave me a little extra Fancy Feast. The peeps did have a fine party though I was a little pooped too and mom is just plain glad there were leftovers no cooking tonight and best of all she is off tomorrow. Yippeee. Have a good labor day.
    Madi and Mom aka the tease

  21. Aw, Wally and Ernie, you two look so cute. I think you were wanting that BBQ! Wow, it looks good! That middle picture is making me drool!

  22. We hope you got some of the barbecue. You were both sat there looking so hopeful. There were some great looking cars there.

  23. Maybe the party was really so everyone could come over and see you two handsome boys and not the Corvettes. That makes more sense. Hopefully you got some BBQ since you were the reason for the party!

  24. I hope they saved some leftovers for you. I think you guys are much more interesting than a bunch of cars!

  25. Mum says she would take either the silver one in front of the red one, or the dark colored one on the other side of the street. Thanks.

  26. Yummy!
    I hope they bring some for you =)

  27. Those are some cool cars! Too bad your mom and dad had to leave you home. I hope you got some of the BBQ.

  28. Pretty cars, but the kitties in the window are prettier!

  29. That is a really cool picture of your street lined with Corvettes…and that is an even cooler picture of BARBEQUE…yummmm.

  30. We sure hope you got some of that pork! Your faces in the window tell it all! So cute

  31. If I were you, I’d dive into that tub of meat and NOM my way out!!!!

  32. mmmm.. meat and corvettes.. what more could someone ask for? 🙂

  33. Did you get leftovers?! Did you?!?! Did you?!?!?!?!

  34. So did you get any snacks? And thank you for helping with my commentathon!

  35. I bet you cats enjoyed all the smells too!
    Happy Labor Day!
    your pal,

  36. You must have been so relieved when the ‘vets’ that your dad said were coming turned out to be cars. They look spectacular. Did they at least take you out for a spin in one of them?

  37. Some of us really luf bar-b-q!!!

    Luf, Us

  38. That looks like a lot of fun. Was there salmon?

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